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Telematics is the blending of computers and wireless telecommunications technologies, ostensibly with the goal of efficiently conveying information over vast networks to improve a host of business functions or government-related public services. The most notable example of telematics may be the Internet itself, since it depends on a number of computer networks connected globally through telecommunication backbones. The term has evolved to refer to automobile systems that combine global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking and other wireless communications for automatic roadside assistance and remote diagnostics. General Motors Corp. first popularized automotive telematics with its OnStar system."

Telematics Resources

ABI Research | abiresearch.com
Oyster Bay, NY
Commercial telematics research services.

Andromeda Telematic Ltd | andromeda-telematics.com
01932 341200 | UK
Installation Bus (EIB) specialists.

Calmar Telematics | calmartelematics.com
Develops technology based highway information systems for government transportation planners, commercial truck fleets and the general public.

Champion In-car Telematics (Champion IT) | championit.com/championit/home.php | (852) 2897 1111 | Hong Kong
Offers innovative solutions in the areas of communications software, wireless, e-commerce, security, and telematics.

Global Telematics | globaltelematics.com
206-781-4475 | Seattle, WA
Analysis, design, planning, presentations, and training for think tanks, government agencies, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, regional planning organizations, non-profit civic associations, new and established businesses, and many others.

HUGHES Telematics | hughestelematics.com
770-391-6400 | Atlanta, GA
Provides vehicle information-based technologies and services.

Knight-Moore | knight-moore.com
Applies advanced information and communication technologies (telematics) to solve educational and training problems at national, regional, state and institutional levels.

KORE Telematics | koretelematics.com
866-710-4028 | Herndon, VA
Telematics, telemetry, GSM, voice, SMS, GPRS, M2M, EDGE.

Laird Technologies | lairdtech.com
Designs telematics modules integrating functionalities such as cellular modems, CAN-Buss, and I/O.

Makewave | makewave.com
+46 31 701 46 50 | Sweden
Solutions for a wide variety of industries such as automotive, enterprise, industrial, residential and telecom all blended together into one - what we call ubiquitous services.

MiX Telematics | mixtelematics.com
+49 (0) 771 897819-0 | Germany
A global provider of information and related services for the efficient and effective management of mobile assets.

OnStar | onstar.com
408-747-7370 | Sunnyvale, CA
Provider of telematics services.

Oskando Ltd. | oskando.ee | +3726829500 | Estonia
Fleet management and GPS tracking devices and software; remote management and control systems (e.g. GSM-based gate or device management).

Pacific Telematics | ptelematics.com
650-838-9900 | Menlo Park, CA
Communications Management Software, IT Consulting & Process Automation.

Qualnetics | qualnetics.com
425-818-6074 | Woodinville, WA
Telematic devices, especially for commercial fleet management, tracking and diagnostics.

RMSI | rmsicorp.com
Telematics and Location Based Services (LBS).

Roadside Telematics Corp | roadmedic.com
949-706-6200 | Newport Beach, CA
Supplier of accident aftercare solutions to the automotive market.

Telcordia | telcordia.com
Global provider of fixed, mobile, and broadband communications software and services.

Telematics and Services Europe | telematicsandservices.com
Designing, delivers and manages solutions in the area of data storage and networking.

Telematics Systems | telematicssystems.com
888-404-3133 | San Jose, CA
Provider of GPS vehicle tracking, fleet management systems and a manufacturer of wireless control systems.

Telematics Wireless | telematics-wireless.com
954-446 2333 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
Provides robust, reliable and advanced RF wireless systems and networks for the fast-growing M2M industry.

Thales Global Telematics | global-telematics.com
+44 (0)20 8974 1100 | UK
Provides integrated, best-of-breed telematics solutions that enable people, businesses and governments to better manage fleets of vehicles, assets, deliveries and on-the-road employees.

Transas Telematics | transas.com
+44 (0) 23 80 458 544 | UK
Internet asset tracking solutions, ship security alert systems and complete software packages for fleet management operations.

Trimble | trimble.com
Provides GPS boards, modules, chipsets, and technology licenses to major, tier-one automobile and electronics manufacturers around the world for in-vehicle navigation and automotive telematics applications.

Veovend | veovend.com
+44 (0)114 26 26 930 | Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
Remote vending telemetry (RFID & contactless sales) - Vend is the complete management solution for vending machines. Our vending telemetry actively monitors the units and reports back vital information, at once, keeping you up to date on sales and stock – from anywhere in the world at any time. Alarms raised immediately. All without site visits or manual interaction. Our vending telemetry puts you in touch with your machine park. Giving you the power to take control.

WirelessCar | wirelesscar.com
+46 31 65 19 00 | Sweden
Provides manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles with complete and competitive telematics offers to end-customers anywhere in the world.

Wireless Telematics | wirelesstelematics.com
513-769-3252 | Cincinnati, OH
Designs innovative, practical and cost efficient telemetry solutions for gathering and transmitting information using existing communication technologies and infrastructures.

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