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As the rate of technological advances increase at an ever faster pace, obsolescence occurs at an ever increasing pace, too. In highly critical areas, some manufacturers continue production for replacing worn out or failed parts. In most instances, production by the original company is halted after a short and another independent manufacturer contracts to do the job. Other companies design and produce their own form/fit/function substitute components, and still others rely on buying excess inventory to supply the needs of legacy systems. This page is a collection of sources for such needs.

My policy is to only list companies that actually manufacture product or offer services related to the page title subject. Product distributors and sales representatives are not listed (they have their own Distributors page). This helps guarantee that each listing offers a unique product or service.

4 Star Electronics | 4starelectronics.com
949-240-8500 | San Clemente, CA
Independent electronics distributor of obsolete semiconductors, electronic components, military components, obsolete integrated circuits, transistors & capacitors. We also sell connectors, switches, relays, CPU's & hard drives.

Admired Services Electronic Components | admiredelectroniccomponents.com
727-346-5157 | St. Petersburg, FL
Distributor of obsolete, hard-to-find, and current electronic components and hardware. Manufacturing industries served include military, aerospace, commercial, industrial, automotive and more.

All Electronic Parts Inc | hardtofindelectronicparts.com
888-294-7278 | Clearwater, FL
Obsolete electronic component distributor specializing in delivering allocated, hard to find and obsolete electronic parts, ICs, semiconductors, CPUs, memory chips etc.

Ambassador Components, Inc | ambass.com
631-234-5299 | Islandia, NY
An electronics component supplier of obsolete components, obsolete semiconductors, military components, integrated circuits, transistors, and capacitors. Our focus is mainly on the O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer) marketplace, but we gladly welcome importers and exporters as well.

American Electronic Resource, Inc | aeri.com
888-ic's-9111 | Costa Mesa, CA
Specializes in hard to find electronic parts, including long lead time and obsolete electronic components.

Bay Breakers | baybreakers.com
800-699-2980 | San Jose, CA
Provides new, used, and obsolete circuit breakers, circuit breaker hardware, motor controls, safety disconnects, bus plugs, panel board switches.

DPA Components International | dpems.com
805-581-9200 | Simi Valley, CA
Obsolete die And integrated circuit replacement: obsolete component solutions.

Electrospec | electrospec.com
800-631-9616 | Dover, NJ
Quality end of life electronic parts distributor offering name brands such as AMD, Analog Devices, Burr Brown, Cypress Semiconductor, Harris Semiconductor, Microsemi Corp, Xilinx, Inc. and more. Your number one choice for obsolete electronic parts.

Florida Circuit, Inc | floridacircuit.com
Offshore sourcing, kitting, securing obsolete electronic parts, technical assistance on second source alternatives & valuable cost study programs.

Gold Coast Semiconductor | gcsemi.com
516-723-3200 | Locust Valley, NY
Independent stocking distributor of semiconductors, electronic components, ICs, passive components, interconnect products, obsolete semiconductors, connectors, military components, and other electronic components.

IBS Electronics, Inc | ibselectronics.com
800-527-3585 | Santa Ana, CA
Electronic components for high tech industries worldwide including hard to find electronic parts and components, long lead time parts and components, obsolete electronic parts and components, and military electronic parts and components.

InBus Engineering, Inc | inbus.com
925-454-2540 | Livermore, CA
Supplier of retired Intel Motherboards and systems.

JAD Tech | jadtechinc.com
352-686-5108 | Spring Hill, FL
Stocking distributor for IGBT transistors, electronic components, electromechanical and hardware/fastener parts.

Kingsbeech | obsoletefinder.com
01285 657756 | Cirencester, UK
Offers obsolete electronic components from stock and obsolete component search.

Lansdale Semiconductor | lansdale.com
602-438-0123 | Tempe, AZ
Electronic component aftermarket manufacturer specialized in the manufacturing of dependable, high quality IC's that have been discontinued by the original component manufacturer. including commercial, military, aerospace, wireless, and telecommunication electronic integrated circuits; also includes IC's from Motorola | Freescale for the wireless and RF communications markets.

Mushroom Components | mushroom.co.uk
(+44) 01234 36 36 11 | Beds, UK
Specialists in current & obsolete semiconductors.

Reliable Electronics Corp | electronicpartsdistributor.com
813-854-3921 | Tampa, FL
An independent electronic parts distributor specializing in a wide range of electronic parts from obsolete integrated circuits and obsolete semiconductors to heavily allocated electronic parts to hard-to-finds.

RFQ Electronics, Inc | rfqelectronics.com
866-903-8100 | Palm Harbor, FL
Electronics distributor and supplier supplying thousands of integrated circuits, military components, semiconductor, transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors, switches, relays, cpu, hard drives and obsolete electronic components.

Rochester Electronics | rocelec.com
Newburyport, MA
Provides a reliable continuing source of products discontinued by the original manufacturer.

Searchlighttech, Inc | searchlighttech.com
617-833 3009 | Newburyport, MA
Buy and sell your new or obsolete surplus electronic parts as well as new or used computer hardware with SearchlightTech's exclusive "open" structure.

SecondHandRadio.com | SecondHandRadio.com
We let you sell your used and surplus electronics the old fashion way. You communicate directly with the prospective buyer/seller throughout the entire transaction. Trade used transmitters, sell vintage receivers, advertise your antennas; it is all up to you. Ads must be related to radio, television, audio, lasers, hobbyist electronics, etc.  Buy & Sell for FREE! No commissions, listing fees, final value fees, or photo hosting fees. Dealers welcome.

Semiconductor Specialists | chips2ship.com
01904 436 450 | York, UK
Supplies obsolete components, ICs, transistors, diodes, etc. We do electronic component sourcing , including parts on allocation as well as mainstream semiconductor supplies and can buy your surplus components.

Summit Electronics | summitelectronics.com
561-226-8500 | Boca Raton, FL
A global Distributor Of current/allocated hard-to-find and obsolete electronic and electrical components.

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