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Thermistors, Transducers, Photodetectors, Motion Detectors, Strain Gages,
Limit Switches, Infrared Detectors, Load Cells, Power Sensors Wireless Switches

Manufacturers & Services

These companies manufacture a wide variety of thermistors, transducers, photodetectors, motion detectors, strain gages, limit switches, load cells, and infrared detectors, for applications ranging from micro scale to macro scale.

AdSem | www.adsem.com
650-852-0309 | Palo Alto, CA
Silicon and germanium high temperature NTC thermistors & cryogenic thermistors for low and ultra-low temperatures, Si and Ge bolometers for RF radiation and IR radiation, Si and Ge mosaic crystal-monochromators for slow neutrons, X-rays and gamma-radiation.

Advanced Photonix | www.advancedphotonix.com
805-987-0146 | Camarillo, CA
Specializes in the design and development of high-performance silicon and III-V photodiodes, optoelectronic assemblies, and terahertz systems for telecom markets worldwide.

Ametherm | www.ametherm.com
800-808-2434 | Carson City, NV
Reliable and effective inrush current limiting thermistor solutions available. Samples available.

Banner Engineering Corp | www.bannerengineering.com
800-809-7043 | Minneapolis, MN
Photoelectric sensors, machine safety products, vision sensors, and precision measurement and inspection products.

BetaTHERM Sensors | www.betatherm.com
508-842-0516 | Shrewsbury, MA
Provider of high precision NTC thermistors and temperature probe assemblies.

Control Products | www.cpi-nj.com
973-887-9400 | E. Hanover, NJ
High-endurance waterproof and thermal switches plus indestructible hydraulic position sensors.

Deeter Electronics Ltd | www.deeter.co.uk
+44 1494 566046 | Hughenden Valley, Bucks, UK
Float switches, level sensors, level switches and sensors, panel mount displays, and wireless liquid level sensor systems.

Discovery Semiconductors. | www.chipsat.com
609-434-1311 | Ewing, NJ
Designs and manufactures DC to 70 GHz wide bandwidth InGaAs photodiodes & optical receivers.

Durex Industries | www.durexindustries.com
847-639-5600 | Cary, IL
Manufactures a wide selection of electric heaters and temperature sensors that can be customized for most applications.

Electro-Optics Technology | www.eotech.com
800-697-6782 | Traverse City, MI
Develops and manufactures Faraday rotators and isolators as well as photodetectors.

EPCOS | www.epcos.com
++49 89 636 09 | Germany
Develops, manufactures and markets passive electronic components including PTC thermistors, capacitors, inductors, ceramic components and surface acoustic wave components.

Etalon (now Piezo Technologies)
piezotechnologies.com/etalon.htm | 317-876-4670 | Indianapolis, IN
manufactures solutions-based custom and semi-custom high-performance ultrasonic transducers, custom arrays and sensors for medical and industrial applications.

Farrand Controls | www.farrandcontrols.com
914-761-2600 | Valhalla, NY
Manufacturer of Inductosyn® transducers used for accurate measurement of angular or linear position displacements.

Festo USA | www.festo.com
800-99-FESTO | Hauppauge, NY
Pneumatic drives, application-specific drives, handling and positioning, drive accessories, individual valves, valve terminals, air supply, electrical control technology, sensors.

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology (AST) | futek.com
800-23-FUTEK | Irvine, CA
Manufacturer of torque sensors, utilizes one of the most advanced technologies in the sensor industry: Metal foil strain gauge technology.

Gems Sensors | www.gemssensors.com
800-378-1600 | Plainville, CT
Manufacturer of liquid level sensors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, pressure transducers and transmitters and pressure switches.

Gill Sensors | www.gillsensors.co.uk
+44 (0)1590 613400 | Lymington, Hants, UK
Patented induction technology and the novel use of capacitive theory to provide a range of standard and customised non-contact position, level and bulk sensor solutions. Total one-stop electronic, software and product customisation service from initial concept right through to volume production. Rapid prototyping is of particular benefit to customers with aggressive project timeframes.

Honeywell Sensing & Control | www.content.honeywell.com/sensing/prodinfo/thermistors | 815-235-6847
Designs and manufactures Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistors, motion detectors.

Inertia Switch | www.inertiaswitch.com
845-359-8300 | Orangeburg NY
Manufactures acceleration switches, limit switches, prosthesesandescent digital displays.

InPhenix Corp | www.inphenix.com
925-606-8809 | Livermore, CA
Developer and manufacturer of Indium-Phosphide (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) based active optoelectronic chips, devices and modules including semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs), superluminescent light emitting diodes (SLEDs), fabry-perot lasers and photodetectors.

Interface | www.interfaceforce.com
800-947-5598 | Scottsdale, Arizona
Design, manufacture, and guarantee highest performance and most accurate load cell and strain gage products available. Force measurement solutions in all industries - from grams to millions of pounds, in hundreds of configurations.

International Transducer Corporation (ITC) | itc-transducers.com
805-683-2575 | Santa Barbara CA
Manufacturer of acoustic transducers for: ship and submarine sonar, oceanographic survey, seismic exploration, marine life research, medical devices and industrial proximity sensing.

ISEE | www.iseebcn.com
+34 93 7891271 | Barcelona, Spain
New K-Band Radar has been developed by ISEE to work in the ISM Band or extended bandwidth. Possible applications: perimetral security, target speed and range measurement, automotive spot blind detection and parking aid systems, ... signal processing included by powerful IGEP board based on OMAP microcontroller (TI).

Kistler Instrument Corp | www.kistler.com
888-547-8537 | Amherst, NY
Supplier of measurement technology products including pressure sensors, force sensors and accelerometers.

LadyBug Technologies | www.ladybug-tech.com
707-546-1050 | Santa Rosa, CA
A fraction of the cost. A fraction of the size. And full performance. The LadyBug PowerSensor+™ line of products replaces your old sensor and bulky meter with a new power measurement instrument with a USB interface. Pocket-sized portability. It is out of the box and running in just minutes. And wait until you see the price!

MKS Instruments | www.mksinst.com
800-227-8766 | Wilmington, MA
Provider of process control solutions for microcircuit manufacturing.

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd | www.murata.com/thermis/index.html | Japan
PTC, NTC thermistors, high voltage resistors, trimmer potentiometers.

Omega | www.omega.com
800-622-2378 | Stamford, CT
PC board mountable, general purpose, heavy duty/industrial, high stability/high accuracy, flush diaphragm pressure transducers, special purpose transducers.

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group | www. palmerwahl.com
800-421-2853 | Asheville, NC
Thermal imaging products, process thermometers, recorders & data loggers, pressure gauges, test & calibration products, hand held instruments, sensors.

PerkinElmer Optoelectronics | www.optoelectronics.perkinelmer.com
800-775-6786 | Fremont, CA
Network Analyzers, digital imaging, sensors, flash lighting, biomedical systems, industrial systems, specialty products.

Propotion-Air | www.proportionair.com
317-335-2602 | McCordsville, IN
DS, DST & WT series pressure transducers.

RDP Electrosense | www.rdpelectrosense.com
610-469-0850 | Pottstown, PA
Manufacturer of displacement measurement sensors, load cells, pressure transducers, signal conditioning amplifiers | panel meters.

RTI Electronics | www.rtie.com/ptc/ptcindex.htm | 714-765-8200 | Anaheim, CA
Designs, manufactures and sells thermistor and film capacitor products to a diverse international marketplace.

Sapcon Instruments | www.sapconinstruments.com
+91-731-4085751 | Madhya, Pradesh, India
Manufacturers of level instruments and speed monitoring systems for process control and automation.

Silonex | www.silonex.com
800-343-5507 | Quebec, Canada
Optical sensor design & integrated manufacturing including optoelectronic discrete devices and assemblies, Audiohm optocouplers, high density substrates and microelectronic modules.

Smith Systems | www.smith-systems-inc.com
828-884-3490 | Brevard, NC
Manufacturer of sensors for speed, motion and temperature, as well as controls, custom instrumentation, cabling and harnessing associated with these devices.

U.S. Sensor Corp | www.ussensor.com
800-777-6467 | Orange, CA
Manufactures an extensive variety of thermistors as well as thermistor probes and thermistor and RTD (Resistance Temperature Detectors) assemblies.

Vertilon Corp | www.vertilon.com
978-692-7070 | Westford, MA
Data acquisition systems for multi-element optical sensors such as multi-anode photomultiplier tubes (MAPMTs) & avalanche photodiode arrays (APDs) that allow for simultaneous acquisition of up to 64 spectral channels with single photon sensitivity.

Vishay | www.vishay.com
402-563-6866 | Shelton, CT
PTC, NTC, ceramic thermistors.

Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company | watlow.com
800-WATLOW2 | St. Louis, MO
Heaters, sensors, controllers, software & gateways, process systems, thermal management systems.

WEN Technology Inc | www.wentec.com
919-954-1004 | Raleigh, NC
Unipower digital load monitors, T-Line current transformers and rotary torque sensors.

Western Electronic Components | www.wecc.com
805-988-9888 | Oxnard, CA
Manufactures both PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistors for leading industrial and high technology companies around the world.

WUNTRONIC GmbH | www.wuntronic.de | ++49 (0) 89 313 30 07 | Germany
Small bead & glass probe NTC, glass encapsulated, interchangeable wafer thermistors.

Zebryk Engineering | www.zebryk.com
508-764-3855 | Southbridge, MA
Specializing in PIC microcontrollers and RF, we design and build wireless systems. With over 20 years of experience, we can substantially reduce your developmental risks and your time to market.
Remote controls, irrigation controls, security systems, RFID, data acquisition, process controls, home automation, RF Telemetry, GPS & AVL, wireless sensors. 

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