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Rubber Parts & Products
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Since rubber components covers such a wide range of products, from o-rings and gaskets to bellows and protective covering, it now has its own dedicated page.




Aero Rubber Company | | 800-662-1009 | Tinley Park, IL
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial rubber products, specializing in the production of custom molded, extruded and die-cut rubber products and rubber sheet manufactured in accordance with your specified requirements.

Airboss Rubber Compounding | | 800-294-5723 | Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Custom rubber mixing.

Bruckman Rubber Company | | 402-463-3129 | Hastings, NE
Specializes in custom mixing, injection compression, transfer molding, and rubber to metal bonding.

Columbia Engineered Rubber | | 800-227-3539 | Dayton, OH
Rubber and related products including custom molded rubber components to customer design & specifications, standard & custom o-rings & seals, and rubber to metal bonded components.

Fairchild Industries | | 847-550-9580 | Lake Zurich, IL
Extruded rubber, molded rubber and elastomer solutions.

Hygenic Corporation | | 800-321-2135 | Akron, OH
Specializing in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of high quality natural and synthetic rubber sheeting and tubing products.

Jefferson Rubber Works | | (508) 791-3600 | Worcester, MA
Custom rubber molding and rubber parts including bellows, medical products and hydronic applications.

J.J. Short Associates, Inc. | | 800-641-3511 | Macedon, NY
Custom molded rubber parts and components & rubber rollers, from design consultation through prototype, and on to production. Rubber components and products for industries such as communication systems, packaging, electronics manufacturing services (EMS), graphic art and print equipment, furniture manufacturing, food processing, beverage, and medical equipment to name a few.

Lauren Manufacturing | | 800-683-0676 | New Philadelphia, OH
Full service extruder and molder of rubber based products.

Mason Rubber | | 800-559-9020 | Trevose, PA
Producer of die cut, extruded and molded parts; provides die cutting, custom molding, and custom extrusions.

Metflex Precision Mouldings | | +44 (0) 1254 884 171 | UK
Metflex's skilled team of chemists and engineers combine to form a formidable resource, which provides customers with a comprehensive material design and engineering solution for the most exacting product requirements and specifications. Precision moulded and injected rubber components including diaphragms, speaker surrounds, specialty engineering components, rubber coated fabrics. Material development, prototype and product development service, tool design and manufacture.

Mayfield Plastics | | 800-339-3476 | Sutton, MA
Thermoforming and twin sheet forming are processes which can achieve the look and feel of injection molding, without the expensive tooling charge. Pressure forming is able to form details normally found only in injection molding.

Mid-States Rubber Products | | 812-385-3473 | Princeton, IN
Specializing in molding and extruding custom rubber and plastic parts for the appliance, automotive, heavy industrial, material handling, and fitness industries.

Minor Rubber | | 800-433-6886 | Bloomfield, NJ
Manufacturer of standard and custom molded, extruded, dipped and fabricated rubber products.

Molded Dimensions, Inc | | 262-284-9455 | Port Washington, WI
Supplier of custom engineered and molded elastomer components - both rubber and urethane.

National Rubber Corp | | 866-672-8100 | Pittsburgh, PA
Offers custom extrusion, molding and secondary fabrication services as per customer's request. We can produce tubing, cord, square, rectangle, U-channel, D-shape, P-shape, LIP Quad and other complex shapes.

Northwest Rubber Extruders | | 866-643-6878 | Beaverton, OR
Produces custom and conventional extrusion profiles of silicone, various natural and synthetic rubber, and thermoplastics along with the manufacture of molded products from various types of rubber. Our experience includes the manufacture of numerous products, such as, gaskets, seals, bumpers, cushions, tubing, etc.

NRI Industries | | 800-387-8501 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Engineered products from recycled rubber.

Perma-Type Rubber | | 800-243-4234 | Plainville, CT
Manufacturers of quality industrial and medical rubber products.

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company | | 609-394 5245 | Trenton, NJ
Manufactures high quality custom rubber parts including custom molding, custom mixing, custom formulating compression, transfer & injection molding, die cutting, turn-key operations, rapid prototyping.

Precision Associates, Inc (PAI) | | 800-394-6590 | Minneapolis, MN
Manufacturer of quality rubber products, including O-rings, rubber balls, custom seals, rod wipers, custom products.

Rahco Rubber | | 847-298-4200 | Des Plaines, IL
Computerized compression, transfer, injection molding of thermosets & thermoplastic elastomers, customer owned tooling designed in-house per part specifications, short-runs to high volume color matching, bonding of rubber to metal and other substrates.

RD Rubber Technology Corp | | 562-941-4800 | Santa Fe Springs, CA
Specializes in the precision molding of rubber products and component parts for OEMs in the healthcare, aerospace, military, electronic and food equipment industries.

RubberMill | | 800-523-0581 | Liberty, NC
Manufacturer and fabricator of rubber products by molding, extruding, casting, cutting, slitting, laminating and machining.

Star Glo Industries | | 201-939-6162 | East Rutherford, NJ
Vertically integrated manufacturer of rubber and plastic to metal component parts.

StockCap | | 800-826-2091 | Arnold, MO
Manufacturer of flexible closures including vinyl, rubber, & plastic caps, plugs, and other products.

Team Products, Inc | | 888-693-8326 | Mount Carroll, IL
Manufacturer of custom precision molded, bonded, and extruded rubber products.

Vanguard Products Corp | | 203-744-7265 | Danbury, CT
Elastomeric fabricated goods, custom rubber product design, development and manufacturing services.

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