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Fagor Electronica Florida RF Labs
  Fairchild Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
FDK Corporation  Fujitsu
Freescale Semiconductor Freescale Semiconductor  


Galileo Technology Galileo TechnologyGenesys Logic
GataxGHz Technology
GateLevel GateLevelG-Link Technology
GC Electronics   Goal Semiconductor Goal Semiconductor
GC/WaldomGoldstar Goldstar
GEC Plessey<BR> (Mitel, Zarlink) GEC Plessey (Mitel, Zarlink)Gould
Gems SensorsGrayhill
General Electric (Harris) General Electric (Harris)Greenwich Instruments Greenwich Instruments
General InstrumentG.T. Microwave
General Semiconductor  


Hamlin Hittite
Hammond Mfg Holtek Semiconductor
  Harris Semiconductor Harris SemiconductorHoneywell
VEB Halbleiterwerk Frankfurt/ Oder (HFO) (former GDR)Hopefind Hopefind
Herley Horn Industrial
Herotek Hualon Microelectronics
Hewlett Packard Corp.Huber+Suhner
HFO (VEB Halbleiterwerk Frankfurt/Oder) HFO (VEB Halbleiterwerk Frankfurt/Oder) Humirel
Hirose Huntington Electric
Hirschmann Hynix
Hitachi Hyundai


IC DesignsIntegral Integral
iC HausIntegrated Circuit Designs
I-Cube I-CubeIntegrated Circuit Systems
IC Designs IC Designs   Integrated Device<BR> Technology (IDT) Integrated Device Technology
ICEICE Integrated Silicon Solution
IC Microsystems Sdn. Bhd. (ICmic™) IC MicrosystemsIntegrated Technology Express Integrated Technology Express
ICSI (Integrated Circuit Solution Inc.) ICSI (Integrated Circuit Solution Inc.)      Intel Intel
IC Works International Electronic Research Corporation
IDIInternational Rectifier
IGS Technologies IGS TechnologiesInterpower Components
IK Semiconductor IK Semiconductor   Intersil   Intersil
IMP I/O Interconnect
Impala Linear Impala LinearIsotek
InjectorallISSI (Integrated Silicon Solution,Inc.) ISSI (Integrated Silicon Solution,Inc.)
InfineonITT Cannon
Information Storage DevicesITT Industries
InmetIXYS Corp


JACO ElectronicsJewell Instruments
New Japan Radio Co JRC Japan Radio Corp
JAS Teletech JST
JCA Technology JW Harris
Jelight Company J.W. Miller Magnetics


Kay Kilo International
KDI/Triangle Kings Electronics
Korea Electronics (KEC) Korea Electronics (KEC)KMW
KemetKOTA MicrocircuitsKOTA Microcircuits
Keystone Electronics CorporationKyocera


L-3 CommunicationsLiteOn
   Lansdale SemiconductorLittelfuse
    Lattice SemiconductorLMB Heeger
LEMLogical Systems
Level OneLSI Logic
LG SemiconLucent
Litao LitaoLumex
Linear TechnologyLuminary Micro Luminary Micro
Linfinity MicroelectronicsLuxo


M/A-COM Micron
Macronix International Micron Technology
Mallory Micronetics
Marki Microwave Microphase
Matra MHS   Matra MHS Matra MHS  Microsemi Microsemi
Martel ElectronicsMicrotune Microtune
Master Appliance Microwave Power
   Matsushita Panasonic Matsushita PanasonicMikroelectronik Efurt (former GDR)
Maury Microwave Millitech
Maxim Mill-Max
MCLI Milmega
Measurement Specialties Mills Resistor
Meca Milwaukee Resistor
Meder ElectronicMini-Circuits Mini-Circuits
Media VisionMitel Semiconductor
Memory Protection DevicesMiteq
MetcalMonolithic Memories
MetelicsMOS Technologies
MF ElectronicsMosaic Semiconductor
MHS, Matra Harris SemiconductorMosel Vitelic
Micrel Semiconductor Micrel SemiconductorMostek   Mostek Mostek
RF Cafe - Microchip IC logo     Microchip (Arizona Microchip Technology) MicroChipMoSys
Micro Commercial Components Motorola
Micro Electronics MRC
Micro LambdaM-Systems M-Systems
Micro Mobio Mueller
Micro LinearMicro Linear  Murata Manufacturing muRata
MicronasMicronas mwave
  Myson Technology


Narda Noise/Com
  National SemiconductorNorComp
  NDKNordic Semi
   NEC Electronics NEC Nippon Electric CorpNoritake
New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.Northrop Grumman
NexFlash Technologies NexFlash TechnologiesNovatekNovatek
Nik Microelectronics Nik Microelectronics     NVidia Corporation nVidia
NKK Switches NVE Corp


Oak Technology On-Shore Technology
Ohmite Ophir
OK Industries Optek
  Oki Semiconductor Oki SemiconductorOpti
Omega EngineeringOptrex
OmronOrbit SemiconductorOrbit Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON SemiconductorOren SemiconductorOren Semiconductor
Onset Computer Corp   
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