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Wireless Modules & Equipment
Manufacturers & Services

These companies offer products and/or services for wireless, datacom, and telecommunications equipment. Equipment ranges from subsystems to entire turnkey systems so that you can design and build as much or as little of the system as you need. As always, please consider RF Cafe advertisers first while researching your project.

Anatech Electronics
Anatech Electronics
Garfield, New Jersey

Anatech Electronics RF FiltersAnatech Electronics (AEI) manufactures and supplies RF and microwave filters for military and commercial communication systems, providing standard and custom RF filters, and RF products. Standard RF filter and cable assembly products are Anatech Electronics RF Cable Assembliespublished in our website database for ease of procurement. Custom RF filters designs are used when a standard cannot be found, or the requirements dictate a custom approach.

 • RF & Microwave Filters: Standard filters are
    sub-divided into categories such as Bandpass,
    Lowpass, Highpass, Bandstop, Tunable,
    Duplexers, Band Combiners and Multiplexers.
 • RF Cable Assemblies: Mix and match nearly
    any combination of connector & coaxial cable.
 • RF Connectors & Adapters: N, BNC, TNC,
    7/16, SMA, SMB, SMC, F, MMCX, MC, UHF
 • Custom Design Specification: Designed per
    your specifications. NRE not required for most
    designs - only for high complexity cases.

1st-Used-Network-Hardware.com | 1st-used-network-hardware.com
518-456-4696 | Guilderland, NY
We specialize in buying used and unused surplus Avaya, Lucent, Norstar, Nortel Meridian, Definity and Used Cisco Routers, equipment and phone systems from corporate end users.

Abbey Telecom Ltd | AbbeyTelecom.co.uk
01254 272000 | UK
Installers & maintainers of telephone systems.

Action Cabling | actcabling.com
281-364-3710 | Houston, TX
Voice & Data Cabling Services for Houston, TX business including professional design, installation, maintenance, testing & certification of Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 6 and fiber optics.

AN Wireless
anwireless.com | 717-465-0519 | Johnstown, PA
Self supporting tower systems for wireless communications, wireless internet, wireless networking, microwave, paging, broadcast, two-way radio and amateur radio.

AvalonRF Inc | avalonrf.com
619-401-1969 | San Diego, CA
Designs and produces state-of-the-art wireless links that include receivers, transmitters, wearable computers, in car video systems, remote display units, DVRs, rugged wireless PDAs, rugged PCs, no moving parts tracking antennas, wireless microphones, miniature MPEG 4 encoders, miniature MPEG4 decoders and a variety of specialized antennas.

Azimuth Systems | azimuthsystems.com
978-263-6610 | Acton, MA
Provider of wireless data communication test solutions including Wireless RF isolation test enclosures and automated test data management system software.

Azure Communications | azurecomm.com
408-376-3600 | Los Gatos, CA
Develops and markets flexible, modular, compact wireless broadband equipment ideally suited for alternative network operators focused on underserved markets and for specialized applications including wireless base stations, AzureMAX™ Radio Technology, Wireless Cable Extension.

Barclay Enterprises | barclayent.com
800-513-9962 | Colton, CA
Specializes in repairing and refurbishing telephone equipment, as well as selling remanufactured equipment for all of your replacement or expansion needs.

Cobham Antenna Systems | european-antennas.co.uk
+44(0)1638 732177 | Suffolk, UK
High gain, printed circuit arrays, ultra wide-band spirals, multi-octave bicones and collinear omni-directional antennas between 100 MHz and 40 GHz. Custom designs. WLAN, RFID, WiMAX, TETRA, telemetry.

Broadcom Corp. | broadcom.com
949-926-5000 | Irvine, CA
Manufacturer of semiconductors for wired and wireless communications including Bluetooth, cable, cellular, consumer electronics, data/telecom networks, DSL, enterprise networking, mobile multimedia, satellite, voice over IP (VoIP), and wireless LAN.

Communications Components | cciproducts.com
201-342-3338 | South Hackensack, NJ
Wireless Basestation site solutions, single and multi-carrier amplifiers for capacity and coverage expansion, repeaters, tower top amps, In-Building systems.

Comotech Corp | comotech.com
+82-52-288-7550 | South Korea
From Millimeter wave components to gigabit wireless link systems, MMW amplifiers, oscillators, mixers, antennas, filters, MMW up/down converters, sub-assemblies, 77GHz car radar front-end module, gigabit wireless solutions.

DriveTest | drivetestinc.com
804-868-6995 | Richmond, VA
Provides drive testing services to the wireless communications community, focusing on providing the wireless operator, be it cellular, emergency services, commercial interstate or satellite radio, with a dependable, reliable, affordable alternative to the oversaturated marketplace of engineering firms and contracting companies.

Erzia Technologies S.L. | erzia.com
0034 942 29 13 45 | Santander, Spain
Wireless communications and RF equipment supplier for space and satellite communications, specializing in developing and manufacturing custom equipments for specific requirements, systems design & integration.

EZ Wireless Communications Company | ezwireless.ca
604-438-1246 | Vancouver BC Canada
High quality testing services, certification solutions and customer support for wireless products.

Fiber-Span | fiber-span.com
908-754-0646 | S. Plainfield, NJ
Fiber optic subsystems and systems for antenna remoting and repeaters for VHF, UHF, cellular, PCS, military and any other RF system.

First Point | firstpointinc.com
800-760-0629 | Ruckersville, VA
New, used, and refurbished voice and data communications equipment; services include customized asset management and recovery programs for redistributing surplus inventory.

Garvin Industries | garvindirect.com
847-455-0188 | Franklin Park, IL
Wholesale superstore for the electrical professional. Products include electrical boxes and covers, connectors, switches, cables, couplings and fittings, wire cable management products, clamps, fasteners, washers, data-com, tele-com products, and electrical installation accessories.

L-com | l-com.com
800-341-5266 | North Andover, MA
Connectivity products including coaxial, Ethernet (twisted pairs), monitor/video, USB, IEEE-488 and other types of cables, connectors, adapters, couplers, splitters, switch boxes, rack panels, and fiber optic products.

LitePoint Corp | litepoint.com
408-456-5000 | Sunnyvale, CA
Innovative test solutions for wireless communications systems, such as 802.11, WiMAX and UWB.

Mentorport | mentorport.co.uk
44 (0)2380 868582 | Southampton, Hampshire, UK
An electronic design consultancy specialising in low cost, fast turnaround RF, wireless and microwave product design.

Modulation Sciences | modsci.com
800-826-2603 | Somerset, NJ
Accurate, Affordable and comprehensive 8vsb Analyzer provides a complete display of the critical 8vsb parametersluding Eye pattern diagram, constellation display, signal strength metering, signal to noise/MER/EVM readout and charts, Tap weight equalizer graphs, data logging and bit error rates.

Saelig Company
Saelig Company ElectronicsFairport, New York

Semiconductors - Saelig CompanySaelig sells and supports a wide range of electronic control and instrumentation equipment and components to customers ranging from Fortune 500 industrial users, military, educational institutions and hospitals to individual end-users. Test Equipment - Saelig CompanyWe've found remarkable test equipment and components from around the world with specs or prices you won't find anywhere else. Our company's mission is to find, and successfully promote, unique OEM electronics products sourced from around the world.

Our Offerings Include But Not Limited To:

 • O-Scopes • Discrete Components
Antennas - Saelig Company  • Software • Spectrum Analyzers
   • Connectors • Solder Equipment
    • Waveform Generators
     • Antennas • Coax • Adapters
      • Power Supplies • Digital Multimeters
       • RF Sources • Power Meters
        • Automotive Diagnostics 

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Reactel has become one of the industry leaders in the design and manufacture of RF and Microwave filters, diplexers, and sub-assemblies. We have established a full line of filters of all types. Latest CAD/CAM methods and equipment used in design and manufacturing.

Many filter designs are available in either tubular, rectangular, or waveguide packages, connectorized or surface mount, and standard or high power versions. Frequencies up to 50 GHz, depending on filter type.

  • Discrete Component Filters

  • Ceramic Filters  • Tubular Filters  

  • Cavity Filters  • Multifunction Assemblies

  • Combline & Interdigital Filters

  • Suspended Substrate Filters & Diplexers

  • Waveguide Filters & Diplexers

513-642-3000 | Cincinnati, OH
NovaSource is a small, low-cost and easy-to-use programmable signal generator with a Windows-based user interface. NovaSource not only saves space on your lab bench or test rack, but also saves money in your capital equipment budget.

Parsec Technologies | parsec-t.com
972-804-4600 | Plano, TX
Amplifier chips for various wireless and mobile antenna markets. HDTV, M2M, LTE, GPS, WiFi, CATV / broadband, VHF / UHF, digital audio broadcast (DAB), macro cell & small cell, cognitive radio, software defined radio (SDR), & TV whitespace.

QRC Technologies | qrctech.com
540 446-2270 | Stafford, VA
Cellular survey and forensic tools, Turn-key system integration engineering. QRC has products used for phone forensics, base station location, mobile location (Direction Finding), and cellular system surveys. QRC tools cover CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, and iDEN protocols.

Quasar UK, Ltd | quasaruk.co.uk
Radio control systems, GPS receivers, radio modules, WiFi detector modules.

Radiometrix | radiometrix.com
+44 (0) 20 8909 9595 | Middlesex, England
Specialists in design and manufacture of VHF & UHF FM low power radio modules for high integrity, wireless data links. Custom solutions and off-the-shelf OEM RF modules for licence-exempt and licensed applications. FCC & ETSI compliant.

Radiotronix | radiotronix.com
405-794-7730 | Oklahoma City, OK
A premier manufacturer of high performance wireless embedded radio modules and network solutions design platforms for applications in industrial, medical, commercial, automatic meter reading (AMR) and wire replacement markets.

Reactel | 301-519-3660 | Gaithersburg, MD
Many filter designs are available in either tubular, rectangular, or waveguide packages, connectorized or surface mount, and standard or high power versions. Frequencies up to 50 GHz, depending on filter type.

Remec Broadband Wireless | remecbroadband.com
858-312-6900 | San Diego, CA
Develops and manufactures RF/microwave components and subsystems for wireless telecommunications markets including mobile cellular, fixed wireless access such as WiMax, backbone transmission systems & private networks.

RFDataTech | rfdatatech.co.uk
+44 (0)1322 614313 | UK
Design and manufacture of FCC & ETSI compliant radio modems, data radios, paging radios, RF modules & satellite modems. Provision of contract manufacturing services for pcb assemblies.

Saelig Company | 888-772-3544 | Fairport, NY
Sells and supports a wide range of electronic control and instrumentation equipment and components to customers ranging from Fortune 500 industrial users, military, educational institutions and hospitals to individual end-users.

Signalion | signalion.com
+49 351 2069310 | Germany
RF simulation; RF hardware (60 MHz bandwidth, 2.4 and 5.8 GHz) with USB connection to simulation PC; hardware-in-the-loop RF simulation; wireless prototyping systems; wireless prototyping platform (digital and analog hardware, software).

Steel in the Air | steelintheair.com
813-335-4766 | Fort Myers, FL
Provides cell tower lease consulting services including lease negotiations, lease buyout evaluation, and cell site lease valuations.

Surf Communication Solutions, Ltd | surf-com.com
+972 (0)737140700 | Israel
DSP-based media processing boards.

Tharsus Engineering | tharsus.co.uk
+44 191 483 2816 | UK
Sheet metal & steel fabrication, laser cutting services, 3D modeling services, subcontract engineering, CNC precision engineering.

Triad RF Systems | triadrf.com
732-310-9918 | East Brunswick, NJ
Your source for RF front ends, transceivers and amplifier systems that just plain work! Solutions for integrating high performance HPAs into sophisticated RF subsystems and systems without sacrificing efficiency and linearity.

TruePulse Inc | truepulse.com
905-770-7571 | Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
TruePulse buys and sells surplus and refurbished telecommunication equipment for telephone companies and cable TV companies. Equipment includes Nortel Optera, Cisco, Lucent WaveStar, Alcatel and Tellabs Titan.

Ubiquiti Networks | ubnt.com
408-942-3085 | Milpitas, CA
Broadband wireless solutions for WISP, WiFi, WLAN, and other applications in the 900 MHz and 2.4/5 GHz ISM bands. Base stations, PC cards, embedded systems (plug-in cards), AirView™ spectrum analyzers, Bullet™ antenna-mounted transponders.

Venture Technologies | venturetechnologies.com
978-667-9890 | North Billerica, MA
Broad product development experience with emphasis on integrating wireless capability into products. Focus within wireless is on stand-alone products, i.e. self powered either by harvesting energy from the environment or by using such small amounts of power that batteries can be sealed into the product. Our RFOS platform offers a fast entry for companies needing to bring wireless onboard quickly, cheaply and to out-perform standard solutions.

VideoComm Technologies | videotransmitters.com
905-339-0366 | Canada
Wireless video transmission technologies, products and technical support, from systems serving a single camera over a few feet, all the way up to multi-camera systems covering large university campuses, UHF, 900MHz, 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz.

Vubiq | vubiq.com
949-226-8482 | Aliso Viejo, CA
Utilizes expertise in millimeter wave wireless to create disruptive applications for markets in which enormous bandwidths, low power consumption, and low cost are key considerations. Current products include turnkey Tx/Rx modules and attendant development systems in the globally unlicensed 60 GHz band, also 60 GHz wireless Ethernet links.

Wood & Douglas Ltd | woodanddouglas.co.uk
+44 118 981 1444 | UK
OEM radio telemetry modules for FCC Part 90, radio modems, COFDM digital video links for land & aeronautical mobile. Products designed and manufactured in the UK to ETSI and FCC specifications. Custom designed service offered. We are a Notified Body under the R&TTE Directive.

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