Absorbers, Ferrites, Magnetics & Shielding
Manufacturers & Services

These companies manufacture a variety of magnetics, absorbers, and shielding for use in RF applications. Applications range from RFI/EMI enclosures to screen rooms, custom shielding for PCBs, and machined chassis, noise filters, or ferrites for keeping RF energy on the right side of a conductor can be found here.

Achieving a successful RF design is often dependent upon proper implementation of shielding. The higher the frequency, the higher the power levels, or the more crowded the frequency band, the more difficult it is to design shielding that will provide the necessary level of isolation. Fortunately, there is a lot of design information available in the form of white papers, datasheets, and online write-ups.

For most applications, it is possible to obtain success using off-the-shelf components and well-tried methods. Sometimes, though, it is necessary to secure the assistance of engineers whose experience lies in the realm of shielding.

Absorber, Magnetics & Shielding Design Data

905-738-7973 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada
PCB-mounted application-specific RF/EMI shielding enclosures including true multi-cavity solutions.

Adams Magnetic Products
800-747-7543 | Elmhurst, IL
Ferrite cores & accessories, flexible, ceramic, alnico, Samarium Cobalt magnets, Neodymium products, magnetic assemblies, and more.

AFT Microwave | +49 7191 9659 0 | Germany
Microwave components including circulators, isolators, waveguide and coaxial components, phase shifters, ferrites, thin film technology.

Amuneal Manufacturing Corp
800-755-9843 | Philadelphia, PA
EMF & magnetic shielding, metal components & assemblies, sheet metal and machined components and assemblies.

Arc Technologies | 978-388-2993 | Amesbury, MA
Multilayer, reticulated, & Lossy foams, EMI absorbers, EMI shielding gaskets, magnetic absorbers (MAGRAM), radar absorbing structures (RAS), dielectric materials.

Braden Shielding Systems
918-624-2888 | Tulsa, OK
Medical enclosures, pyramidal anechoic chambers, shielded doors, Solidcore Modular Systems, welded enclosures.

Chomerics | 781-935-4850 | Woburn, MA
Copper foil tape, EMI shielding, elastomer EMI gaskets, thermal management.

Coiltech | 714-708-8715 | Costa Mesa, CA
Coiltech is a leading manufacturer of high quality surface-mount inductors, chokes, and coils.

Coiltronics (now Cooper Bussmann, now Eaton)
636-527-3877 | Ellisville, MO
Transformers & inductors for DC-DC & switchmode applications requiring high frequency magnetics.

Credowan (now Cobham)
+44 (0) 1243 670711 | UK
Manufacturer and supplier of microwave equipment including waveguides, couplers, diplexers, anechoic chambers, antenna rotary joints, antenna, radar & satellite communications subsystems & components for commercial and military applications.

Cuming Lehman Chambers
717-264-2265 | Chambersburg, PA
Design and construction of RF shielded anechoic chambers for the commercial and defense markets.

Cuming Microwave Corporation
800-432-6464 | Avon, MA
RF absorbers, dielectric materials, anechoic materials & chambers, syntactic foam flotation equipment, syntactic foam insulation.

Cybershield | 888-725-5361 | Dallas/ TX
EMI/RFI shielding solutions using plating, vacuum metallization and conductive paint. Dispensed conductive gaskets. 3D metal patterns on plastic including printed antennas.

Delta Electronics | 510-668-5100 | Fremont, CA
Switching power supplies, chip inductors, DC/DC converters, voltage regulator modules, EMI filters, voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), temperature controllers, thermal management products, video displays.

EAC Shielding | 562-926-7742 | Santa Fe Springs, CA
EMI/RFI Shielding products, EMI/RFI honeycomb panels, EMI shielding air vents, wire mesh, gaskets, connector gaskets, die cutting, bonding.

Eagle Group Northeast Corp
508-384-9700 | Woonsocket, RI
EMI | RFI & microwave foil shielding, RF absorbers, injection molding.

Eastern Components
800-862-1640 | W. Conshohocken, PA
Cores and shielding for electronic applications.

Elna Magnetics | 800-553-2870 | Woodstock, NY
Magnetic components, in standard and non-standard core shapes, soft ferrites, amorphous alloy, powdered iron, MPP and Sendust cores & accessories, core gapping, CNC machining, conventional grinding, and assembly of ferrite & other magnetic products.

Emicon Corporation | 915-590-0795 | El Paso, TX
Custom manufacturer of coils, powerline filters, signal line filters, EMI filters, low pass filters and inductors.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products (now Laird)
781-961-9600 | Randolph, MA
Eccosorb microwave & RF absorbers, anechoic chambers. They have a really nice chart available for determining the dielectric constant and loss tangent.

Espey Mfg & Electronics Corp
518-245-4400 | Saratoga Springs, NY
Custom magnetic design, mW to MegaW, all forms including pulse, impedance matching, SMPS, power, rectifier, inductor, reactor, mag-amp, CT, PT, high voltage to 300kV.

512-531-6400 | Cedar Park, TX
Anechoic chambers, absorbers, antennas, filters, Helmholtz coils, probes, meters, TEM cells, shielded enclosures, screen rooms, positioners.

Fair-Rite Products | 800-836-0426 | Wallkill, NY
Large toroids, chip beads, chip inductors.

FDK | 858-558-8368 | San Diego, CA | Japan
Piezoelectric buzzers, capacitors, inductors, resistors, transformers, anechoic chambers, ferrites, VCO's, power supplies, circulators, combiners/dividers, motors, optics, synthesizers, batteries, RF absorbers, switches.

Ferrishield | 212-268-4020 | New York, NY
Snap-on RFI cable chokes.

Ferronics | 716-388-1020 | Fairport, NY
Toroids, beads, baluns, multi-hole cores.

Ferroxcube | 915-599-2616 | El Paso, TX
Soft ferrite products & accessories, integrated inductive components, multilayer suppressors & inductors.

Fischer Custom Communications
310-891-0635 | Torrance, CA
TEM cells, EMI filters, Helmholtz coils.

Holland Shielding Systems BV
+31 78 613 13 66 | The Netherlands
RF shielding, Faraday cages, EMI shielding gaskets, conductive foil tape, conductive glue, conductive paint.

Insul-Fab | 214-956-0055 | Dallas, TX
Custom fabrication of EMI/RFI shielding and gasketing, dielectric insulation, laminates, foils, tapes, adhesives.

+44 (0)1376 348115 | Braintree, Essex, UK
EMI shielding conductive fabric for cable shielding, stainless wire mesh, conductive tube, conductive | EMI shielding fabric adhesive tape and all kinds of gasket, etc.

KOA Speer Electronics
814-362-5536 | Bradford, PA
Resistors, capacitors, 3-terminal EMI/RFI filters, circuit protection, inductors, integrated components.

Laird Technologies
800-843-4556 | Delaware Water Gap, PA
EMI shielding, BeCu, fabric over foam, knitted mesh wire, surface mount shields, conductive elastomers.

LBA Group | 252-757-0279 | Greenville, NC
RF & wireless telecommunications industry products & services including antennas, capacitors, inductors, shielding systems, test equipment, testing and technical services. RF Awareness & Antenna Co-Location Training.

Leader Tech | 813-855-6921 | Tampa, FL
Manufactures electronic shielding products including gasketing that help prevent electromagnetic or radio frequency interference  (EMI/RFI) on circuit board applications.

Lindgren RF (now ETS-Lindgren)
512-531-6400 | Cedar Park, TX
Absorbers, antennas, shielded fiber optic camera systems, RF Microwave test chambers, EMF instruments, power and signal line filters, positioners, probes, test boxes.

Magnetic Component Engineering
800-989-5656 | Torrance, CA
Blocks, discs, rings, and round bars in various materials, services including magnetizing, testing, stabilization, calibration of magnets, advanced coatings & platings, assembly of PM systems & structures, design, engineering, plate magnets, tube magnet assembly, pulleys, Hopper Grates, magnetic sweepers, stationary overhead systems.

Magnetics | 800-245-3984 | Pittsburgh, PA
MnZn ferrite cores for high frequency power transformers and inductors, EMC filters, and other applications, powder cores for switched-mode power supplies, switching regulators, and noise filters, strip wound cores come as tape cores, cut cores, miniature bobbin cores, or ring cores and are used in safety critical applications, aerospace, and medical applications.

MAJR Products | 888-763-2952 | Saegertown, PA
Electromagnetic Interference | Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) Shielding - gaskets, elastomers, fingerstock and air ventilation
filtration panels, grounding washers, ferrites, thermal management.

Masach Technologies Ltd | 972-2-5356607 | Israel
Customized RF shielding, RF shields, RMI solutions, RFI solutions. Fast, high quality, cost effective RF shields, standard and custom designed.

MAST Technologies
858-452-1700 | San Diego
Designs manufactures innovative RF absorbers, microwave absorbers, and EMI shielding materials for integration into military and electronics solutions.

Metglas | 800-581-7654 | Conway, SC
Amorphous metal ribbon and components used in the production of electrical distribution transformers, high frequency magnetic components for power electronics, material for anti-theft tags, brazing alloys, solder, and toroid cores.

Micrometals | 800-356-5977 | Anaheim, CA
Toroids, iron powder cores for power conversion & line filter applications & radio frequency applications, magnetic alloy core materials for high temperature applications, inductor design software (free).

MuShield | 888-669-3539 | Goffstown, NH
Custom shielding, monitor enclosures, raw materials for low frequency RF shielding up to 50 kHz.

MWT Materials | 973-472-5161 | Passaic, NJ
RF and Microwave absorbers for the DOD and commercial markets.

Orbel | 610-829-5000 | Easton, PA
EMI/RFI shielding, board level RF shielding, multi-cavity shields, finger stock, chemical etched metal parts, metal stamping and electroplating services.

Panashield | 203-866-5888 | Norwalk, CT
Anechoic chambers, shielded enclosures, reverberation chambers.

P & P Technology Ltd | +44 (0) 1376 550525 | UK
Manufacturer of EMI | RFI shielding gaskets, meshes and vents.

Precision Incorporated
800-749-3677 | Minneapolis, MN
Switchmode, power pulse, linear single phase, linear three phase transformers, common mode chokes, CRT magnetics, antenna, solenoid, armature coils.

Precision Micro Ltd | +44 121 380 0100 | UK
EMI/RFI shielding solutions, from design to compliance. Precision manufacturing technologies from Ion beam and electroforming to photo etch and laser cutting.

Precision Photofab | 800-875-1093 | Buffalo, NY
Heating elements, filters & screens, encoder discs, RF shields, recharge grids, stamping, forming, plating, sub assembly, painting, heat treating, laser services.

Premier Magnetics | 949-452-0511 | Lake Forest, CA
Gaskets, shielding, line filters.

RFI Corporation | 631-231-6400 | Bay Shore, NY
EMI/RFI chassis feedthrough filters.

RFI Industries
+61 3 8739 6700 | Victoria, Australia
Design, fabricate, install and test all types of R shielded enclosures, from a small bench top model for laboratory use to a large complex for military vehicle testing. Testing services.

SAS Industries | 631-727-1441 | Manorville, NY
Specializes in the manufacture of EMI shielding, waveguide, connector, conductive, non-conductive, washer style, co-elastomer gaskets, fluid sealing products, static and reciprocating seals, and O-rings. Capabilities include die cutting, molding, laser cutting, extruding, and water jet cut gaskets, along with a wide variety of stocked sheet and roll goods.

Schlegel Systems | 800-204-0863 | Rochester, NY
Gaskets, I/O backplane shielding gaskets, BeCu Fingerstock, conductive envelopes, tapes, laminates.

Shielding Solutions Limited
01376 330033 | Braintree Essex UK
Design, manufacture and application of components and materials for the control of electromagnetic interference EMI and environmental sealing.

Silver Cloud Manufacturing
856-825-8900 | Millville, NJ
EMI/RFI shielding, ESD protection, custom filters & lenses, anti reflective surfaces, display protectors, heat shields, membrane switches.

Spira Manufacturing Corporation
818-764-8222 | North Hollywood, CA
EMI shielding, gaskets, spiral wrap, honeycomb filters.

TDK | 516-535-2600 | Garden City, NY
Filters, multi-layer ceramic capacitors, inductors, EMC components, LAN components, ferrite cores, amorphous cores, transformers, magnets, magnet applied products, piezoeletronic products, delay lines, sensors, power supply, RF components, RF modules, and more.

Tech-Etch | 508-747-0300 | Plymouth, MA
EMI/RFI shielding, precision parts, flexible circuits.

Tusonix | 520-744-0400 | Tucson, AZ
EMI/RFI filters, surface mount EMI filters, variable trimmer capacitors, filtered terminal blocks, custom EMI filter plate assemblies, ceramic disc capacitors.

West Coast Magnetics | 800-628-1123 | Stockton, CA
Switch mode, 60 Hz, isolation, base drive, current sense transformers, RF, power inductors, common mode chokes.

W.L. Gore & Assoc | 800-311-3060 | Elkton, MD
Coax cables and harnesses, SMT RF grounding pads, EMI gaskets, thermal interface materials, dielectric materials.