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As with most venues provided to the public at no direct charge, RF Cafe relies on the generosity of independent advertisers to underwrite the production costs of the endeavor. It is with the greatest sincerity that I thank the companies who have chosen to support RF Cafe.

Of course, without visitors (you), both regularly returning and new arrivals, there would be no incentive for companies to spend their hard-earned money on advertising. My job is to see to it that advertisers and visitors always have a reason to maintain a presence on the website.

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Comdel, Inc.
11 Kondelin Road
Gloucester, MA  01930 


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Please click here to visit the Comdel websiteComdel, Inc.
Gloucester, MA
Tel: 1-800-468-3144

Comdel designs and manufactures RF and DC power supplies and process instruments for the semiconductor, solar cell/photovoltaics, flat panel, and industrial heating industries. Comdel products are in use worldwide by the industry's major equipment and IC fab manufacturers.
Comdel is ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Products Capabilities
Single Frequency
   RF Generators
50 W to 100 kW
20 kHz to 81.36 MHz
Dual Frequency
   RF Generators
Master/Slave operation
Ideal for plasma apps.
Match Pro adjusts input impedance to 50 Ω quickly in response to load changes
50 W to 80 kW
   Power Supplies
For electrostatic chucks used in semiconductor wafer transfer
RF Fundamentals
4-hour course offered on-site at your location
  1 - 16 channels
  2 - 60 MHz
Phase adjustable output avoids arcing / cross-talk in multiple cathode plasma processing chambers.

Click to visit the Comdel website Comdel RF and DC power supply and process instruments for semiconductor, flat panel, industrial heating. RF generators, auto-match impedance monitors, electrostatic chuck power supplies for IC fabrication.
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