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Satellite Communications Equipment
Manufacturers & Services

A communications satellite (sometimes abbreviated to SATCOM) is an artificial satellite stationed in space for the purposes of telecommunications. Modern communications satellites use a variety of orbits including geostationary orbits, Molniya orbits, other elliptical orbits and low (polar and non-polar) Earth orbits.

For fixed (point-to-point) services, communications satellites provide a microwave radio relay technology complementary to that of submarine communication cables. They are also used for mobile applications such as communications to ships, vehicles, planes and hand-held terminals, and for TV and radio broadcasting, for which application of other technologies, such as cable, is impractical or impossible. -Wikipedia

Axonn LLC | axonn.com
504-282-8119 | New Orleans, LA
AXTracker GPS Location System. Long life, battery operated, tracking system that utilizes the Globalstar Satellite Network for world wide asset tracking at VERY competitive rates.

Brymar Satellite | brymar.co.uk
0870 922 0569 | UK
Satellite systems, receivers, dishes including Sky digital systems and digibox accessories, dss card programmers, dss cards, wafer cards, fun cards and sat links etc.

Cobham Antenna Systems | european-antennas.co.uk
+44(0)1638 732177 | Suffolk, UK
High gain, printed circuit arrays, ultra wide-band spirals, multi-octave bicones and collinear omni-directional antennas between 100 MHz and 40 GHz. Custom designs. WLAN, RFID, WiMAX, TETRA, telemetry.

Codan Limited | codan.com.au | 08 8305 0311 | Newton, South Australia, Australia
Codan designs and builds the innovative communications equipment for High Frequency (HF) Radio, Satellite and Digital Microwave Radio applications.

Dallas Remote Imaging Group | drig.com
Provides consulting services on weather satellite imagery, satellite tracking, and the use of image acquisition and processing in education.

Digital ST | digital-st.com
6385 8151515 | Butuan City, Philippines
Digital head-end, transmission hardware and software products such as COFDM, QAM & QPSK modulators; DVB-T/H exciters; gap fillers; re-modulators; MPEG2 encoders; TS multiplexers, scramblers & adaptors; SFN adoptors; GPS sync clock generators; IP, ASI adoptor & encapsulators; DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-S & DVB-C professional receivers; DVB-T/H RF power amplifiers; combiners; antenna system; Satcom C-band and Ku-band BUC, SSPA & antennas; racks.

Erzia Technologies S.L. | erzia.com
0034 942 29 13 45 | Santander, Spain
Wireless communications and RF equipment supplier for space and satellite communications, specializing in developing and manufacturing custom equipments for specific requirements, systems design & integration.

Inmarsat | inmarsat.co | +44 (0)20 7728 1777 | UK
Versatile and reliable satellite network, delivering innovative services and solutions on an unprecedented scale.

Gilat | gilat.com
703 848-1000 | McLean, VA
Gilat meets today's telecommunications challenges with always-on solutions that deliver data, Internet, voice and video faster, more efficiently, more reliably and to more remote places around the globe than ever before: via satellite.

KVH Industries |

888-584-4163 | Middletown, RI
An international leader in developing and manufacturing innovative, mobile, high-bandwidth satellite communications systems, tactical navigation products, and fiber optic products.

Network Innovations Inc | networkinv.com
800-848-0326 | Golden, CO
Mobile communications and high speed connectivity, broadband services for mobile offices and enterprise networking, tracking, monitoring and messaging for transportation enterprise needs, advanced safety, fleet-tracking and communications products for ships and crews at sea.

Optical Zonu Corporation | opticalzonu.com
818-780-9701 | Los Angeles, CA
RF over Fiber products utilized in systems providing wireless coverage enhancement for in-building distribution of GSM, PCS, CDMA, WCDMA, 3G, DVB-T, WIFA mobile systems, tunnels, mines, RF systems, fiber fed repeaters, BTS "hotels" and distributed antenna systems. Defense applications include remote antennas, phase array radars, spectrum monitoring and other applications requiring low loss and EMI immunity benefits of fiber optics. GPS over fiber, distributed timing, delay lines, L-, S-, C-Band and Satcom fiber links plus Wi-Max and 4G LTE.

Quintech | quintechelectronics.com
800-839-3658 | Indiana, PA
Specializing in commercial-grade RF products for broadband cable, satellite L-band and IF including RF matrix switches, RF routers, RF redundancy switches, RF splitters, RF combiners, redundant power supplies, frequency converters and relay switches.

Raven Research | raven-research.com
+441189714540 | Reading, Berkshire, UK
British RF engineering company. Specialising in the design and manufacture of multicouplers, aerials (antennas), radio & GSM, direction finders, radio & satellite training equipment, audio, RF, IF, & baseband distribution.

RFDataTech | rfdatatech.co.uk
+44 (0)1322 614313 | UK
Design and manufacture of FCC & ETSI compliant radio modems, data radios, paging radios, RF modules & satellite modems. Provision of contract manufacturing services for pcb assemblies.

RRSat | rrsat.com/index.php | +972-8-8610000 | Israel
+1-978-310-4054 | Chandler, AZ
RRSat provides global satellite distribution services via the most advanced digital MCPC platforms to more than 285 television channels and more than 80 radio channels, covering more than 150 countries. RRSat's teleport has several fully equipped Playout centers, production support, and various value added services that provides the customer with the complete solution. RRSat also offers production services to the global satellite broadcasting industry including channel distribution & backhaul services, SNG, sports feeds and other occasional feed services.

Satellite Communications Short Course | ctd.grc.nasa.gov/rleonard
Prepared by Dr. Regis Leonard for NASA's Lewis Research Center

Satellite Communication Systems | sat-tel.com
757-723-0835 | Hampton, VA
Provides telecommunications services by satellite between the United States and the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe and Africa, and supplies high quality, competitively priced services through strategic alliances with overseas local exchange carriers in countries with limited telecommunications facilities.

Satellite Uplink Communication Systems | satellite-commsys.com
800-872-5465 | Wauconda, IL
Satellite broadcasting and videoconferencing services.

Shaw Broadcast Services | shawbroadcast.com
800-268-2943 | Canada
Full service commercial signal distribution networks with unparalleled technical service, delivering more television and radio signals to North American broadcast redistributors than any other single-source satellite supplier. Cancom Tracking provides tracking and messaging for the Canadian trucking industry with over 31,000 units in use by over 500 companies.

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