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EAM Inc.-ConductRF
126 Merrimack Street
Methuen, MA  01844
Phone:  +1-978-374-6840


About ConductRF

ConductRF is the brand name for Electronic Assembly Mfg. Inc's complete RF interconnect product line including cable assemblies. Operating out of Methuen, Massachusetts, EAM has been in the RF Interconnect industry for nearly 20 years, successfully supporting high performance solutions that require precision and expertise to bring to life. Our ConductRF brand builds on this expertise with an expanded product offering, including both commercial and precision RF coaxial connector ranges as well as the capability to support customized solutions with our Application Engineering focus. We can provide diverse manufacturing solutions with our capabilities in the U.S. as well as Asia from where support low cost volume coax production requirements.

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ConductRF (RF cables & connectors) - RF Cafe

ConductRF Cables & ConnectorsMethuen, Massachusetts

 - RF CafeConductRF provides solutions for many RF Interconnect needs. >1,000 solutions for applications DC to 110 GHz, including RF Test, Internal System Cables, Low PIM, High Power, Phase Matched & More. Custom connector design capability, too. ITAR Registered.

 - RF CafeRF Cable Assemblies

RF Test: Professional ranges of Test
    & VNA Cables including TESTeCON.

Formable RF: Semi-Rigid and hand
    formable solutions up to 60 GHz.

Flexible Cables: Standards like RG & LMR
    as well as high flex double and triple shielded options.
D38999: Mil Spec. Solutions, phase matched and more.

ConductRF Cable AssembliesRF Connectors & Cable

Coaxial Ranges: 1.85mm, 2.92mm, SMA,
    SMP, N & More including custom solutions.

Cable Choices: Flexible & formable
    versions of .047/.086 & .141 & more.

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October 13, 2017
ConductRF Precision RF Test Cables - RF Cafe ConductRF D38999 RF Cables - RF Cafe ConductRF Performance RF Cables - RF Cafe
March 7, 2017
ConductRF Performance RF Cables - RF Cafe ConductRF Precision RF VNA Cables - RF Cafe ConductRF Precision RF Lab Cables - RF Cafe

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ConductRF RF CAbles & Connectors - RF Cafe

RF coaxial cable assemblies - standard, precision, & custom. Coaxial connectors, between-series adapters, & attenuators. >1,000 solutions for low PIM in-building wireless designers to choose from in the iBwave component library.