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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - SCADA
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Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is used, as the name suggests, to monitor and control processes. My personal exposure to SCADA was while working for the Potomac Edison power company in Hagerstown, Maryland, as an engineer. for a short time right after graduation from college. At the time, all of the substations and big switching stations either had, or were being outfitted with SCADA capabilities. Functions ranged from simple monitoring the positions of circuit breakers and power (voltage & current), to changing transformer tap ratios and operating switches.  Remote communications were handled via telephone model or power line carrier. Some work was being done with wireless. Of course SCADA implementations have much wider and varied uses than power distribution. Vast manufacturing installation and industrial process are handled through SCADA.
My policy is to only list companies that actually manufacture product or offer services related to the page title subject. Product distributors and sales representatives are not listed (they have their own page). This helps guarantee that each listing offers a unique product or service. NOTICE: I am no longer adding hyperlinks due to so many companies asking to be removed because of some issue with Google Statistics. Your best bet is to use a search engine to find company websites directly. If you are interested in advertising, please visit my Advertising information page.
Advanced Control Systems, Inc
acsatlanta.com | 800-831-7223 | Norcross, GA
Provider of the PRISM SCADA Suite.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc
aqua-aerobic.com | 815-654-2501 | Rockford, IL
Offers design and development of Electrical Control Panels and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, targeted for wastewater treatment equipment and processes.

Arc Electronics
arcelect.com | 800-926-0226 | Georgetown, TX
SCADA data communication converters and hubs.

Campbell Scientific, Inc
campbellsci.com435-753-2342 | Logan, UT
Products for SCADA automated monitoring & control.

Data Flow Systems, Inc
dataflowsys.com | 321-259-5009 | Melbourne, FL
Provides radio and network-based telemetry/SCADA systems for water-related utilities.

GE Energy
Network management solutions including SCADA | EMS | DMS software.

Industrial Control Links, Inc
iclinks.com | 800-888-1893
Designs and manufactures hardware and software solutions to collect, record and transport information for SCADA systems, process control and industrial automation applications.

Invensys Wonderware
global.wonderware.com | 949-727-3200 | Lake Forest, CA
Geographically distributed SCADA (Geo-SCADA) software solutions.

modcomp.com | 800-322-3287 | Deerfield Beach, FL
Linux hosted SCADA solutions.

nbtinc.com | 800-892-5303 | Maple Grove, MN
Telemetry system hardware, SCADA & data acquisition systems.

Northern Data Systems, Inc
nordatasys.com | 856-235-7272
Wireless radio telemetry SCADA systems and other equipment.

OPC Systems.NET
opcsystems.com | 877-679-0898 | Evergreen, CO
Provides HMI and SCADA software products for automated systems to customers worldwide.

Sage Designs, Inc
sagedesignsinc.com | 888-ASK-SAGE | Mill Valley, CA
Specializes in supplying open-architecture telemetry & SCADA hardware and software for both the industrial and municipal markets.

scadalogic.com | 425-890-5931 | Kirkland, WA
Specializes in PLC programming, RTU programming, HMI programming and providing SCADA system support.

SCADA Source
scadasource.com | 866 327-1579 | Aztec, NM
Providing the Oil & Gas industry with solutions to all of their automation needs.

Second Wind, Inc
secondwind.com | 617-776-8520 | Somerville, MA
Manufacturer of windfarm monitoring systems, specializing in measuring all parameters of commercial windfarm operations including windfarm SCADA and wind resource assessment.

Software Horizons, Inc
shorizons.com | 978-670-8700 | Billerica, MA
Developer of low cost Industrial Human Machine Interface | Operator Interface | SCADA software and total solutions based on Windows PC, Pocket PC, Palm OS and Windows CE Platforms.

sunwave.co.kr | 031-421-0457 | Korea
BTS monitoring systems, pilot beacons, repeaters, antennas & RF components, telemetry products, RF transmitters & receivers.

Tascomp Limited
tascomp.com | +44 1642 370666 | UK
Provider of Prodigy HMI SCADA software.

Techno-Sciences, Inc
technosci.com | 240-790-0600 | Beltsville, MD
TSi's SCADA systems collect, analyze, and archive real-time data from factory equipment providing secure, web-based, real-time access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as machine utilization, production efficiencies and yields, inventory levels, order status, quality and traceability data, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Tekron International Ltd
tekroninternational.com | +64 4 566 7722 | Wellington, New Zealand
Network time synchronization solutions. Precision timing instruments. Designers and manufacturers of GPS clocks, multi-output signal repeaters, and time synchronization devices for the power industry.

Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc
wastechengineering.com | 818-998-3500 | Chatsworth, CA
Human Machine Interface (HMI) & Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software Systems.

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