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Motors, Solenoids, Fans & Cooling
Manufacturers & Services

This list includes manufacturers, repair services, and repair services that also sell refurbished motors, solenoids, and fans. This is a bit of a breaking of the rules, but people looking for motors often are willing to accept rebuilt equipment, or are seeking repair services. Many companies also sell controllers for their products.

My policy is to only list companies that actually manufacture product or offer services related to the page title subject. Product distributors and sales representatives are not listed (they have their own Distributors page). This helps guarantee that each listing offers a unique product or service.

A-1 Servomotor Repair |
888-336-8430 | Irving, TX
Specializes in the repair of AC servomotors, DC brushless and servo motors, spindle and stepper motors, encoders, and resolvers from many manufacturers.

Comair Rotron |
619-661-6688 | San Diego, CA
AC/DC fans, blowers, motorized impellers, accessories.

Compumotor (now Parker)
800-358-9068 | Rohnert Park, CA
PC-based machine control, human-machine interface products, controllers, linear servo, rotary servo motors, direct drive servo systems, rotary, linear motor positioners, servo drives, planetary gearheads, linear slides & stages, gantry, cartesian robots, miniature linear stages, belt driven linear actuators.

Control Resources, Inc |
978-486-4160 | Littleton MA
Fan & motor speed controls & alarms, thermal analysis services, through hole & surface mount production lines, cable assembly, fan tray assembly, functional & in-circuit testing & statistical process control.

ebm/papst |
860-674-1515 | Farmington, CT
Fan and blower products.

ElectroCraft, Inc |
603-742-3330 | Dover, NH
Motion control products, stepping motors, linear actuators, brushless DC motors, AC induction motors, 400 Hz aerospace products, AC synchronous motors, fans/blowers, hi performance slotless motors, Canstack/PM stepping motors.

ElectroForce |
847-410-4300 | Niles, IL
Solenoids, linkage hardware, timer modules, controllers.

ETRI/Rosenberg USA |
704-289-5423 | Monroe, NC
AC, DC Axial fans, cooling fans, AC, DC centrifugal blowers, accessories.

Globe Motors |
937-228-3171 | Dayton, OH
AC/DC motors and gearmotors, commercial cooling fans, blowers, transfer case actuators.

Kooltronic |
609-466-3400 | Pennington, NJ
Forced ventilation and closed-loop cooling products, air conditioners, heat exchangers, blowers, fans, fan trays.

Lin Engineering |
408-919-0200 | Santa Clara, CA
Degree step motors, integrated motors, drivers, power supplies, gearheads, optical encoders, linear actuators.

Maxon Precision Motors |
800-865-7540 | Burlingame, CA
DC motors, spur, planetary gearheads, feedback devices, controllers & amplifiers.

Melcor |
609-393-4178 | Trenton, NJ
Thermoelectric coolers, air conditioners, recirculating chillers, cold plate assemblies, heat sinks, special assembly capabilities, thermal design software.

MicroMo Electronics |
800-807-9166 | Clearwater, FL
DC, brushless, stepper motors, gearboxes, encoders, motor tachometers, brakes, drive electronics, MEMS.

MK-Koford |
847-296-8800 | Des Plaines, IL
Brushless DC motors and gearmotors, drives, brush DC motors and gearmotors.

New Scale Technologies |
585-924-4450 | Victor, NY
The simple ceramic Squiggle motor inspires highly miniaturized products and superior nanopositioning tools. The Squiggle motor provides unmatched precision, speed and force in a tiny piezoelectric motor assembly.

Nidec Corp | | 860-482-4422 | Torrington, CT
Spindle motors & pivot assemblies for HDDs, fan motors, small brushless DC motors, mid-size brushless DC motors.

NMB Technologies |
800-662-8321 | Chatsworth, CA
Miniature & instrument ball bearings, AC & DC axial fans & blowers, standard & custom designed motors, keyboards, speaker drivers, total audio solutions, bearing assemblies designed for a wide range of applications, including high-accuracy head positioning pivot assemblies, encoder assemblies for robotics, CAD/CAM systems and factory automation.

Noren Products |
650-322-9500 | Menlo Park, CA
Heat exchangers, compact cabinet coolers.

Poly-Scientific (now Moog Components Group)
800-336-2112 | Blacksburg VA
Brushless DC, motion control, drives, slip rings, actuators, fiber optic rotary joints, resolvers & synchros.

Repair Zone (aka York Repair) |
989-922-0043 | Bay City, MI
Nationwide servo motor and industrial electronic repair. Expert technicians provide thorough servo repair solutions, quick service, and a one year warranty. Engineers are experts in industrial electronics and servo repair. Using the latest and most sophisticated technology, they guarantee all services.

Rosenberg USA |
704-289-5423 | Monroe, NC
Radial, axial, duct, roof, in-line, free blowing fans, step-less or multi-step switches, and controllers for temperature, pressure, humidity and air velocity.

Saia-Burgess USA |
800-429-0365 | Vernon Hills, IL
Stepper, synchronous and linear motors, switches.

Sanyo Denki | | 800-905-7989 | Torrance, CA
Fans, AC/DC motors, blowers, UPS.

Sunon, Inc |
714-255-0208 | Brea, CA
Electronic cooling fans and blowers.

Technosoft |
+41 32 732 5500 | Bevaix, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Technosoft is a leading DSP Motion Control technology company, specialized in the design and manufacture of motion control OEM products and custom motion systems. MotionChip™ - a dedicated DSP solution for motion control, embedded today in a broad range of intelligent servo drive products. Drives cover all type of brushless, DC, linear or step motor applications from 25 W (45 V, 0.5 A) up to 3 kW (325 V, 10 A).

Thermatron Engineering |
978-687-8844 | Methuen, MA
Cooling fans, heat exchangers, liquid cooling.

Thomson (now Danaher Motion)
800-554-8466 | Port Washington, NY
Linear motion control products, motion control, ball screws, actuators, slides.

TigerTek Industrial Services |
336-623-1717 | Stoneville, NC
Nationwide expert in servo motor, stepper motor & brushless motor repair, with a focus on lightning fast turnaround, great pricing, and the best customer services. All major brands repaired & returned like new, run tested with warranty. Visit our website for a free quote.

YS Tech USA |
888-470-3827 | Garden Grove, CA
AC/DC, crossflow fans, blowers, heat sinks.

United Thermal Engineering Corp |
408-522-1515 | Sunnyvale, CA
AC/DC fans & accessories, heat sinks, thermally conductive materials.

Wavelength Electronics |
406-587-4910 | Bozeman, MT
Manufactures high performance laser diode drivers and temperature controllers for precision OEM and research applications.