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Radar Systems
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Radar is a system that uses electromagnetic waves to identify the range, altitude, direction, or speed of both moving and fixed objects such as aircraft, ships, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain. The term RADAR was coined in 1941 as an acronym for radio detection and ranging. The term has since entered the English language as a standard word, radar, losing the capitalization. Radar was originally called RDF (Radio Direction Finder) in the United Kingdom. A radar system has a transmitter that emits either microwaves or radio waves that are reflected by the target and detected by a receiver, typically in the same location as the transmitter. Although the signal returned is usually very weak, the signal can be amplified. This enables radar to detect objects at ranges where other emissions, such as sound or visible light, would be too weak to detect. Radar is used in many contextsluding meteorological detection of precipitation, measuring ocean surface waves, air traffic control, police detection of speeding traffic, and by the military. - Wikipedia

Microwave Products and Technology
Microwave Products and Technology (MPT)
Fullerton, California

When you need a solution now, MPT provides the engineering, program management, and technology needed with expertise that meets your price and schedule requirements. We deliver on promises so you remain on schedule and on budget. Our customers trust us to deliver solutions that work.


  • Digital Receivers - front end w/amplification,
      filtering, down conversion, and other

  • Phased Arrays - L-Band through Ka-Band

  • Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)

  • Transmit/Receiver (T/R) Modules

  • Down Converters - integrated assemblies


  • ICs and MMICs - SiGe, GaAs (pHEMT),
       and GaN

  • Design Services - EM, thermal, &
       circuit simulation

Accipiter Radar Technologies | sicomsystems.com
905-892-1875 | Ontario, Canada
Develops, manufactures and sells the Accipiter family of network-based, tracking, surveillance radar systems.

Delphi Engineering Group | delphieng.com
800-322-9992 | Costa Mesa, CA
Provides electronic and software engineering services focused on new product and prototype development, flight controls, radar systems, sonar systems, custom DSP, parallel processing, high-speed data acquisition, infrared imaging.

DeTect | detect-inc.com
850-763-7200 | Panama City, FL
Specializes in remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, avian survey & monitoring, airspace & ground security, weather detection and wind measurement supporting projects, development, deployment and support of radar systems for aircraft birdstrike avoidance, avian risk assessment and migratory research.

DRS Training & Control Systems | metric-idt.com
Design and development of complex electronic warfare radar systems, combat vehicle systems, control systems, tactical support products, and test training systems.

Easat | easat.co.uk
+44 (0) 1782 208028 | UK
Manufacturer and supplier of radar sensors, radar systems, radar antennas, radar pedestals and specialist related products for use in surveillance of air, ground and sea targets for airports, ports, border security and military applications.

EWR Weather Radar | ewradar.com
314-821-1022 | St. Louis, MO
Portable weather radar design.

GPR Professional Services | gprps.com
781-718-0725 | Marblehead MA
Ground penetrating radar services, consulting, sales, on-site training, partnerships.

ISEE | iseebcn.com
+34 93 7891271 | Barcelona, Spain
New K-Band Radar has been developed by ISEE to work in the ISM Band or extended bandwidth. Possible applications: perimetral security, target speed and range measurement, automotive spot blind detection and parking aid systems, ... signal processing included by powerful IGEP board based on OMAP microcontroller (TI).

Linktronic | linktronic.com
(56)-(2)-2235660 | Santiago, Chile
L-, S- and X-Band search radars and existing radar upgrade equipment. Design and production of high technology electronic equipment, with particular emphasis on Air and Coastal Surveillance Radars, Defence Systems and Computers.

Lockheed Martin | lockheedmartin.com
Research, design, development, and manufacture of radar systems.

Malibu Research | maliburesearch.com
805-383-1829 | Camarillo, CA
Design, manufacture, and integration of advanced antenna systems, radar & radar simulators, telemetry antenna systems.

MATLAB Simulations for Radar Systems Design | mathworks.com
Comprehensive set of *.m files and functionluding GUI, to calculate and plot Radar design and analysis issues.

Micromet | micrometcorp.com
231-885-1466 | Mesick, MI
Develops, manufactures, and sells radar systems designed specifically to measure the performance of moving vehicles.

Microwave Products and Technology (MPT)
714-316-7300 | Fullerton CA
Core capabilities include phased array components and subsystem for communication and radar. SiGe, GaN, and GaAs RF circuit design and packaging. Also information security products and managed information security services.

Penetradar Corp | penetradar.com
716-731-4369 | Niagara Falls, NY
Manufactures ground penetrating radar systems that provide critical information on the highway infrastructure.

Radio-Research Instrument Co.. | radiores.com
203-753-5840 | Waterbury CT
Radar systems, sub systems and spare parts. Ability to test and calibrate these various systems.

Raytheon Canada
raytheon.ca/ATC_Radar_Systems/index.html | 519-885-0110 | Ontario, Canada
Solid-state Air Traffic Control (ATC) primary surveillance radars and High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR) technology.

Reutech Radar Systems | rrs.co.za | +27 21 880 1150 | South Africa
Innovative radar and radar-related solutions for National Defence Forces, Parastatals and the Industrial sector.

Saab Microwave Systems | saabgroup.com
+46 31 794 87 12 | Stockholm, Sweden
Supplier of airborne, ground-based and naval radar systems.

SELEX-Gematronik | gematronik.com
+49 - 2137 - 782 - 0 | Neuss Germany
Design, manufacture and installation of weather radar systems.

Sivers IMA AB | siversima.com
+46-8-7036800 | Kista, Sweden
VCOs, PLLs & Synthesizers, FMCW radar sensor front ends, millimeter wave transceiver products.

SKY Computers Inc. | skycomputers.com
978-250-2420 | Chelmsford, MA
Radar systems and signal processing systems.

Southern Radar Imaging | southernradarimaging.com
256-232-7267 | Athens, AL
Performs indoor and outdoor ground penetrating radar imaging tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our service allows our clients to know the exact location of structural members such as rebar, conduit, or post tension cables buried within the slab. By using the Radar system, the need for expensive and dangerous X-Ray or blindly cutting into the concrete can be eliminated in many cases. This technique can also locate voids in the concrete and assist in structural analysis. See their Squidoo page.

Syracuse Research Corporation | syrres.com
800-724-0451 | North Syracuse, NY
Development and manufacture of radar systems and radar technologies for the US DOD and other government agencies.

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