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Tools & Supplies
Flux, Pliers, Solder, Soldering Equipment, Solder Wick,
Screwdrivers, Sockets, Wire Cutters, Wire Strippers, Wrenches

Manufacturers & Services

As someone who has always enjoyed working with my hands on the macro scale with buildings and houses, on the mid-level scale with hobbies and crafts, and down to the micro scale with tiny surface mount components and bare die ICs, I have a great appreciation for the providers of tools for work at all levels. My personal tool collection, while not extensive compared to many, has expanded over the years to service most of the tasks that I have needed to do. They range from the size of a table saw, on down to pin-thin tweezers. Listed here are a few good quality suppliers of such tools for performing mechanical and electrical/electronics jobs.

Alfa Plast Mould | alfamould.co.in/web.htm
+91-79-25894975 | Gujarat State, India
Manufacturer and supplier for standard, custom made plastic moulds & mould bases, die sets & precision works.

Centric RF | centricrf.com
Allen, TX
Stocks various RF and microwave coaxial componentsluding attenuators, adapters, cable assemblies, terminations, power dividers, and more.

CIF | cif.fr
+33-1 4547 4800 | France
Manufacturer of PCB-processing equipment (UV-exposure, etching, drilling, metallisation) & SMT-assembly equipment (SMD-placing equipment, reflow ovens), for small & medium production runs, manufactures presensitised boards & consumables for the development of printed circuit boards.

Coastel Cable Tools | coasteltools.com
315-471-5361 | Syracuse, NY
Hand-held portable (battery powered or optional AC/DC powered) coaxial cable & wire strippers, precision high volume bench top production equipment.

Craftsman | craftsman.com
800-697-3277 | Chicago, IL
Portable power tools, compressors & air tools, wet-dry vacs, tool sets, bench power tools, storage, chests & cabinets.

Dremel | dremel.com
800-437-3635 | Racine, WI
Rotary power tools & kits, scroll saws, engravers.

Ferracci Machines USA | ferraccimachinesusa.com
800-609-4614 | Newark, DE
Distributor of aluminum and PVC fabrication machinery for the window and door manufacturing industry. Building and designing machines for use in cutting and processing a variety of metals, especially aluminum, vinyl, steel and fiberglass profiles. We also manufacture a variety of glass-processing and metal-bending machinery, as well as handling equipment for windows and doors.

General Tools | generaltools.com
212-431-6100 | New York, NY
Specialty hand tools for plumbing, woodworking, metalworking, and machinist trades.

Hunter Products | hunterproducts.com
800-524-0692 | Bridgewater, NJ
Micro-metallizer system. Gold, silver, rhodium, palladium, nickel, copper, zinc, tin, etc., electroplating.

Klein Tools | kleintools.com
800-553-4676 | Lincolnshire, IL
Manufacturer of professional hand tools and occupational protective equipment. 

LPKF Laser & Electronics | lpkfusa.com
800-345-5753 | Wilsonville, OR
Microvia drilling, flex & rigid board laser processing, and HDI circuitry structuring equipment and supplies. Laser cutting systems and AOI equipment for fine pitch SMT stencils used in the EMS industry. Rapid PCB Prototyping equipment such as circuit board plotters, through hole plating systems, and multi-layer equipment for lab use.

Metcal | metcal.com
800-776-1778 | Menlo Park, CA
Soldering products, package rework systems, fume extraction, inspection systems.

MITS Electronics | mitspcb.com
+81-(0)42-388-1051 | Japan
Prototyping printed board making systems, board makers, tools, software, non-contact capacitive displacement meters.

Snap-On Tools | snapon.com
877-762-7661 | Kenosha, WI
Snap-on tools, hand tools, power tools, industrial tools, tool storage products, tool boxes, automotive diagnostics, and shop equipment.

Stanley Supply & Services | stanleysupplyservices.com
Supplier of products and services for assembling, repairing and testing electronic equipment including providing equipment such as test & measurement, soldering, lighting and magnification, and materials such as adhesives, solder, ESD, chemical solutions and materials for labs and clean rooms.

TDI International | tdiwebsite.com
520-799-8000 | Tucson, AZ
Desiccator cabinets, clean room & assembly chairs, clean room dispensers & workstations, tweezers, cutters, micro-cutters, pliers, screwdrivers & vacuum wafer pick up.

T-Tech | t-tech.com
800-370-1530 | Atlanta, GA
Quick Circuit rapid prototyping circuit board system, tooling, board material.

WWX | wwx.com
201-886-8820 | Edgewater, NJ
A marketplace of over 2,000 listings of used and surplus equipmentluding used semiconductor equipment, used scientific equipment, used lab equipment, and used pharmaceutical equipment. View these real time listings with detailed specifications, prices, and high-quality photos. Deal directly with the equipment owners.

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