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RF Cafe Advertiser - Agile Microwave Technology

As with most venues provided to the public at no direct charge, RF Cafe relies on the generosity of independent advertisers to underwrite the production costs of the endeavor. It is with the greatest sincerity that I thank the companies who have chosen to support RF Cafe.

Of course, without visitors (you), both regularly returning and new arrivals, there would be no incentive for companies to spend their hard-earned money on advertising. My job is to see to it that advertisers and visitors always have a reason to maintain a presence on the website.

Here is a complete list of RF Cafe advertisers.

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Agile Microwave Technology
101 Bloomingdale Road
Hicksville, NY  11801
Phone: 516-931-1760


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Agile Microwave TechnologyAgile Microwave Technology
Hicksville, NY

Our founders have over 100 man-years of experience designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and providing innovative solutions to the industry.

Higher Performance at Lower Cost through Innovative Engineering.

Our Product Line:
 • RF Amplifiers
     Low Noise, Low Cost, Medium Power, Variable
     Gain, Power Limit Protection, up to 40 GHz
 • High Power RF Amplifiers
     GaN and GaAs, Class A, AB, C, D and E, up to
     100 W CW / 150 W pulsed, WB & NB, up to 30 GHz
 • RF Limiters
     High Linearity OIP3 >+32 dBm w/Pin >+5 dBm,
     Low Leakage, Power +14 dBm
 • RF Switches
     Absorptive / Reflective, Fast Switching, High
     Isolation, SPDT - SP6T, up to 40 GHz
 • RF Multipliers
     Complete with Amplifiers and Filters, Input Power
     –3 to –1 dBm, Output Power P1dB >+14 dBm
 • RF Mixers
      Standard & Image Reject, up to 20 GHz
 • RF/Microwave Packaging & Integrated Modules
      Multilayer RF Boards, Impedance Matched, Blind,
      Buried & Thru Vias, HTCC, LTCC

Agile Microwave Technology Agile Microwave
Low noise, medium, and high power amplifier, mixers and multipliers, RF switches, microwave packaging, integrated modules, multilayer RF circuit boards w/through holes & buried vias, HTCC, LTCC, thin & thick film ceramic.
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