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Are you building a nuclear power generator for your home or maybe planning a personal nuclear submarine for tooling around the lake bottom? Just kidding, of course, but you might be conducting research on the effects of irradiation or need to dispose of or learn how to properly handle nuclear material. If so, you'll need a source of materials and probably help with the implementation. These companies can help.

Nuclear Power | Energy Resources

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American Solving, Inc | 440-234-7373 | Brook Park, OH
Hazardous waste handling solutions for dry storage casks and capsules.

American Tank and Fabricating | 800-544-5316 | Cleveland, OH
Nuclear power generation components, containers for storing & transporting radioactive materials, spent fuel containers, ASME pressure vessels, heat exchangers, shells & components, more.

The Babcock & Wilcox Company | 434-522-6000 | Lynchburg, VA
Manages complex, high-consequence nuclear and national security operations at nuclear production facilities.

Babcock-Hitachi K.K.
Provides safe and quality nuclear power equipment to the fields of fast breeder reactor, high temperature gas-cooled reactor, nuclear fuel cycle as well as light water reactor.

Becht Nuclear Services | 803-648-7461 | Aiken, SC
Provides expert consulting services to the process and power industries, worldwide.

Berthold Technologies | +61 3 9467 6277 | Australia
Supplies systems for personal dose rate and contamination monitoring, air contamination monitoring, radiation monitoring networks for cyclotrons and nuclear installations, radioactive scrap monitoring and portable gamma-ray spectrometers.

EnergySolutions | 801-649-2000 | Salt Lake City, UT
Provides safe recycling, processing and disposal of nuclear material.

Fluent, Inc | 603-643-2600 | Lebanon, NH
Flow modeling solutions for the nuclear power industry.

Hitachi Zosen Corp | Japan
Extensive range of equipment, including spent nuclear fuel transportation and storage casks, radioactive waste incineration equipment and radioactive waste compactors.

Invensys Nuclear
Plant simulator solutions for chemical, oil & gas, power, LNG, pulp & paper and nuclear plants.

Komar Industries | 614-836-2366 | Groveport, OH
From simple, low cost shredders to complete engineered facilities for processing hazardous waste, Komar can offer the right solution to fit your requirements.

Metrex Valve | 800-266-4027 | Glendora, CA
Complete self contained, self powered and self regulating valve solutions. We provide Nuclear ASME Sec lll and safety related designs and products made in a wide variety of materials.

NUCON International, Inc | 614-846-5710 | Columbus, OH
Offers a complete program of services for Nuclear Air Treatment systems ranging from consulting and R&D to on-site service and system supply.

Pall Corp | 800-645-6532 | East Hills, NY
Provides innovative filtration and separation technology for nuclear power plants.

Permutit Power Products | 866-926-8420 | Hampton, NJ
Source for all grades of nuclear and commercial flow nozzles, orifice plates, flow straighteners and venturi elements.

Precision Custom Components, LLC (PCC) | 717-848-1126 | York, PA
Manufacturer of spent nuclear fuel containers and equipment.

Sargent & Lundy | 312-269-2000 | Chicago, IL
Engineers, designs, plans, evaluates, and manages large, complex nuclear projects.

Thermodyne Engineering Limited | 416-754-8686 | Ontario, Canada
Consulting engineering, testing, research and development company who designs and develops products and software, and also performs qualification testing to bring products to a higher level of acceptance for nuclear, military, aerospace and other industrial uses.

Nuclear power plant engineering, construction, maintenance, life cycle management support.

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