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Switches, Relays & Solenoids
(inc'l RF Switch Matrix & Matrices)
Manufacturers & Services

These companies can provide all your needs for RF switches, relays, and solenoids. Many of these companies build off-the-shelf switch matricies and/or will build a switch matrix to order. You can also find switches, relays, and solenoids for DC power, data lines and maybe even optical signals.

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Switches & Relays Design Data

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Empower RF Systems
Please click here to visit the Empower RF Systems website. Inglewood, CA

Empower RF Systems (RF Globalnet Editor's Choice) Empower RF Systems
is a global leader in power amplifier solutions that are critical to defense, commercial, and industrial market applications. With our origins in the design of broadband and band-specific SSPAs, Empower continues to advance the science of RF power amplification to produce the toughest, most efficient and cost-effective solutions in Empower RF Systems RF Amplifier Systemsthe industry. Our priority is to design and deliver high quality, innovative products which solve customer systems and business requirements.
RF Power Amplifiers
Empower RF Systems RF Amplifier Modules  • Amplifiers up to 500 MHz
  • Amplifiers up to 1000 MHz
  • Amplifiers up to 2500 MHz
  • Amplifiers up to 6000 MHz
  • Qualified Customization   • GaN Amplifiers
Company Information
  • About Empower       • Amplifier Options
  • Sales Reps              • New Products
  • Job Opportunities     • Engineering Notes


Please click here to visit the JFW website JFW Industries
Indianapolis, IN
Toll-Free: 877-887-4539

JFW attenuatorsJFW Industries is a world leader in designing and manufacturing of passive RF components and application specific test systems. These components include attenuators, RF switches, and specialized test systems for use in the cellular, telecom, OEM test JFW switch matrixequipment, medical, automotive, defense, and automated test systems markets. Application specific designs are the cornerstone of JFW's continuous technical advances in RF components.

- JFW is an ISO 9000:2000 registered company -

  • Matrix Switches
  • Power Dividers
  • Test Accessories
  • Switched/Rotary
  • Programmable
• RF Switches
• Variable Attenuators
• RF Fuse Holders
• RF & DC Cable
• Fixed Attenuators
   & Terminations
JFW RF Conversion ToolGet JFW's
RF Conversion
All JFW test systems are available with GPIB, RS-232, Ethernet, or TTL interfaces. RoHS Compliant.


Please click here to visit the Planar Monolothics Industries websitePlanar Monolothics

Frederick, MD
(301) 662-5019
PMI's organization has been setup to Design, Develop, Manufacture, Test, and Market complex state-of-the-art Hybrid RF MIC and MMIC Components, Supercomponents, and Subsystems.
PMI - LNAPMI - subsystemUnique products for applications in space, military, commercial, PMI - limitertelecommunications, and consumer electronics systems. DC to 40 GHz.
ISO 9001:2008
Select from PMI's Extensive Line
• Amplifiers
    LNA, VGA, Cryogenic
    Waveguide, Limiting
• Phase Shifters
    Analog, Digital
• Detectors
• Switch Products
• VCOs & DTOs
• Multifunction Modules
• Integrated Modules
• Limiters
• Filters
    LP, HP, BP, BR,
    lumped, combline,
• Attenuators
• I/Q Modulators
• Bi-phase Modulators
• Power Dividers
• Quad Couplers
Custom Design to Your Specifications


Agile Microwave TechnologyAgile Microwave Technology
Hicksville, NY

Our founders have over 100 man-years of experience designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and providing innovative solutions to the industry.

Higher Performance at Lower Cost through Innovative Engineering.

Our Product Line:
 • RF Amplifiers
     Low Noise, Low Cost, Medium Power, Variable
     Gain, Power Limit Protection, up to 40 GHz
 • High Power RF Amplifiers
     GaN and GaAs, Class A, AB, C, D and E, up to
     100 W CW / 150 W pulsed, WB & NB, up to 30 GHz
 • RF Limiters
     High Linearity OIP3 >+32 dBm w/Pin >+5 dBm,
     Low Leakage, Power +14 dBm
 • RF Switches
     Absorptive / Reflective, Fast Switching, High
     Isolation, SPDT - SP6T, up to 40 GHz
 • RF Multipliers
     Complete with Amplifiers and Filters, Input Power
     –3 to –1 dBm, Output Power P1dB >+14 dBm
 • RF Mixers
      Standard & Image Reject, up to 20 GHz
 • RF/Microwave Packaging & Integrated Modules
      Multilayer RF Boards, Impedance Matched, Blind,
      Buried & Thru Vias, HTCC, LTCC


American Microwave CorporationAmerican Microwave Corp
Frederick, MD
Tel: 301-662-4700
American Microwave Corporation (AMC) uses a state-of-the-art clean room to manufacture all of it's products, as well as a fully automated machine shop. AMC is a leader in the design and manufacturing of DC to 40 GHz solid state control components for commercial and military grades. ISO 9001:2000.

PIN Diode Switches
SPST through SP64T
High Speed
High Power
Low Video Transient
PIN Diode Attenuators
Digitally Programmable
Current Controlled
High Speed
Detector Log Video
Amps - True DC
Coupled. Wide
Bandwidths. Fast Rise
Times. Short Recovery
Times. Superior
Accuracy. Extended
Dynamic Range
Other Capabilities
Tunnel Diode Amps
Wideband Detector-
Amplifier-Limiter Pulse
Amplitude Digitizer.
Wideband Divider-

Power Dividers/Couplers: 0.5 - 18 GHz
Bias-T:  Inductive. Resistive. 15 kHz to 18 GHz


Acewave Technology (AWT)
acewavetech.com | 82-32-831-0401-2 | Incheon, Korea
Power dividers, couplers, electromechnical switch, PIN diode switch, PIN attenuator for wireless communication and military applications.

Advanced Control Components
advanced-control.com | 732-460-0212 | Eatontown, NJ
Products include amplifiers, attenuators, detectors, frequency converters, custom integrated assemblies, limiters, phase shifters, switches, switch matrices, synthesizers. Services include hybrid micro-electronic assembly, wire bonding, PCB assembly, RF and microwave test to 40GHz, product design.

Advanced Technical Materials, Inc (ATM)
atmmicrowave.com | 631-289-0363 | Patchogue, NY
Attenuators, bias tees, coaxial cables, couplers, DC blocks, isolators, circulators, line stretchers, noise sources, phase shifters, power dividers/combiners, switches, terminations, waveguide, adapters, horn antenna.

Aeroflex KDI, Inc
kditriangle.com | 973-887-5700 | Whippany, NJ
Attenuators, phase shifters, digital time delay units, LNA's, switches, modulators, dividers combiners & couplers, ferrites, levelers, duplexers, amplifiers, resistors, terminations.

Agile Microwave Technology
agilemwt.com | 516-931-1760 | Hicksville, NY
RF amplifiers, limiters, switches, and multipliers. Our goal is to cut product cost by more than 50% by keeping our overhead low, by staying small and focusing on innovative designs which are inspired by the commercial wireless market. Our goal is to provide same or better performance, size and quality at a much lower cost through better engineering and outsourcing to U.S. based contract manufacturers.

Agilent Technologies
(now Keysight Technologies)
agilent.com | 800-452-4844 | Santa Clara, CA
Test equipment, racks, cables, adapters, amplifiers, cables, RF switches, EEsof EDA products.

arcolectric.com | 818-700-1933 | Canoga Park, CA
Rocker, slide, rotary, push button, refrigerator, solid state, toggle switches, IEC sockets, fuseholders.

Bicron Electronics Co
bicronusa.com | 800-624-2766 | Canaan, CT
DC Tubular, open frame, linear and rotary solenoids, toroidal power and isolation transformers up to 10,000VA, high performance transformers and components, current sensors and monitors.

Biwin Technologies
biwin.com | 886-4-24938180 | Taiwan
Tact, push & slide switches, V R, terminal blocks, OEM/ODM plastic parts, switch plastic parts.

Cal-Bay Systems, Inc
calbay.com | 415-258 9400 | San Rafael, CA
A value-added provider for the test, measurement, and automation industry including data acquisition systems, automated test equipment, programming tools, engineering services, process monitoring, RF switch matrix, embedded control, instrumentation, motion and vision, medical device test systems.

Carling Technologies
carlingtech.com | 860-793-9281 | Plainville, CT
Manufacturer of hydraulic magnetic and thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches & assemblies, advanced systems including power distribution centers, digital switching systems, and electronic controls.

cernex.com | 408-541-9226 | Sunnyvale, CA
Amplifiers, antennas, couplers, isolators, circulators, filters, diplexers, oscillators, noise sources, switches, phase shifters, transition & adapters, mixers, waveguide products, attenuators, terminations, detectors, subsystems.

Charter Engineering
ceiswitches.com | 727-549-8999 | Largo, FL
Electromechanical switches, attenuators, terminations, isolators, circulators, power dividers, couplers.

Cole Instrument Corp
cole-switches.com | 714-556-3100 | Santa Ana, CA
Rotary, keylock, illuminated, custom switches, encoders, solid state relays.

commsaudit.com | +44 (0)124 225 3131 | Cheltenham, England
RF and digital equipment and subsystems for Defence, Telecommunications, Military, and broadcast communications applications. Frequency range 10 kHz to 60 GHz including digital control and digital signal processing (DSP). COTS, quadrature I/Q Receivers, multi-channel receiver systems, RF switching matrix, RF multicouplers, antenna matrices & multicoupler distribution units, masthead amplifiers, RF filters.

Coto Technology
cotorelay.com | 401-943-2686 | Providence, RI
RF reed relays, sensors, dry-reed switches from MHz to GHz. BGA, axial, gull wing, J-lead.

clare.com | 978-524-6700 | Beverly, MA
Solid state relays (OptoMOS®), mixed-signal custom ASICs & ASSP integrated circuits (ICs).

Crydom, Inc
crydom.com | 877-502-5500 | San Diego, CA
Solid state relays, power modules, photoMOS, IO modules.

Custom Microwave Components, Inc
customwave.com | 510-651-3434 | Fremont, CA
RF & microwave PIN diode & GaAs FET switches, switch matrices, switch/filter matrices, analog & digital attenuators and phase shifters, limiters, power dividers/combiners, couplers, fixed & variable equalizers.

CTS Corporation
ctscorp.com | 574-293-7511 | Elkhart, IN
Bluetooth, ceramic duplexers, filters, terminators, DIP switches, modules (synthesizer, frequency translator, jitter attenuation, timing, clock generators, VCO's, high frequency VCXO's, VCSO's, IF filters), oscillators.

Daico Industries
daico.com | 310-507-3242 | Carson, CA
Attenuators & amplifiers, programmable, DC to 18 GHz, up to 500 W CW, IP2 > +100 dBm, IP3 > +50 dBm, matched sets, phased matched, & amplitude matched, diode, GaAs, connectorized, through-hole, surface mount, commercial, military & space.

dialight.com | 732-919-3119 | Farmingdale, NJ
Right-angle circuit board indicators in both surface mount & through hole designs, multiple LED arrays, top-view indicators, light pipes for channeling light from circuit boards to front viewing panels of electronic enclosures, panel mount indicators, illuminated push-button switches, based LEDs, LED lighting for airport, bus, obstruction, rail, traffic signal, and truck-related applications.

Ducommun Technologies
ductech.com | 310-513-7200 | Carson, CA
Illuminated keyboards, panels and pushbutton switches (Jay-El), RF/microwave coaxial switches and filters (DMT), severe environment motors and resolvers (AEI), and surveillance cameras (DB Camera).

EAO Switch
eaoswitch.com | 800-329-7326 | Milford, CT
Keyboards, industrial switch controls, custom-built switch panels.

Electroswitch Electronic Products
electro-nc.com | 888-768-2797 | Raleigh, NC
Military, open frame, enclosed, pushbutton, rocker & paddle, toggle switches.

elma.com | 510-656-3400 | Fremont, CA
Enclosures, panels, handles, cabinets, EMI/RFI shielded.

E-Switch, Inc
e-switch.com | 763-504-3525 | Brooklyn Park, MN
Toggle, rocker, pushbutton, tact, DIP, snap-action, slide, rotary, keylock, leaf, detector switches.

Garvin Industries
garvindirect.com | 847-455-0188 | Franklin Park, IL
Wholesale superstore for the electrical professional. Products include electrical boxes and covers, connectors, switches, cables, couplings and fittings, wire cable management products, clamps, fasteners, washers, data-com, tele-com products, and electrical installation accessories.

G.T. Microwave
gtmicrowave.com | 973-361-5700 | Randolph, NJ
Attenuators, switches, phase shifters, vector, pulse, BPSK, QPSK modulators, power dividers\combiners, directional couplers & detectors, negative\positive gain equalizers, low, high & bandpass filters, 90° & 180° quadrature hybrids, engineering consulting services, frequency discriminators, oscillators, RF subsystems.

hamlin.com | 920-648-3000 | Lake Mills, WI
Reed, Hall sensors, reed switches, reed relays.

herley.com | 717-735-8117 | Lancaster, PA
Attenuators, modulators, power dividers, oscillators, synthesizers, phase shifters, switches.

herotek.com | 408-941-8399 | San Jose, CA
GaAs FET amplifiers, low-noise, small signal & power 0.01 to 50 GHz, limiters, detectors, switches, harmonic generators.

Hittite Microwave Corp
hittite.com | 978-250-3343 | Chelmsford, MA
Amplifiers, attenuators, frequency multipliers, mixers, modulators, prescalers, switches, VCO's.

KM Parts (Klockner Moeller)
klocknermoeller.com | 866-595-9616 | Englewood, FL
Produces high quality motor control, automation, power distribution, automation systems and components for industrial uses and infrastructural and residential buildings including circuit breakers, safety products, push buttons, control relays & timers, contactors and motor starters.

kmwinc.com | 800-832-0569 | Cerritos, CA
AMBA (Active Multi Beam Antenna System), amplifiers, arrestors, attenuators, combiner/dividers, connectors, couplers, duplexers, filters, isolators/circulators, phase shifters.

KP Microwave Components, Inc
kpmci.com | 858-566-4312 | San Diego, CA
Manufacturer of RF/Microwave components including RF/Microwave filters, diplexers, high power pin diode switches, frequency multipliers, GPS LNA/Filter assemblies and multifunction assemblies.

labtechltd.com | +44 (0) 1544 260 093 | UK
A leading and integrated European based manufacturer of high-end microwave components and microwave manufacturing services.

Lantern Electronics
lanternelectronics.com | 954-979-3188 | Fort Lauderdale, FL
Access to worldwide database of hard to find and discontinued components. In-depth inventory of semiconductors, resistors, capacitors, and other related parts in surface mount & thru hole packages.

Logus Microwave Corp
logusmicrowave.com | 407-842-3550 | West Palm Beach, FL
DC-60 GHz, waveguide, coaxial, ridgeguide switches.

lumex.com | 800-278-5666 | Palatine, IL
Gas-tube components, high reliability LED light bars, LCD displays & modules, LED displays and chips on board light bars, LED lamps & indicators, LED panel, PCB and array indicator assemblies, LED transluminator panels, LCD backlights, COB panels, light pipes for SMT & leaded LEDs, opto chips, opto-electronic components, optolinks, PCB indicator molded housing, surface mount LEDs.

M/A-COM (now Cobham)
cobham.com | 800-366-2266 | Lowell, MA
Developer and high-volume manufacturer, developer and high-volume manufacturer of RF, microwave and millimeter wave semiconductors, components and technologies including diodes, semiconductors, transistors, passives, blocks, substrates.

Skyworks Wireless Connectivity Products Skyworks Solutions
Woburn, MA / Worldwide
Contact Us
Skyworks product selection guides
Selection Guide
Skyworks Solutions is an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors. Leveraging core technologies, Skyworks supports automotive, broadband, wireless infrastructure, energy management, GPS, industrial, medical, military, wireless networking, smartphone, and tablet applications. See the list below for our extensive line of products for the microwave and wireless industries, or click on the Selection Guide.
 • Cellular
 • WiFi Connectivity
 • Wireless Infrastructure/
    Femtocell Power Amplifiers
 • Smart Energy-Connected
    Home and Automation
 • Broad Market LNAs and
 • Low Noise Transistors
 • Driver/Linear Amplifiers
 • Gain Block
 • Variable Gain Amplifiers
Circulators / Isolators
Front-End Modules
 • Cellular
 • WiFi Connectivity
 • Smart Energy-Connected
    Home and Automation
Mixers Modulators / Demodulators
OptoCouplers OptoIsolators
Power Management
RF Passives


Kete Microwave RF Passive ComponentsKete Microwave
Oakland, CA
Kete Microwave Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing state of the art RF/Microwave passive components solutions.
RF/Microwave passive components solutions including isolator/circulator, RF resistors, terminations, attenuators, multilayer chip ceramic capacitors, feed-through capacitors, directional couplers, power divider/combiner,3 dB hybrid coupler, etc.
Connectorized, surface mount, drop-in, and waveguide versions available.
Product Lines Include
Kete Microwave Circulators & IsolatorsKete Microwave RF Resistors • Isolators
  • Circulators
   • Attenuators
    • RF Resistors
     • Terminations
Kete Microwave Attenuators      • Power Dividers
       • Directional Couplers
        • 3 dB Hybrid Couplers
         • High Q Ceramic Caps

Certified ISO9001-2000 and ISO 14000 Company


Please click here to visit the Amplical websiteAmplical
Whippany, NJ
Phone: 201-919-2088

Amplical was founded by Engineers for Engineers
Amplical is determined to be a leading supplier of quality RF microwave components. Utilizing the latest in RF Microwave technology, Amplical focuses on premium quality amplifiers and attenuators at affordable prices. Amplifiers are tuned for exceptional amplitude flatness and our attenuators are designed for precision and the utmost in accuracy. Our products are typically available from stock. It is our pleasure and honor to provide you with both an exceptional product and exceptional service. GaAs technology.

       • Amplifiers - High Power, Maximally Flat
        • Attenuators - Relay, Solid State
        • Custom RF Microwave Assemblies
      • Modulators - Rack & Connectorized
     have to:
...wait 3 months for your parts

...pay an arm and a leg for
    these parts

...wait for days for a quote or an
    answer to technical questions
Most Items Available from Stock


Click here to visit the Pulsar Microwave websitePulsar Microwave Corp.
Clifton, NJ
Tel: (973) 779-6262
Pulsar Microwave is celebrating its 27th anniversary as a valued supplier of passive microwave components covering the frequency range of 10 kHz to 40 GHz with both narrow band and ultra-broadband products for the wireless communications markets.  ISO and RoHS.

We Specialize in Custom Requirements

Power Dividers/Combiners - 2-32 Way, Low /
 High Power to 40 GHz. SMT & Connectorized.
Directional Couplers - Low and High Power to
 18 GHz, 2500 watts. SMT and Connectorized.
Attenuators - Pin Diode, Voltage/Current
 Controlled and Digital Controlled to 16 GHz.
Switches - Absorpt./Reflect., SP1T-8T to 18 GHz.
90° & 180° Hybrids - 10% BW, 2:1 to 4:1,
 2:1 to 6:1, 5:1 to 125:1, 3 & 4 Port, to 20 GHz.
Phase Shifters - Analog (Narrow, Octave) and
 Switched Bit Digital, to 4 GHz.
Mixers - High IP3, DC/AC Coupled, to 7 GHz.
 High Frequency to 18 GHz. SMT & Connectorized.
I & Q Networks - Modulators, Demodulators,
 and Image Reject Mixers, to 16 GHz.
Bias Tees - 0.01 to 40 GHz. SMT & Connector.
Frequency Doublers - 0.2-6000 MHz. SMT &
DC Blocks - To 18 GHz, SMT & Connectorized.


Please click here to visit the SigaTek websiteSigaTek
Wayne, NJ

SigaTek microwave specializes in high quality, high frequency microwave communication components up to 60 GHz. As a pioneer supplier of microwave RF components, the main products include directional couplers, bias tees networks, power dividers/combiners, 3 dB hybrids 90° and 180°, microwave mixers, frequency doublers, load terminations, and coaxial connectors and adapters.

   All microwave components IN STOCK are
   available for same day delivery.
RF / Microwave Components
      • Power Dividers
          • Directional Couplers
              • Hybrids 90, 180 Degree
                  • Bias Tees
                  • Microwave Mixers
              • Frequency Doublers
          • Loads Terminations
      • Coaxial Adapters & Coaxial Connectors 
 Additional capabilities: Pin Diode Switches,
   Phase Shifters (Analog & Digital), I/Q Modulators,
   Attenuators (Analog & Digital)

Custom and optimized designs are
available upon customer request


Magnasphere Corp
magnaspherecorp.com | 262-792-1306 | Brookfield, WI
Magnetic switches.

Mallory-DuraCap International
duracap.com | 519-539-4891 | Canada
Aluminum electrolytic, photoflash service capacitors, switches, wire-wound potentiometers, rheostats, attenuators, line, rotary selector switches, Inductuners.

mcli.com | 800-333-6254 | St. Petersburg, FL
Power dividers, couplers, isolators, circulators, waveguide components, oscillators, filters, hybrids, attenuators, switches, terminations, amplifiers.

Meder Electronic
meder.com | 800-870-5385 | Mashpee, MA
Reed relays, sensors, switches, level sensors, magnets, opto couplers.

micronetics.com | 603-883-2900 | Hudson, NH
Test equipment, noise sources, voltage controlled oscillators, switches, limiters, phase shifters, attenuators.

Micro Pneumatic Logic
pressureswitch.com | 954-973-6166 | Pompano Beach, FL
Miniature electromechanical pressure, vacuum and differential switches.

Microwave Applications Group
magsmx.com | 805-928-5711 | Santa Maria, CA
Design, fabricate, assemble and test ferrite components including phase shifters, switches, circulators as well as provide phased array antennas and manufacturing services.

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, Inc
midatlanticrf.com | 410-893-2430 | Forest Hill, MD
Hybrid, directional couplers, switches, RF power dividers, RF amplifiers, synthesizers, distribution assembly, contract RF assembly.

minicircuits.com | 718-934-4500 | Brooklyn, NY
Attenuators, baluns, bias tee, cables (test quality), chokes, DC blocks, mixers, amplifiers, filters, line stretchers,  modulators, oscillators, power combiners | couplers | splitters, switches, terminations, transformers. Surface mount, connectorized. Application (app) notes.

miteq.com | 631-436-7400 | Hauppauge, NY
Amplifiers, mixers, frequency multipliers, passive power components, solid-state switches, attenuators, power dividers, RF and IF signal processing components, oscillators, frequency synthesizers, integrated multifunction assemblies, fiber optic products, up/downconverters, test translators, IF/video equalizers, redundancy switchover units, video modulators and modems.

National Semiconductor
national.com | 800-272-9959 | Santa Clara, CA
A/D converters, amplifiers, CRT, flat panel displays, IC solutions, DC/DC converters, regulators.

Neutronics Manufacturing Company
neutronics.co.in | +91 022 29250745 | Mumbai, India
Manufacturers of electrical and electronics testing and measuring instruments and transformers for industrial & commercial applications. Power factor switching relay, digital temperature control, AC/DC high voltage test set, auto reclosing relay, high voltage oil test set, relay test set, digital panel meters.

NKK Switches
nkkswitches.com | 480-991-0942 | Scottsdale, AZ
Pushbutton, rocker, slide, tactile, toggle, keylock, LCD programmable, rotary, surface mount switches.

omron.com | 800-556-6766 | Schaumburg, IL
Connectors - PCB, cable, D-subminiature, DIN, terminal blocks, plugs and jacks, pin-and-socket.

Otto Engineering, Inc
ottoeng.com | 888-234-6886 | Carpentersville, IL
Pushbutton, rocker, rotary, toggle, basic, limit, pendant, slide, special purpose switches.

Pacific Coast Breaker
pacificcoastbreaker.com | 916-920-3757 | McClellan, CA
Telemecanique motor starter | contacts, industrial panels and ITE/Siemens molded case circuit breaker. Interchangeable circuit breaker Challenger, GE, Federal Pacific and Wadsworth circuit breakers.

pasternack.com | 949-261-1920 | Irvine, CA
Amplifiers to 2 GHz, attenuators 1 - 1000 W DC - 40 GHz, circulators/isolators 1 - 26.5 GHZ w/SMA connectors, combiners/dividers 2 - 12 way 1 MHz - 18 GHz, couplers  low & high power 0.5 - 18 GHz, switches manual & diode DC - 18 GHz, terminations 1/2 - 100 W DC-40 GHz, waveguide 1.70 - 40 GHz.

Peregrine Semiconductor
peregrine-semi.com | 858-731-9400 | San Diego, CA
Phase locked loops, RF switches, RF mixers, prescalers, digital step attenuators.

Planar Monolithics
planarmonolithics.com/pmi | 301-662-5019 | Frederick, MD
Successive detection log video amplifiers, detectors, limiters, log amps, frequency discriminators, threshold detectors and receiver front-ends, phase shifters, digital control, fixed attenuators, power dividers.

power-io.com | 630-717-7335 | Naperville, IL
Solid state relays, Din rail I/O modules, solid state motor starters.

Pulse Research Lab
pulseresearchlab.com | 310-515-5330 | Torrance, CA
Coupling and termination modules, RF power dividers & splitters, clock sources, RF switches & scanners.

quintechelectronics.com | 800-839-3658 | Indiana, PA
Specializing in commercial-grade RF products for broadband cable, satellite L-band and IF including RF matrix switches, RF routers, RF redundancy switches, RF splitters, RF combiners, redundant power supplies, frequency converters and relay switches.

radiall.com | 203-380-9800 | Stratford, CT
Antennas, attenuators, couplers, DC blocks, detectors, fiber optic components, phase shifters, surge protectors, terminations, coaxial adapters, connectors, switches.

Reed Electronics AG
reedag.ch | +41 (0)41 499 70 40 | Switzerland
Manufacturer of level switches and sensors.

RelComm Technologies
relcommtech.com | 410-749-4488 | Salisbury, MD
Design enhanced application specific RF coaxial relay products.

Renaissance Electronics
rec-usa.com | 978-772-7774 | Harvard, MA
Manufacturer of RF & microwave sub-systems  and components including isolators & circulators, dividers & combiners, waveguide components, coaxial RF switches, switch matrices, base station equipment.

Raven Research
raven-research.com | +441189714540 | Reading, Berkshire, UK
British RF engineering company. Specialising in the design and manufacture of multicouplers, aerials (antennas), radio & GSM, direction finders, radio & satellite training equipment, audio, RF, IF, & baseband distribution.

RLC Electronics
rlcelectronics.com | 914-241-1334 | Mount Kisco, NY
Filters, couplers, coaxial switches, attenuators, power dividers, terminations, bias tees, DC blocks.

Sector Microwave
sectormicrowave.com | 631-242-2300 | Deer Park, NY
Waveguide, coaxial, space switches.

Shogyo International
shogyo.com | 516-349-5200 | Plainview, NY
Connectors - PCB, cable, rack-and-panel, circular, D-subminiature, DIN, terminal blocks, plugs and jacks, pin-and-socket, coaxial/RF, power/high-voltage, IC sockets, alarm devices, battery holders, cable assemblies, lamps, speakers, switches, transformers.

Silicon Power Corp
siliconpower.com | 610-648-3909 | Malvern, PA
Power quality systems, switches, electronic assemblies, semi-conductor components.

Specialist Microwave Solutions Ltd
smslimited.co.uk | 01234 756034 | UK
Manufactures a wide range of custom control devices based on Silicon PIN diode and GaAs MMIC technology, develops custom circuitry to specifications repairs 3rd-party components, offers PIN and GaAs FET switches, attenuators, amplifiers, oscillators, limiters, phase shifters, switched filter banks, & multi function assemblies.

Standex Electronics
standexelectronics.com | 513-871-3777 | Cincinnati, OH
Cable, PCB, terminal blocks connectors, transformers, coils, antennas, current sense coils, hermetic & magnetic reed switches.

switchcraft.com | 773-792-2700 | Chicago, IL
Connectors - PCB, cable, circular, DIN, plugs and jacks, coaxial/RF, power/high-voltage, cable assemblies, switches.

Taylor Microwave, Inc
taylormw.com | 973-890-7763 | Clifton, NJ
Attenuators, directional couplers, bias tees, DC blocks, hybrids, power dividers, PIN diode switches, phase shifters, oscillators, integrated sub-assemblies.

Teledyne Relays
teledynerelays.com | 800-585-8255 | Hawthorne, CA
Electromechanical and solid-state switching products.

toneluck.com | 852-2553-6874 | Hong Kong
PCB mounted switches & connectors.

trilithic.com | 800-344-2412 | Indianapolis, IN
Attenuators, filters, switches, terminations, emergency alert systems.

Triquint Semiconductor
tqs.com | 503-615-9000 | Hillsboro, OR
Wireless, telecom and millimeter amplifiers, GaAs integrated circuits and transistors & switches, FETs. SAW filters.

Universal Switching Corp
uswi.com | 818-785-0200 | Van Nuys, CA
Manufacturer of advanced state-of-the-art programmable switching equipment.

Ventronics USA
ventronicsinc.com | 908-272-9262 | Kenilworth, NJ
Resistors, varistors, thermistors, diodes, rectifiers, quartz crystals, oscillators, filters, switches, microcircuits, capacitors, battery packs, inductors, batteries, coils, EMI filters, transformers, LED/LCD, piezoelectric devices, line cords, cable assemblies, relays, blowers, fans, power supplies, thermal cutoffs, PCBs, potentiometers, delay lines, transducers, chokes.

Waveline, Inc
wavelineinc.com | 973-226-9100 | Fairfield, NJ
RF & microwave solid state and waveguide components - PIN diode components, switches, analog and digital attenuators & phase shifters, custom subassemblies, couplers, dividers, combiners, modulator.

Woken Technology
woken.com.tw+886-3-397-9900 | Taiwan
2.4 GHz embedded dipole antenna, 433 MHz & 2.4 GHz indoor dipole antennas, coaxial cable assemblies, flexible & semi-rigid, coaxial connectors to volume OEM manufacturers. SMA, SMB, MMCX, MCX, SSMT, N, TNC-series, BNC, Mini-UHF, FME, reverse-BNC, Reverse-TNC, Reverse-SMA, reverse-MMCX, SMA, N, BNC, F, UHF, mini UHF series adapters, BNC termination, F termination & fixed attenuators.

World Magnetics Co
designflexswitches.com | 800–643-3884 | Traverse City, MI
Manufactures pressure, vacuum, and differential switches.

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