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Substrate & PCB Fabrication & Assembly
Copper Plating
oz/ft2 Thickness (mil)
1/4 0.36
1/2 0.70
1 1.4
2 2.8
3 4.2
4 5.6

Miniaturization of components and increasing of signal speeds on all kinds of circuits has been governed as much by the ability of reliable printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication and manufacturing technology as it has been by the ability to produce the small components. Accuracy of layer registration, controlling substrate layer thicknesses for impedance, constructing dependable buried vias, and generating solder masks that guarantee components will self-align without allowing solder bridging or component tombstoning have all been significant challenges.

Simple circuits can still be handled with decades old layout and construction techniques, but if you are beyond that level, then some serious learning needs to be done for adopting best practices that will help assure first-pass success. These resources will help you get there with a minimum of pain. In many cases, PCB companies can turn your schematics into a finished PCB, and often can carry it into production. Please consider RF Cafe advertisers first when investigating services.

Listings on this page are for companies that fabricate PCBs and/or provide component mounting services. Please refer to the Technical Services page for companies that provide circuit design.

Substrate & PCB Design Data: Trace fusing, temperature rise, suppliers, etc.

Asian Circuits
Asian Circuits
Dublin, California

With headquarters in Dublin, CA, and production facilities in Shenzhen, China, Asian Circuits Inc., a contract PCB assembly company , is an expert in mid- and high-run printed circuit card assembly. Its staff of 600 consists of 450 associates in PCB fabrication and 150 in circuit board assembly. It is an ISO9001, IPC-A600 and IPC A610 compliant company.

One-Stop PCB Assembly Services

 • PCB Online Quote: An instant PCB price can be
        quoted after selection of a few options.
 • PCB Assembly Quote: This is an additional
        instant quote for the cost of labor.
 • BOM Pricing: Get a BOM price within 24 hours.

 • Turn Time - Rush: 24 Hours
                      Standard Prototype: 5 days
                      Standard Production: 10 days

AccuSpec | accuspecelectronic.com
814-476-1258 | McKean, PA
Specializes in PCB assembly including thru-hole, surface mount or mixed technology. Additional capabilities include cable & harness assembly, wire prep, wire wrap termination, potting & conformal coatings, component lead cutting and forming, axial tape and reeling, circular connector assembly, electronic & electro/mechanical assembly, chassis and box builds.

AFM Microelectronics | afmmicroelectronics.com
858-222-1199 | San Diego, CA
RF/microwave multilayer capacitors, high power high current multilayer, high temperature high voltage multilayer, GBBL high K substrates for single layer capacitors, ultra low fire dielectric powder. Sizes range from 0201 - 13560, with operating voltages from 25 - 20k volts.

American Standard Circuits | asc-i.com
Manufactures quality rigid, metal-backed and flex printed circuit boards on various types of substrates for a variety of applications.

Analog Technologies Corp | analog-tech.com
952-894-9228 | Minneapolis, MN
Services for electronics assembly including prototype and low volume PCB and flex circuits; specializes in advance packages including BGA, Chip-on-board, and flip chip.

Applied Thin-Film Products | thinfilm.com
510-661-4287 | Fremont, CA
DC to light frequencies, PTH, AlO3, BeO, AIN, quartz, sapphire, 72-hour turnaround.

Artek Manufacturing | artek-mfg.com
858-452-6456 | San Diego, CA
Prototype assembly; BGA, CSP, LCC rework, Remove/Replace/Reball; X-ray services; Visual Inspection services using fiberoptic lenses.

Asian Circuits Inc | 7pcbassembly.com
888-371-5478 | Ontario, Canada
Mid to high volume electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) and provider of printed circuit board assembly (PCB) services with surface-mount (SMT), through-hole (THT) and mix components.

Asia Pacific Circuits Co. | apc-pcbassembly.com
+86-755-2758-4025 | Shenzhen, China
PCB & PCB assembly contract manufacturer provides high quality, low-cost PCB fabrication & full turn-key PCB assembly. Electronic CM services for multilayer PCB 1-60 layers, HDI, BGA, flexible/rigid PCB; Rogers, aluminum, Teflon PCB. PCBA capabilities: SMT, through-hole, mixed, & BGA assembly.

Avanti Circuits | avanticircuits.com
888 595-8876 | Phoenix, AZ
Single sided, double sided, multi layers, SMOBC, all gold body, tin immersion (Omikron), soft bondable gold, blind and buried vias, plugged vias.

CIF | cif.fr | +33-1 4547 4800 | France
Manufacturer of PCB-processing equipment (UV-exposure, etching, drilling, metallisation) & SMT-assembly equipment (SMD-placing equipment, reflow ovens), for small & medium production runs, manufactures presensitised boards & consumables for the development of printed circuit boards.

Cirtech | cirtech.com
714-921-0860 | Orange, CA
Design and manufacture of prototype, quick turn and medium volume production of Printed Circuit Boards.

Custom Circuit Boards | customcircuitboards.com
888-906-6331 | Phoenix, AZ
Over 30 years of experience providing engineers and hobbyists with rigid and rigid-flex quick turn PCB prototyping with turn around times of 1 day to 2 weeks. Materials include FR4 (Tg – 135C, 145C, 170C), Rogers Ultralam 2000, Rogers RO4350, Rogers RO4003, Polyimide, Teflon, Black FR4, Arlon AR350, Getek Copper, Clad Thermal Substrates, Hybrid (Rogers and FR4), BT Epoxy, Nelco 4013. ROHS compliant, UL approved, and ITAR registered.

eTech-WEB | etech-web.com
512-833-5868 | Austin, TX
Your business partner for BGA repair, precision machining and printed circuit board repair.

Denis Ferranti Electronics | dferrantielectronics.co.uk
+44 (0) 1248 370370 | Gwynedd, UK
Contract electronics manufacturer with many PCB production projects for clients in challenging sectors such as defence, petrochemical, security and aerospace. SMT PCB assembly and PTH assembly solutions.

Fast Circuits | 7pcbmanufacturing.com
888-868-2272 | Ontario, Canada
Since 2009, Canadian-based Fast Circuits Inc. has offered to U.S. and Canadian customers premium PCB manufacturing that includes low run PCB manufacturing and Flex or Rigid PCB prototyping. Our production facilities are based in China in order to obtain for our customers premium quality and narrow tolerance PCBs at the most attractive prices.

Filtran Microcircuits | filtranmicro.com
613-737-0706 | Canada
Microstrip, bonded stripline, thick metal backed teflon, mixed dielectric multilayer circuits.

First Level | firstlevelinc.com
717-266-2450 | York, PA
Electronic manufacturing services, packaging for microelectronic assemblies, CSP, COB, SCM, MCM, flip chip, chip on flex, stud bumping/micropost, die and wire bonding, encapsulation, PCB assembly and test, prototype to production.

Foundation Technology | foundation.co.uk
01908 269120 | Crownhill, Milton Keynes, UK
PCB, BGA surface mount assembly, PCB prototyping, box build assembly, quality manufacturing, PCB testing, in circuit test, flying & roving probe, boundary scan (JTAG), functional.

Imagineering | pcbnet.com
847-806-0003 | Elk Grove Village, IL
High quality and on time Printed Circuit Boards. Every one of our boards meet IPC-A-600 F (Class2) standard, be it prototype or production.

Kingfield Electronics | kingfield-electronics.co.uk
01246 451701 | Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK
Provides contract electronic manufacturing services within the industrial, instrumentation, medical, military and scientific market sectors.

Bittele Electronics
Bittele Electronics
San Jose, California

Since 2003, Bittele Electronics has consistently provided low-volume, electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) and turnkey printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services. It specializes in board level turnkey PCB assembly for design engineers needing low volume or prototype multi-layer printed circuit boards.

PCB Design & Layout: • BOM & CAM Data • Stencils • Multi-layer HDI PCBs • Digital & Analog • Hand & Autorouting • Schematic Capture • BGA & Micro-BGA
PCB Fabrication: • Multi-layer (1-40) • 19.7"x31.5" Max • 3 mil Traces, Spaces • 0.006" Min Hole • Blind, Buried, Plugged Vias • Impedance-ControlledElectrical Testing
PCB Assembly: • SMT and Through-Hole • Fine Pitch • Pb-Free • BGA and QFN • X-Ray & Optical Inspection • Prototype PCBs • Testing for Functionality

Parts Management: • Kitted PCB Assembly • Material Inventory Management • Parts Sourcing, Crosses & Substitutions • Incoming Check • IC Programming

Labtech | labtechltd.com
+44 (0) 1544 260 093 | UK
A leading and integrated European based manufacturer of high-end microwave components and microwave manufacturing services.

M/A-COM (now Cobham)
800-366-2266 | Lowell, MA
Developer and high-volume manufacturer of RF, microwave and millimeter wave semiconductors, components and technologies including diodes, semiconductors, transistors, passives, blocks, substrates.

Make My Circuit Board | makemycircuitboard.com
949-295-8880 | Tustin, CA
Contract electronics manufacturer offering printed circuit board design, layout, fabrication, assembly & testing. Prototype & production quantities.

Martronics | martronics.org | 805-239-1932 | Paso Robles, CA
7-1300Mhz discone antennas 13-1300MHz discone antennas 30-1300 discone antennas, PCB design, RF cable assemblies, BALUNS, UNUNS, mobile hitch antenna mounts, systems, and assembly services.

Micro Substrates | cci-msc.com
480-967-0624 | Tempe, AZ
Power distribution bus bars and board stiffener products, bimetallic, via-filled ceramic and quartz substrates, high-frequency semiconductor packages, surge-protection devices (TVSS) and solderless, area-array connectors.

Modular Components National | modularcomp.com
410-879-6553 | Forest Hill, MD
Precision etching, internal laser cutting, PTFE bonded assembly boards, microstrip package housing, complete assembly, precision plating, microwave circuit plated thru-holes.

Nexlogic Technologies | nexlogic.com
408-436-8150 | San Jose, CA
PCB design, fabrication, assembly, comprehensive data integration tools for the PCB design and manufacturing industry.

OnBoardCircuits | onboardcircuits.com
602-595-6140 | Scottsdale, AZ
Quick-turn prototype and ramp-to-volume production boards to full-scale production printed circuit boards, every phase is monitored and managed by highly qualified professionals.

Online Electronics | pcb4less.com
800-499-9905 / Elk Grove Village, IL
PCBs, quick turnaround, best available prices from local and offshore locations.

Otter Computer | otterusa.com
408-735-7358 | Santa Clara, CA
PCB total solution services from schematic design through layout, fabrication, and assembly.

Overnite Protos | pcborder.com
800-499-9905 | Elk Grove Village, IL
Quick turn PCBs, specializing in overnight turnaround prototype and production.

Pad2Pad.com | pad2pad.com
201-447-9120 | Midland Park, NJ
Low-cost, rapid turn-around PCB fabrication service. Free downloadable layout software. Live, online support available.

PCBexpress | pcbexpress.com
503-829-9108x337 | Mulino, OR
High quality prototype PCBs shipped worldwide! Most popular pre-set drill sizes - PCB drill hole sizes. Easy online order process. Outstanding customer service Over 30yrs PCB experience you can trust!

PCB Fab Express | pcbfabexpress.com
408-857-0039 | Sunnyvale, CA
5-day turn on 5 pieces, online quotes

PCB Pool | pcbpool.com
877-390-8541 | Boston, MA & San Jose, CA
Free layout software, easy online ordering. Whether you order 2 prototype PCBs or 1000, the set-up costs are always the same!

Polyflon | polyflon.com
203-840-7555 | Norwalk, CT
Microwave substrates, circuit fabrication, capacitors, electroplated PTFE, plastics fabrication.

Power Design Services | powerdesignservices.com
408-437-1931 | San Jose, CA
Design, fabrication & assembly. Standard FR4, flex, and rigid-flex RF | microwave | high speed, hybrids. Quickturn in 24 hours, standard 2 week lead time, complete DFM check, impedance calculation.

Precision Technologies | eprotos.com
888-228-9440 | Elk Grove Village, IL
Special low prices on 3-Day turn-around. New customers get up to $200.00 OFF your first order. Free DFM (Design Rule Check) on every job. Our "1-Day Turn" means "Same day shipping." Boards Shipped ON-TIME guaranteed!. Quick turn production within 3-5days available.

PWB America | pwbamerica.com
714-695-0397 | Anaheim, CA
Specializes in PCB Design for all types of boards, quick turn and low pricing, also provide complete DFM and EMI check and resonance analysis at the PCB design stage.

San Francisco Circuits | sfcircuits.com
650-655-7202 | San Mateo, CA
San Francisco Circuits and our strong network provide a unique one stop solution to all your PCB needs: PCB design to PCB manufacturing & fabrication. MilSpec, flex & rigid flex options.

SchmartBoard | schmartboard.com
510-659-1549 | Fremont, CA
Pin break-out adapter PCBs for all types of surface mount & CSP packages. QFP, PLCC. BGA, QFN, etc.

Screaming Circuits | screamingcircuits.com
866-784-5887 | Milwaukie, OR
Prototype and low volume PCB and electronic assemblies.

Shaai Scanner, LLC | shaaiscanner.com
858-254-5751 | San Diego, CA
PCB film scanning, CAD conversion, Caming or Gerber editing, reverse engineering, PCB schematic and layout.

Sierra Proto Express | protoexpress.com
800-763-7503 | Sunnyvale, CA
ISO-9002 and MilSpec MIL-P-55110 certified high technology printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in quick turn prototypes and medium production.

Standard Printed Circuits | standardpc.com
607-674-2741 | Sherburne, NY
Standard is a full service provider of 1-12 layer printed circuits, High Frequency products, and High Temperature PCBs. Quick turn capability.

Sunstone Circuits | sunstone.com
503-829-9108 | Mulino, OR
Offers a complete range of printed circuit board capabilities including PCBexpress® - simple, quickturn prototype PCBs up to 6 layers, PCBpro.com® - full-featured and design-checked circuit boards up to 8 layers, PCB123® free, downloadable printed circuit board design software.

Ultra CEMS | ultra-cems.com
01305 784738 | Weymouth, Dorset, UK
A contract electronics manufacturer focusing on the low to medium volume, high reliability sector. We provide electronic manufacturing services (EMS) to customers requiring PCB assembly, sub-assembly or full turnkey box build.

Wurth Electronics Midcom
605-886-4385 | Watertown, SD
+49 79 42 945 - 0 | Waldenburg, Germany
Custom and power magnetics, EMC components, common mode chokes, capacitors, transformers, RF inductors, printed circuits boards, terminal blocks, automotive magnetic components, electronic displays, LEDs, control units, and keypads. Surface mount and through-hole packages available. Free samples of catalog items are available on request.

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