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Telephone, PBX, and VoIP Systems
Manufacturers & Services

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Even with cellphones dominating personal and business communications, there is still a huge need for wired systems, especially for in-building PBX applications. Your desk phone will likely still be around for a long, long time.



8x8, Inc |
866-879-8647 | Sunnyvale, CA
Delivers business communications solutions including VoIP phone servicem managed hosting, web conferencing, and unified communications.

AccessDirect, Inc |
877-599-6500 | Kansas City, KS
Provides affordable hosted PBX services, business voice mail, and fax services.

AVAD Technologies |
800-733-4136 | New York, NY
Small business VoIP provider of Hosted VoIP PBX phone service.

Call Management Products, Inc |
800-245-9933 | Broomfield, CO
Manufactures high quality telecommunication products that are designed to enhance telephone line productivity and provide cost savings for your home or business.

Carroll Communications |
732-280-3200 | Spring Lake, NJ
Specializes in internet telephony, VoIP and office telephone systems.

ChronosTelecom LLC |
480-522-2114 | Scottsdale, AZ
Provides small businesses PBX appliances and phone systems.

Digium |
256-428-6000 | Waltham, MA
Creator, sponsor, and innovative force behind Asterisk, the world's most popular open source telephony software.

FacetCorp |
877-322-3846 | Dallas, TX
Maker of the FacetPhone IP PBX business phone system.

IPsmarx Technology, Inc |
800-532-4893 | Reston, VA
Provides feature rich VoIP solutions.

Jive Communications, Inc |
Provides full-featured, affordable IP telephone systems to clients nationwide.

Nextiva, Inc |
800-983-4289 | Scottsdale, AZ
VoIP phone systems, virtual fax lines, business phone numbers, PBX trunk lines.

Phone Power |
888-607-6937 | Winnetka, CA
Provides residential and small business service packages, business and hosted PBX service packages.

PhoneSuite |
800-245-9933 | Broomfield, CO
Designs and manufactures high-quality telephone (PBX) systems for the hotel industry.

PBX Interactive, LLC | pbxinteractive.net888-895-PBXi | Brooklyn, NY
Specializes in business communication systems including, business telephone systems, virtual PBX systems (hosted | managed telephony), small office | home office (SoHo) telephone systems (digital and voip), voice and data cabling (Cat5e | Cat 6), virtual receptionists, virtual call centers and vanity toll free numbers for virtual offices and mobile office solutions.

866-446-8729 | Farmington Hills, MI
Provides hosted PBX & broadband VOIP telephone services for business.

Protus IP Solutions |
Maker of my1voice, affordable virtual PBX phone aervice for small business.

TalkSwitch |
888-332-9322 | Canada
Makes award-winning telephone systems for small offices that handle VoIP and traditional connections with analog or IP phones and an ever-growing set of powerful features.

Virtual PBX |
888-825-0800 | San Jose, CA
Deliver PBX call routing and other functions as a hosted service, rather than a complex piece of hardware that you have to buy, install and maintain. Offers several versions of our Virtual PBX® Service, accommodating a wide range of needs, from a startup or SOHO PBX to large corporate telephone systems and also have a unique disaster recovery/business continuity phone service for companies that already have a PBX.

Vocalocity |
Provides business VoIP & hosted PBX systems.