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Margate, FL
 Welcome to the store front! We
 are the Standard Products sales branch of
 Myers Engineering International, Inc.
 All antennas featured in this catalog are made in
 the USA by us, covering 100 kHz to 26 GHz.
Standard Products
Multielement directional antenna Antennas
  • By Application - Military, mobile
      radio, GPS, EMS/law enforcement,
      satellite, terrestrial data/telemetry,
      ISM/FCC Part 15, WLAN/WiFi/WiMax,
      Ham radio, AM/FM/satellite radio,
Cellphone / WiFi/ WiMAX antennas      cell phone, TV/HDTV, specialty
  • By Frequency - 30-500 MHz,
      500-1000 MHz, 1-2 GHz, 2-18 GHz
 • Cable Assemblies - BNC, SMA,
Cable assemblies • RF Coaxial Connectors
 • Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)
 • Bias Tees, Diplexers & Filters
 • Measurement Services
Custom Antennas
 If you do not find the antenna you need here, or
 if you are looking for a custom antenna geared
 toward your specific application, go to the
 Myers Engineering International, Inc.
 website for your answer.