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Capital and Venture Capital Resources

These companies are either providing or are seeking capital, venture capital, and advisory services for technology based companies. Even during down times there are still people with money looking to fund "the next big thing." It will probably never again be like the heydays of the late 1990s tech boom, where money appeared from nowhere literally in the form of stock market values, but some of the biggest success stories came out of the Depression Era (IBM, for example).





NOTICE: Most search engines do a really good job of locating useful data if your search terms are well thought out, so rather than me supposing I know what you are looking for, I have provided a Search box at the top of the page for you to use. If you are interested in advertising, please visit my Advertising information page. Thank you.

Arcturus Capital | 213-473-1800 | Los Angeles, CA
Primary focus is early-stage technology companies in the Southern California area.

Ardesta, LLC | 734-994-7000 | Ann Arbor, MI
At the core of Ardesta's contribution to building the Small Tech industry is the investment of talent and capital in product-focused companies.

Austin Ventures
 | | 512-485-1900 | Austin, TX
Partners with exceptionally talented entrepreneurs and operating executives to build valuable businesses in a variety of technology and service industries.

Battery Ventures
781-577-1000 | Wellesley, MA
Focusing on market sectors such as cable infrastructure, network & wireless infrastructure, security software & services and computing & storage infrastructure; application software; communications services; e-commerce products & services; tech enabled businesses; semiconductor & related products; media & content and consumer technology.

California Technology Ventures, LLC | 626-403-6632 | Pasadena, CA
A venture capital fund that makes direct investments in technology and life science companies.

Cargill Ventures | 952-742-2178 | Wayzata, MN
We invest in high-growth technology-based companies that enable commerce, innovation, and efficiencies in industries relevant to Cargill, helping us to be a global leader in providing goods and services necessary for life, health and growth.

CenterPoint Ventures | 512-795-5800 | Austin, TX
Our target investment areas are communications infrastructure, business applications and enterprise software, semiconductors, and other innovations.

Crest Capital | 800-245-1213 | Atlanta, GA
A national equipment finance company providing equipment loans and leases throughout the SMB market.

CurrentRF | 209-914-2305
ZigBee based mesh networks and Ultra Low Power Wireless (ULP) wireless components and systems. Highly efficient (>95%), IC based energy harvesting conditioning electronics design that enables energy harvesting from a variety of sources (mechanical, chemical, thermal, solar, etc) at once, providing a practically inexhaustible power source for remote ZigBee and implanted medical electronic devices.

FirstCapital Corp, Ltd | 020 8563 1563 | London, UK
Specializes in venture capital fund raising and M&A advice for high growth technology companies.

Gaebler Ventures | 312-207-1190 | Chicago, IL
A business incubator, holding company, and venture capital fund.

Garage Technology Ventures | 650-354-1800 | Palo Alto, CA
We're looking for special entrepreneurs who have big ideas who need seed capital to turn their ideas into action. They see the world for what it could be, not what it already is.

Index Ventures | (+41) 22 737 0000 | Geneva, Switzerland
Invests in companies in the fields of information technology and the life sciences.
Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers | 650-233-2750 | Menlo Park, CA
Committed to helping entrepreneurs build sustainable technology businesses; our focus is on new technologies and new applications of technology that will drive high-impact change.

Knowledge Market, Inc | Palo Alto, CA
Technology focus areas include Life sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Nanotechnology, Wireless, IT, Semiconductors, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy & Power, Digital Media, Engineering, and other advanced technologies.

Lux Capital | 212-792-4188 | New York, NY
A research-driven investment firm focused on building businesses of lasting value. Lux uncovers and creates market-leading companies by leveraging our vast network, proprietary business intelligence and unique access.

NextTechs Technologies, LLC | 832-476-9226 | Houston, TX
Intermediates corporate direct investment capital and provides additional investment support including joint development agreements, marketing arrangements, licensing contracts or other business development activities.

NGEN Partners, LLC | 805-564-3156 | Santa Barbara, CA
Provides catalytic, second-stage venture capital funding to emerging businesses.

OVP Venture Partners | 425-889-9192 | Kirkland, WA
We invest capital in new companies in growing markets—enterprise software, communications and network systems, computational biology, specialized electronic systems and business services.

Polaris Venture Partners | 781-290-0770 | Waltham, MA
Invests in and partners with seed, early stage, and middle market businesses with exceptional promise and helps them grow into market-leading companies.

Pond Venture Partners, Ltd | +44 (0)20 8940 1001 | UK
Invests in early-stage European companies in the semiconductor, communication, wireless and software areas.

PureTech | 617-482-2333 | Boston, MA
A life science venture creation and business development organization. Our team has specialized knowledge and expertise in creating life science ventures based on seminal technology breakthroughs; and in strategic partnering for exceptional private and public life science companies.

Seraphima Ventures | 212-380-1818 | New York, NY
Focusing on mainly nanotechnology startup companies.

Sevin Rosen Funds | 972-702-1100 | Dallas, TX
Helps entrepreneurs to shape projects into successful, leading companies in the dynamic and competitive world of high technology.

Silicon Valley Nano Ventures | We focus on start-up & early stage nanotechnology companies, projects, & ventures.

Technology Investments | A Northern California seed stage investment firm.

Western Technology Investment | 408-436-8577 | San Jose, CA
Provider of debt financing to start-up and emerging growth companies.

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