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Motors, Solenoids, Fans & Cooling
Manufacturers & Services

This list includes manufacturers, repair services, and repair services that also sell refurbished motors, solenoids, and fans. This is a bit of a breaking of the rules, but people looking for motors often are willing to accept rebuilt equipment, or are seeking repair services.

Many companies also sell controllers for their products.

NOTICE: Most search engines do a really good job of locating useful data if your search terms are well thought out, so rather than me supposing I know what you are looking for, I have provided a Search box at the top of the page for you to use. If you are interested in advertising, please visit my Advertising information page. Thank you.

A-1 Servomotor Repair | servorepair.com | 888-336-8430 | Irving, TX
Specializes in the repair of AC servomotors, DC brushless and servo motors, spindle and stepper motors, encoders, and resolvers from many manufacturers.

Comair Rotron | comairrotron.com | 619-661-6688 | San Diego, CA
AC/DC fans, blowers, motorized impellers, accessories.

Compumotor (now Parker)
compumotor.com | 800-358-9068 | Rohnert Park, CA
PC-based machine control, human-machine interface products, controllers, linear servo, rotary servo motors, direct drive servo systems, rotary, linear motor positioners, servo drives, planetary gearheads, linear slides & stages, gantry, cartesian robots, miniature linear stages, belt driven linear actuators.

Control Resources, Inc | controlres.com | 978-486-4160 | Littleton MA
Fan & motor speed controls & alarms, thermal analysis services, through hole & surface mount production lines, cable assembly, fan tray assembly, functional & in-circuit testing & statistical process control.

ebm/papst | ebm.com | 860-674-1515 | Farmington, CT
Fan and blower products.

ElectroCraft, Inc | eadmotors.com | 603-742-3330 | Dover, NH
Motion control products, stepping motors, linear actuators, brushless DC motors, AC induction motors, 400 Hz aerospace products, AC synchronous motors, fans/blowers, hi performance slotless motors, Canstack/PM stepping motors.

ElectroForce | electroforcesspi.com | 847-410-4300 | Niles, IL
Solenoids, linkage hardware, timer modules, controllers.

ETRI/Rosenberg USA | etrinet.com | 704-289-5423 | Monroe, NC
AC, DC Axial fans, cooling fans, AC, DC centrifugal blowers, accessories.

Globe Motors | globe-motors.com | 937-228-3171 | Dayton, OH
AC/DC motors and gearmotors, commercial cooling fans, blowers, transfer case actuators.

Kooltronic | kooltronic.com | 609-466-3400 | Pennington, NJ
Forced ventilation and closed-loop cooling products, air conditioners, heat exchangers, blowers, fans, fan trays.

Lin Engineering | linengineering.com | 408-919-0200 | Santa Clara, CA
Degree step motors, integrated motors, drivers, power supplies, gearheads, optical encoders, linear actuators.

Maxon Precision Motors | maxonmotorusa.com | 800-865-7540 | Burlingame, CA
DC motors, spur, planetary gearheads, feedback devices, controllers & amplifiers.

Melcor | melcor.com | 609-393-4178 | Trenton, NJ
Thermoelectric coolers, air conditioners, recirculating chillers, cold plate assemblies, heat sinks, special assembly capabilities, thermal design software.

MicroMo Electronics | micromo.com | 800-807-9166 | Clearwater, FL
DC, brushless, stepper motors, gearboxes, encoders, motor tachometers, brakes, drive electronics, MEMS.

MK-Koford | koford.com
847-296-8800 | Des Plaines, IL
Brushless DC motors and gearmotors, drives, brush DC motors and gearmotors.

New Scale Technologies | newscaletech.com | 585-924-4450 | Victor, NY
The simple ceramic Squiggle motor inspires highly miniaturized products and superior nanopositioning tools. The Squiggle motor provides unmatched precision, speed and force in a tiny piezoelectric motor assembly.

Nidec Corp | nidec.co.jp | 860-482-4422 | Torrington, CT
Spindle motors & pivot assemblies for HDDs, fan motors, small brushless DC motors, mid-size brushless DC motors.

NMB Technologies | nmbtech.com | 800-662-8321 | Chatsworth, CA
Miniature & instrument ball bearings, AC & DC axial fans & blowers, standard & custom designed motors, keyboards, speaker drivers, total audio solutions, bearing assemblies designed for a wide range of applications, including high-accuracy head positioning pivot assemblies, encoder assemblies for robotics, CAD/CAM systems and factory automation.

Noren Products | heatexchangerinfo.com | 650-322-9500 | Menlo Park, CA
Heat exchangers, compact cabinet coolers.

Poly-Scientific (now Moog Components Group)
polysci.com | 800-336-2112 | Blacksburg VA
Brushless DC, motion control, drives, slip rings, actuators, fiber optic rotary joints, resolvers & synchros.

Repair Zone (aka York Repair) | repairzone.com | 989-922-0043 | Bay City, MI
Nationwide servo motor and industrial electronic repair. Expert technicians provide thorough servo repair solutions, quick service, and a one year warranty. Engineers are experts in industrial electronics and servo repair. Using the latest and most sophisticated technology, they guarantee all services.

Rosenberg USA | rosenbergusa.com | 704-289-5423 | Monroe, NC
Radial, axial, duct, roof, in-line, free blowing fans, step-less or multi-step switches, and controllers for temperature, pressure, humidity and air velocity.

Saia-Burgess USA | saia-burgess-usa.com | 800-429-0365 | Vernon Hills, IL
Stepper, synchronous and linear motors, switches.

Sanyo Denki | sanyodenki.co.jp | 800-905-7989 | Torrance, CA
Fans, AC/DC motors, blowers, UPS.

Sunon, Inc | sunonusa.com | 714-255-0208 | Brea, CA
Electronic cooling fans and blowers.

Technosoft | technosoftmotion.com | +41 32 732 5500 | Bevaix, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Technosoft is a leading DSP Motion Control technology company, specialized in the design and manufacture of motion control OEM products and custom motion systems. MotionChip™ - a dedicated DSP solution for motion control, embedded today in a broad range of intelligent servo drive products. Drives cover all type of brushless, DC, linear or step motor applications from 25 W (45 V, 0.5 A) up to 3 kW (325 V, 10 A).

Thermatron Engineering | thermatroneng.com | 978-687-8844 | Methuen, MA
Cooling fans, heat exchangers, liquid cooling.

Thomson (now Danaher Motion)
thomsonindustries.com | 800-554-8466 | Port Washington, NY
Linear motion control products, motion control, ball screws, actuators, slides.

TigerTek Industrial Services | tigertek.com | 336-623-1717 | Stoneville, NC
Nationwide expert in servo motor, stepper motor & brushless motor repair, with a focus on lightning fast turnaround, great pricing, and the best customer services. All major brands repaired & returned like new, run tested with warranty. Visit our website for a free quote.

YS Tech USA | ystechusa.com | 888-470-3827 | Garden Grove, CA
AC/DC, crossflow fans, blowers, heat sinks.

United Thermal Engineering Corp | utecusa.com | 408-522-1515 | Sunnyvale, CA
AC/DC fans & accessories, heat sinks, thermally conductive materials.

Wavelength Electronics | teamwavelength.com | 406-587-4910 | Bozeman, MT
Manufactures high performance laser diode drivers and temperature controllers for precision OEM and research applications.

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