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M2M - Machine-to-Machine
Manufacturers & Services

"M2M is most commonly translated as Machine-to-Machine but has sometimes been translated as Man-to-Machine, Machine-to-Man, Machine-to-Mobile and Mobile-to-Machine. Among cellular telephone service providers, M2M means Mobile-to-Mobile, and is used to describe calls that do not involve land lines. Like all evolving technologies, its definition continues to evolve, but it generally refers to telemetry or telematics that is accomplished using networks, especially public wireless networks." - Wikipedia

M2M Resources     MEMs Manufactures & Services

Adaptive Modules Ltd | adaptivem2m.com
+44 (0) 1273 248 977 | United Kingdom
UK distributor of wireless m2m products and UK provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions for access, control and monitoring remote machines over wireless networks.

Aeris Communications | aeris.net
888-462-3747 | San Jose, CA
Wireless communications service provider dedicated exclusively to the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Telematics marketplace across North America.

Avid Wireless | avidwireless.com
Wireless data products and services including wireless M2M telemetry, wireless sensors, and intelligent remote control & monitoring.

Comtech M2M | comtechm2m.com
+44 (0)1204 664333 | UK
Provides remote asset monitoring, M2M communication, and digital signage solutions.

DataOnline | dataonline.com
Berkeley Heights, NJ Provider of M2M solutions specifically for the monitoring of both fixed and mobile remote assets.

Jasper Wireless | jasperwireless.com
408-328-5200 | Sunnyvale, CA
Products and services for enterprises, OEMs, solution providers and operators who want to capitalize on a world of connected devices including M2M.

KORE Telematics | koretelematics.com
866-710-4028 | Reston, VA
Digital wireless network provider focused exclusively on the rapidly-expanding machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market.

M2M Communications | m2mcomm.com
208-947-9500 | Boise, ID
Specializes in the design, manufacture, and operation of web-to-wireless remote monitoring and control products and services.

M2M Solution | m2msolution.com
+33 (0) 493 001 999 | France
Dedicated to the integration of machine to machine solutions.

Motorola | motorola.com
M2M wireless modules.

Numerex | numerex.com
800-665-5686 | Atlanta, GA
Offers a broad choice of secure M2M network services and solutions focused on asset monitoring, data transport and custom, integrated solutions.

Round Solutions GmbH | roundsolutions.com
+49 6102799280 | Neu-Isenburg, Germany
Manufacturer and distributor of customised embedded, PCB and standard GSM/UMTS/WIFI/GPS antenna, Cellular modems, GPS module with integrated antennas and RF cables. Bluetooth, WIFI and ISM RF module for embedded applications and M2M products and free services please check track4free.com and gauge4free.com.

Sensorlogic | sensorlogic.com
866-626-2932 | Addison, TX
M2M application hosting and the only SaaS (software-as-a-service) provider that offers easily customizable M2M solutions with a pre-integrated nation-wide GSM/GPRS network.

Serotonin Software | mango.serotoninsoftware.com
M2M management products including Enterprise Mango, hosted version of Mango M2M that can service multiple customers at once.

SkyTel | skytel.com
Comprehensive M2M solutions.

Sprint | nextel.com
Overland Park, KS
Find the right machine-to-machine solution to remotely monitor and control valuable assets in the field.

USA Mobility | usamobility.com
866-433-8726 | Dallas, TX
Provider of paging products, M2M (Telemetry) and Location-Based Services using M2M (machine-to-machine, machine-to-man and man-to-machine) wireless solutions, and other wireless services to the business, government and healthcare sectors.

Wireless Logic | wirelesslogic.co.uk
0844 8540424 | UK
M2M and mobile data solutions.

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