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Test Equipment & Calibration (new & used)
Manufacturers & Services

At the top of the list are companies that manufacture test equipment. At the bottom of the list are companies that distribute test equipment and/or provide calibration services (although some manufacturers provide re-calibration services for their equipment. For a narrowed-down list of specific types of test equipment, click on one of the links in the list below.

Please consider my advertisers first.


Antenna Testers
Data Acquisition
Frequency Counters
Impedance / LCR
Intermod Testers
Network Analyzers
Noise Figure / Generators
Power Meters & Sensors
Spectrum Analyzers
Signal Analyzers
Signal Generators
Tuners / VSWR
Waveform Generators
--  Everything Else  --
Companies listed in the top section are manufacturers while those in the bottom section are distributor and/or renter.  Calibration
Please click here to visit the JFW website JFW Industries
Indianapolis, IN
Toll-Free: 877-887-4539

JFW attenuatorsJFW Industries is a world leader in designing and manufacturing of passive RF components and application specific test systems. These components include attenuators, RF switches, and specialized test systems for use in the cellular, telecom, OEM test JFW switch matrixequipment, medical, automotive, defense, and automated test systems markets. Application specific designs are the cornerstone of JFW's continuous technical advances in RF components.

- JFW is an ISO 9000:2000 registered company -

  • Matrix Switches
  • Power Dividers
  • Test Accessories
  • Switched/Rotary
  • Programmable
• RF Switches
• Variable Attenuators
• RF Fuse Holders
• RF & DC Cable
• Fixed Attenuators
   & Terminations
JFW RF Conversion ToolGet JFW's
RF Conversion
All JFW test systems are available with GPIB, RS-232, Ethernet, or TTL interfaces. RoHS Compliant.


Please click here to visit the LabyBug Technologies websiteLadyBug Technologies
Santa Rosa, CA
LadyBug Technologies LB480A Pulse Profiling PowerSensor+ Measuring a Complex SignalLadyBug Power Sensor & AttenuatorFounded in 2005, LadyBug Technologies manufactures the PowerSensor™ line of miniaturized USB RF & Microwave Power Sensors. LadyBug manufactures high accuracy Average, Pulse, and Pulse Profiling Sensors with GUI interfaces covering up to 26.5 GHz and 80 dB dynamic range. These Sensors set a, patented industry standard, No Zero / LadyBug LB480A Power Sensor - Small SizeNo Cal technology. There is no need to disconnect or wait for internal zeroing and calibration prior to making accurate low power measurements. Driver support is provided.
LadyBug -- Measure Faster, Spend Less,
No Zeroing -- Just Measure
   PDF Product Selector Guide
   LB480A 50 MHz - 8 GHz USB Pulse Profiling
          RF Power Sensor
   LB479A 10 MHz - 8 GHz USB Average, Peak
          and Pulse Power Sensor
   LB680A 50 MHz - 20 GHz USB Pulse Profiling
          RF Power Sensor
   LB589A 10 MHz - 26.5 GHz USB True RMS
          RF Power Sensor


Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
San Diego, CA
888-404-ATEC (2832)
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals provides the latest models of test and measurement equipment from top name manufacturers like Agilent, Fluke, Anritsu, R&S, Tektronix, and Yokogawa. Our primary focus is providing a complete rental solution of test and measurement equipment to industries such as Aerospace, Defense, EMC, and Communications.
Contact ATER Today for Your T&M Requirements
 ● RF Amplifiers
 ● Spectrum Analyzers
 ● ESD/EOS Testers
 ● Power Meters & Sensors
 ● Network Analyzers (VNA)
Antennas & Testers
Signal Analyzers
Frequency Counters
 ● Intermodulation Testers (PIM)
 ● Data Acquisition & Loggers
 ● Impedance Analyzers (LCR)
 ● Noise Sources & Noise Figure Testers
 ● Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR)
 ● Tuners & VSWR Meters
 ● AC & DC Power Supplies & Loads
 ● Signal Generators & Synthesizers
 ● Waveform & Function Generators
Calibration Certificates accompany all equipment.


Alliance Test Equipment websiteAlliance Test Equipment
Webster, MA

Alliance Test is a trusted source providing sales, rentals and leasing of refurbished electronic test and measurement equipment to the R&D, manufacturing and quality assurance industries. We carry a full range of used test equipment from manufacturers such as Agilent, Ando, Anritsu, Fluke, HP, Keithley, Lecroy, Rohde & Schwarz, and Tektronix.
Used Test Equipment Includes
 • Oscilloscopes • Network Analyzers
 • Logic Analyzers • Spectrum analyzers
 • Multimeters • Sweep Generators
 • Function Generators • Attenuators
 • Power Supplies • Probes
 • Calibration Kits • EMI RFI EMC
 • Comms Analyzers Impedance Analyzers

We want to be your Partners, helping you capture the maximum value from your idle Test Equipment. By Partnering with Alliance Test you can recover 30%-40% more on your idle test equipment rather than selling to a dealer.

Ask about our Matrix Consignment program.


Click to visit the American Radio Supply websiteAmerican Radio Supply
706-361-0825 / Georgia, USA

American Radio Supply is a highly respected supplier of quality radio parts. Today, we offer nearly 2,000 radio parts and accessories and we represent many well-known brands such as Comet, Diamond, and OPEK.

Our customers include ham radio operators, broadcast engineers, manufacturers, contractors, RF designers, the military, national labs, local, state, and federal government agencies.

Visit for new & refurbished RF test components.

• Antennas
• Audio
• Coax Adapters
• Coax Cable
• Coax Connectors
• Crimp Tools
• Dummy Loads
• Duplexers
• Microphones
• Microphone Plugs
• Power Supplies
• Speakers
• Surge Suppressors
• Switches
• Terminations
• Test Equipment
• Wattmeters
** We stand behind the parts we sell ** warrants that our products will be free from defects in materials & workmanship for a period of 90 days from date on invoice.
Low Flat Rate Shipping - USA & International


Please click here to visit the Analyzer Repair Inc. websiteAnalyzer Repair Inc.
Cocoa, FL
Phone: 888-814-3508
 Our repair facility specializes in the repair and
 calibration of RF & Microwave Network and
 Spectrum Analyzers.   We provide Free estimates.

  • Restoring spectrum and network analyzers to
      their original condition/specifications is our
      main core business.
  • We rebuild and repair HP Network and Spectrum
      Analyzer Step Attenuators.
  • We buy used Spectrum and Network Analyzers,
      all manufacturers.
  • Our engineering group can provide obsolete RF
      microcircuits like RYTHM assemblies, YIG
      oscillators, microwave mixers, attenuators and
      more. Reducing the price of the replacement part
      by up to 50% compared to the manufacturer.
  • All repairs include a 90 day warranty on parts
      and labor for work performed.
  • All calibrations are performed in compliance with
      applicable ANSI/NSCL Z540-1-1994 requirements
      and are traceable to NIST.
  • We offer our customers the convenience of
      On-Site calibration. This reduces downtime at
      your facility and also eliminates any problems
      caused by transportation of equipment.
We Buy & Sell Used Analyzers - Contact Us Today!


Please click here to visit the Boonton websiteBoonton
Parsippany, NJ
Phone: 973-386-9696
Fax:     973-386-9191
Boonton Electronics is a provider of RF & Microwave test equipment including Peak and Average power meters, Modulation & Audio Analyzers, RF millivolt & Capacitance meters, and PIM Test Sets. Peak Power meters have up to 70 MHz of video BW, and 40 GHz of carrier BW. Modulation & Audio Analyzers provide analog measurements required for radio sets. RF Millivoltmeters use an RF probe system that automatically loads calibration coefficients for measurements to 1.2 GHz. Our 7200 capacitance meter provides very accurate capacitance and conductance measurements at 1 MHz.
 • Modulation Analyzer Power Meters
 • PIM Testers Audio Analyzer
 • RF Power Meter • USB Power Sensor
 • Capacitance Meter USB Power Meter
 • Power Meter Sensors
RF Voltmeter
     Application Notes: Handy tips & tricks.
     Careers: Please visit the page if you are
                   interested in working for Boonton.
     Calibration Services: Use our wizard for an


Please click here to visit the Phase Matrix websitePhase Matrix
Santa Clara, CA
Tel: 877-474-2736
Phase Matrix designs and manufactures RF and microwave T&M instruments and is a subsidiary of National Instruments. Our array of products include EIP-brand Frequency Counters, PXI-based microwave products, and VXI-based microwave products. We're located in the heart of California's Silicon Valley with a 50,000 square-foot facility that includes an R&D lab, clean rooms, and test stations.
  • PXI Synthetic Downconverters & LOs
  • VXI Up/Downconverters & LOs
  • Frequency Counters - CW, Pulsed, Benchtop
  • Rack Mount Kits        • Remote Sensors
  • Cabling Kits              • Carrying Cases
Compliance with CE, WEEE, and RoHS standards
Rigol TechnologiesRIGOL Technologies
Oakwood Village, OH
DS1000E Series Digital OscilloscopeRIGOL Spectrum AnalyzersRIGOL Technologies is an emerging T&M leader and a technology innovator in electronic measurement. RIGOL's premium line of products including: Digital Oscilloscopes, RF Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Multimeters, Programmable Power Supplies, Signal Generators, and Waveform Generators.
DSA800 Series Spectrum Analyzer
RIGOL DSA800 Spectrum AnalyzerThe DSA800 Spectrum Analyzer by RIGOL redefines the product category by setting new standards for performance and price. Its digital IF technology guarantees reliability and performance will meet the most demanding RF applications.
 •  All-Digital IF Technology
 •  9 kHz to 7.5 GHz Frequency Range
 •  Up to -161 dBm DANL Normalized @ 1Hz
 •  -98 dBc/Hz @10 kHz offset Phase Noise
 •  Total Amplitude Uncertainty <1.5 dB
 •  10 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth
 •  7.5 GHz Tracking Generator
 •  EMI Filter & Quasi-Peak Detector Kit (optional)
 •  VSWR Measurement Kit (optional)
 •  8 Inch TFT LCD (800x480) Display


Windfreak TechnologiesWindfreak Technologies
New Port Richey, FL
Windfreak Tech designs, manufactures, tests and sells high value radio frequency products such as RF Signal Generators, RF Synthesizers, RF Power Detectors, RF Mixers, RF Upconverters and RF downconverters. We develop high quality, reliable, low cost products to make your life easier.

Windfreak Tech is developing high quality, low cost products to make life easier for RF Engineers and hobbyist. Future products will be more synthesizers, transmitters, receivers and test equipment. All at low cost.

We Are Pleased to Offer:

Windfreak Technologies: SynthNVSynthNV: A 137.5 MHz - 4.4 GHz USB powered and programmed RF Signal Generator / RF Power Detector


Windfreak Technologies: MixNVMixNV: A 30 MHz - 5 GHz USB powered and programmed RF Mixer / Signal Generator


Windfreak Technologies: SynthUSBSynthUSB: A 137.5 MHz - 4.4 GHz USB powered and programmed RF Signal Generator



BRL Test Analyzer RepairBRL Test Analyzer Repair
Altamonte Springs, FL
Skype: brltest         Toll-Free: 866-275-8378
We absolutely know analyzer repair.
Wouldn't you like a friend like that on your side?
BRL Test In-House
Repair Engineering Group
  • low pricing
   • experience (15 years on average)
    • military PMEL graduates
     • parts for repair in stock
      • fast turn around
Spectrum and Network Analyzer Repair
Agilent Spectrum Analyzer Repair
HP Spectrum Analyzer Repair
Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer Repair
Advantest Spectrum Analyzer Repair
R&S Spectrum Analyzer Repair
Agilent Network Analyzer Repair
HP Network Analyzer Repair
Anritsu Network Analyzer Repair
Advantest Network Analyzer Repair
R&S Network Analyzer Repair

  Calibrations are ISO9001:2000 Registered and
  A2LA Accredited (Z-540 & 17025).


Copper Mountain TechnologiesCopper Mountain Technologies
Indianapolis, IN
CMT makes affordable, lab-quality vector network analyzers that provide high accuracy, wide dynamic range, a familiar UI and a broad variety of standard features. Operating with an external PC via USB, these VNAs increase productivity and lower costs for test, control, and design applications.
- PLANAR R140 is a Vector Reflectometer for
  S11 measurement. High accuracy measurements
  for magnitude and phase from 85 MHz to 14 GHz.
- PLANAR 804/1 is a 2-port VNA for S12, S11, S21,
  S22 magnitude and phase measurement w/145 dB
  dynamic range for 100 kHz to 8.0 GHz.
- PLANAR 808/1 is a 4-port Vector Network
  Analyzer for S11 through S44 magnitude and phase
  measurement w/150 dB dynamic range for
  100 kHz to 8.0 GHz . Compact size.
- C50NMNM.1 Test Cable for DC- 18 GHz, 60 cm long.
- Impedance Matching Pad for 50 Ω-to-75 Ω, DC
  to 3.2 GHz, N-M to N-F connectors.
- N1.1 SOLT Calibration Kit for VNAs up to 1.5 GHz.
- ACM8000T USB Automatic Calibration Module
  for 300 kHz - 8.0 GHz.


Please click here to visit the Noisecom websiteNoisecom
Phone: 973-386-9696
Parsippany, NJ
Noisecom has been a leading provider of RF & Microwave noise generating equipment used in commercial & military applications since 1985. We provide noise diodes, calibrated noise sources, jitter sources, cryogenic noise standards, and computer controlled instruments for either Precision C/N, or broad band white Gaussian noise. Noise Com provides off the shelf as well as custom designed noise testing solutions.
    • Digital Noise Generator
      • Analog Noise Generator
        • Jitter Noise Generator
          • Noise Diodes
            • 60 GHz Noise Figure Test Set
              • Calibrated Noise Sources
                • Interference Generator
                  • HD Radio Test Set
                    • Amplified Noise Modules
Application Notes: Handy tips & tricks
   Careers: Please visit the page if you are
                 interested in working for Noisecom.
   Calibration Services: Repair & calibration.
NoiseWave was founded by Microwave and RF Engineers with many decades of design experience in Noise theory and Noise fundamentals!


Please click here to visit the NoiseWave websiteNoiseWave
Whippany, NJ
Tel: 973-386-1119

 NoiseWave - An International supplier of noise
                    sources and test equipment.
Noise is our focus, our business,
so we can help yours.
 We provide our customers with high quality
 standard and custom noise test solutions to
 meet commercial and military
 wireless applications.
 Noise Diodes - symmetrical Gaussian white
  noise voltage distribution & flat PSD.
 NW-ATE Series - economical and rugged.
 NW-B Series - industry standard TO-8 or SM pin
 NW-D Series - industry standard DIP package
  pin packages.
 NW-CS Calibrated Source - broadband calibrated
  noise sources, ideal for NF measurement & BIT.
 NW-M Series - features high output power and
  broadband frequency coverage to 6 GHz.
 NW-MI Series - an economical and rugged
  manual noise instrument.



Cincinnati, OH | 888-865-9767

Powerful. Simple. Electronic Tools.

At Spartant, our mission is to provide you RF test tools and instrumentation that are clean, uncomplicated and easy to use; nonetheless, our products are high-performance, rugged and exceedingly versatile. Whether you work in a development lab, production test, classroom or field, these tools will help you win the daily battles.

Perfect for getting the job done efficiently and cleanly, yet not encumbered by features you don't need, Spartant delivers powerful, simple, electronic tools.

» RF Signal Sources - Key Features:
   • Tuning Range: 25 to 6000 MHz or 25 to 3000 MHz
   • Universal Interfaces: USB, RS-232 or Ethernet
   • High power out with automatic level control (ALC)
   • +13 dBm maximum
   • Non-volatile memory retains settings
   • Compact size: 0.90" H x 2.82" W x 4.04" D
   • Phase Noise: -106 dBc/Hz @100 kHz (250-1000 MHz)
   • High stability internal reference TCXO

» Power Detectors, Programmable RF,
   Attenuators, RF Switches, Accessories

     - Please contact us for details: 888-865-9767


Please click here to visit the Test Equipment Connection website

Test Equipment Connection
Lake Mary, FL
Test Equipment Connection Corporation is your single source test & measurement solution. We offer over 300 test equipment manufacturers including Agilent, Tektronix, Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz, Advantest and Fluke, plus thousands of New, Used, Second Hand, and Refurbished test equipment products.
We buy and sell bench top, general-purpose test and measurement equipment. $2,000,000 is budgeted each month for the purchase of surplus equipment. Contact us today.
  • Audio Analyzers • Semiconductors
  • Frequency Counters Power Supplies
  • Network Analyzers • LCR Analyzer
  • RF Signal Generators Signal Generators
  • Spectrum Analyzers • RF Measurement
  • Logic Analyzers • Impedance Analyzers
  • Pulse Generators Oscilloscopes
  • Signal Analyzers Power Meters

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