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Radio and Wireless Transmitters, Beacons, and Receivers
Manufacturers & Services

Manufacturers listed here offer complete transmitters, receivers, beacons, etc., as opposed to just components to build transmitters, receivers, beacons. Many of the companies offer building block for complete systems as well.

Applied Wireless | www.applied-wireless.com
805-383-9600 | Camarillo, CA
Produces long range wireless products for unlicensed use including video and audio, remote control, active RFID products, and RF modules.

Axsem | www.axsem.com
+41 44 882 1707 | Dübendorf, Switzerland
A fabless semiconductor company specializing in developing and marketing cost efficient, high quality analog and mixed signal products for the wireless communication market-place. Long range technology for ISM devices with key figures like -127 dBm sensitivity and 19 dBm output power at over 50% PAE with on-chip RX/TX switches.

Broadcast Electronics | www.bdcast.com
217-224-9600 | Quincy, IL
AM & FM transmitters, FM exciters, Internet audio.

Celadon | www.celadon.com
707-648-1098 | San Rafael, CA
Custom infrared remote control and infrared receiver systems.

Dell-Star Technologies | www.dellstar.com
Manufactures unique broadcast quality video transmitter/ receiver systems.

Eletec Broadcasting Equipment Company | broadcast-eletec.com
+ 0033 0493019999 | Nice, France
Designs, manufactures and markets radio-TV broadcasting and telecommunication systemsluding antennas, FM amplifiers, exciters, power combiners, rebroadcast receivers, transmitters.

Energy-Onix | www.energy-onix.com
888-324-6649 | Valatie, NY
Manufactures tube and solid state transmitters for AM, FM, shortwave and industrial applications, STL, LPFM, translator and audio processing equipment.

Garmin | www.garmin.com
800-800-1020 | Olathe, KS
Designs, manufactures, and markets navigation and communications equipment including traffic receivers and other consumer products.

HXI | www.hxi.com
978-772-7774 | Harvard, MA
A subsidiary of Renaissance Electronics, is a leading supplier of millimeter-wave productsluding LNAs, power amplifiers, mixers, detectors, oscillators, switches, transmitters, receivers and transceivers for radars, communications systems and sensors. Digital radios, mm-wave, E-band, and isolators. Standard components and custom-engineered products at the sub system level in the 18 to 110 GHz range. Also manufacture complete 60 GHz, E-band products, digital radios and mm-wave products for enterprise and back-haul applications.

Harris | www.broadcast.harris.com
513-459-3400 | Mason, OH
HD Radio™ solutions, studio design & systems, studio-to-transmitter Links (STLs), studio-to-studio audio transport, and transmission solutions; broadcast TV, cable, & satellite solutions.

ISEE | www.iseebcn.com
+34 93 7891271 | Barcelona, Spain
New K-Band Radar has been developed by ISEE to work in the ISM Band or extended bandwidth. Possible applications: perimetral security, target speed and range measurement, automotive spot blind detection and parking aid systems, ... signal processing included by powerful IGEP board based on OMAP microcontroller (TI).

LARCAN | www.larcan.com
303-665-8000 | Lafayette, CO
Innovates, designs and manufactures digital & analog TV transmitters for wireless and broadcast markets worldwide, specializing in custom network planning and RF synergies for broadcast and mobile video | DVB-H technologies.

Lumistar | www.lumi-star.com
760-431-2181 | Carlsbad, CA
Wide array of components and systems used in telemetry ground stations and airborne platforms for commercial and DOD airborne platforms. Hardware products include a broad selection of RF and IF receivers, downconverters, demodulators, combiners, bit synchronizers, multi-function decommutators, digital to analog converters (DACs), dynamic data simulators w/Doppler and multipath simulation capabilities, airborne receiver/bit sync and test antennas. Products are sold as stand-alone PCI cards or in our unique modular “Drive Bay” configurations. We also offer integrated systems configured in rack-mount or portable chassis for complete end-to-end ground station solutions.

Mil-Ram Technology | www.mil-ram.com
888-464-5726 | Fremont, CA
Sensors, controllers and transmitters designed to monitor and detect hazardous gases, toxic and combustible as well as oxygen deficiency.

Nautel | www.nautel.com
207-947-8200 | Bangor, ME
Manufactures medium wave AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters (both analog and digital), navigational radio beacons, differential global positioning system (DGPS) transmitters, medium frequency (MF) telegraph and NAVTEX transmitters, high frequency (HF) amplifiers for dielectric heating.

Pointer | www.pointerinc.com
480-966-1674 | Tempe, AZ
Manufacturer of aircraft Emergency Locator Transmitters, (ELT), & associated antenna systems.

Princo Instruments | www.princolevelcontrols.com
800-221-9237 | Southampton, PA
RF level transmitters, ultrasonic level transmitters, open channel flowmeters, pressure level transmitters.

QEI Corp | www.qei-broadcast.com
800-334-9154 | Williamstown, NJ
Broadcast products including digital systems, monitors, exciters, transmitters, pre-built systems & RF amplifiers.

Radiometrix | www.radiometrix.com
+44 (0) 20 8909 9595 | Middlesex, England
Specialists in design and manufacture of VHF & UHF FM low power radio modules for high integrity, wireless data links. Custom solutions and off-the-shelf OEM RF modules for license-exempt and licensed applications. FCC & ETSI compliant.

Radio Modules Limited | www.radio-modules.com
+44 (0)1761 234 327 | UK
Provides a range of high quality radio modules, telemetry modems, wireless video products and antennas, which are suitable for a wide variety of projects and applications.

Rohde & Schwarz | www.rohde-schwarz.com
888-837-8772 | Columbia, MD
Test & measurement, radio communications, broadcasting, antennas, IT security, signal intelligence, spectrum monitoring, trunked radio. Network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, communications analyzers, signal generators, power meters, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, audio analyzers, power supplies, optical measurement

SECO-LARM U.S.A. | www.seco-larm.com
800-662-0800 | Irvine, CA
Wireless RF transmitter and receiver sets, transmitters, receivers, antennas, batteries, replacement transmitters.

SIEL Srl | www.siel.com
+39 02 45713300 | Italy
Specializes in the design and production of professional FM broadcasting equipment including FM exciters and solid-state FM amplifiers up to 20 KW, stereo and RDS encoders, control systems, analogue and digital radio links.

Southern Avionics | www.southernavionics.com
800-648-6158 | Beaumont, TX
Transmitters, auto-tuning couplers & antennas.

Tugicom | www.tugicom.com
+ 972 - 98615533 | Netanya, Israel
FM transmitters (up to 300 W), receivers, power amplifiers, RF modules, stereo encoders, filters.

Vubiq | www.vubiq.com
949-226-8482 | Aliso Viejo, CA
Utilizes expertise in millimeter wave wireless to create disruptive applications for markets in which enormous bandwidths, low power consumption, and low cost are key considerations. Current products include turnkey Tx/Rx modules and attendant development systems in the globally unlicensed 60 GHz band, also 60 GHz wireless Ethernet links.

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