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Compared to resistors and capacitors, inductors are the third-most often used discrete electronic component. Sure, every physical component has a combination of of all three components in the form of parasitics. These companies are the major suppliers of all forms of inductors, from the smallest surface mount chip format to the monster metal can inductors used in power station transformers. They make axial lead, radial lead, wire-wound, printed ceramic, fixed, variable, low current, high current, low Q, high Q, and any other variation inductors.

Inductor Design Data

My policy is to only list companies that actually manufacture product or offer services related to the page title subject. Product distributors and sales representatives are not listed (they have their own Distributors page). This helps guarantee that each listing offers a unique product or service.

3L Global Electronics | 3lglobal.com
727-343-2679 | St. Petersburg, FL
Surface mounting beads, molded wound chip, open-type SMD, SMT power, inductors, SMT peaking coils.

American Technical Ceramics (ATC) | atceramics.com
631-622-4700 | Huntington Station, NY
Multilayer and single layer ceramic capacitors and wire-wound chip inductors for RF/Microwave, resistors, attenuators.

API Delevan | delevan.com
716-652-3600 | East Aurora, NY
RF, power, military & aerospace inductors, EMI/RFI suppressors, transformers, common mode power chokes.

Central Technologies | ctparts.com
800-684-5322 | Irvine, CA
Manufacturer of passive and discrete semiconductor components such as inductors, transformers, DC/DC converters, toroids, beads, resistors, varistors, antennas, etc. Offering over 350 products, free samples, engineering services, design kits, and customs capabilities. ISO9001:2000 certified.

Coiltech | coiltechinc.com
714-708-8715 | Costa Mesa, CA
Coiltech is a leading manufacturer of high quality surface-mount inductors, chokes, and coils.

Emicon Corporation | emiconcorp.com915-590-0795 | El Paso, TX
Custom manufacturer of coils, powerline filters, signal line filters, EMI filters, low pass filters and inductors.

EPCOS | epcos.com
800-689-3717 | Iselin, NJ
Capacitors, SAW, inductors/EMC components, surge arresters, nonlinear resistors, ferrite components.

Espey Mfg & Electronics Corp | espey.com
518-245-4400 | Saratoga Springs, NY
Custom magnetic design, mW to MegaW, all forms including pulse, impedance matching, SMPS, power, rectifier, inductor, reactor, mag-amp, CT, PT, high voltage to 300kV.

Excel Electric | excelelectriccorp.com
954-581-2330 | Plantation, FL
Surface mount power inductors, transformers, custom magnetics.

fastrongroup.com/home.php | 0049 80639935 | Munich, Germany
Chip inductors, transponder coil (for RFID), molded & leaded inductors, suppression coils, pluggable inductors (also shielded), wideband chokes, SMD power inductors (also shielded), strip wound cut cores, toroidal strip-wound cores. Free samples available.

FDK | fdk.co.jp | 858-558-8368 | San Diego, CA | Japan
Piezoelectric buzzers, capacitors, inductors, resistors, transformers, anechoic chambers, ferrites, VCO's, power supplies, circulators, combiners/dividers, motors, optics, synthesizers, batteries, RF absorbers, switches.

Frontier USA | frontierusa.com
805-522-9998 | Simi Valley, CA
RF inductors, power chokes, common mode filters, multilayer chip inductors, SM ferrite beads.
Gowanda Electronics | gowanda.com
716-532-2234 | Gowanda, NY
Common mode filter, current sensing, surface mount power inductors, surface mount filter beads, surface mount toroids, surface mount toroidal chokes.
Inductors, Inc | inductor.com
800-533-8295 | Irvine, CA
Inductors, chokes, coils, beads & transformers.

Ion Beam Milling, Inc | ionbeammilling.com
603-644-2326 | Manchester, NH
Since 1982 has manufactured thin film circuits for use in the microwave and photonics industries. Dry etch ion beam milling process to ensure a high level of repeatability. An array of standard products are ready to ship and we can create custom circuits to match your drawing. Ion Beam Milling also specializes in services. We can offer photolithography, milling, and/or dicing services to meet your needs. ISO 9001:2000 qualified.

Johanson Technology | johansontechnology.com
805-389-1166 | Camarillo, CA
LTCC chip antennas for Bluetooth, WLAN, 2.45 GHz ISM band, ceramic filters, diplexers, baluns, inductors, capacitors, couplers, laser trim, JTIsoft® modeling software.

KOA Speer Electronics | koaspeer.com
814-362-5536 | Bradford, PA
Resistors, capacitors, 3-terminal EMI/RFI filters, circuit protection, inductors, integrated components.

LBA Group, Inc | lbagroup.com
252-757-0279 | Greenville, NC
RF & wireless telecommunications industry products & services including antennas, capacitors, inductors, shielding systems, test equipment, testing and technical services;
RF Awareness & Antenna Co-Location Training.

Machrone Corp | machrone-intl.com
65 62740566 | Singapore
Manufacturing and distribution of electronic components including inductors, chokes, baluns, filters, chip antennas, couplers, diplexers, transformers.

Mallory-DuraCap International | duracap.com
519-539-4891 | Canada
Aluminum electrolytic, photoflash service capacitors, switches, wire-wound potentiometers, rheostats, attenuators, line, rotary selector switches, Inductuners.

Microwave Components, Inc | microwavecoil.com
978-256-8251 | South Chelmsford, MA
Microelectronic coils, inductors.

Mitchell Electronics | yesmec.com
914-699-3800 | Mt. Vernon, NY
Transformers, inductors, current sensors.

Murata Electronics | murata.com
800-241-6574 | Smyrna, GA
Chip multi-layer (1.0 2.5 GHz), chip dielectric (2450 GHz, Bluetooth), surface mount capacitors, thermistors, resistors, coil (inductors)/delay lines, noise suppression products/EMI filters, resonators, piezoelectric sound components, coaxial connectors, antenna/duplexers, isolators/circulators, PLL modules, VCOs, TCXO, RF diode switches, DC-DC converters, sensors.

NIC Components | niccomp.com
631-396-7500 | Melville, NY
Capacitors, attenuators, resistors, thermistors, inductors, ferrite beads, diodes, varistors.

Panasonic | panasonic.com
201-348-7000 | Secaucus, NJ
Inductive products include high performance chip inductors, in laser-cut or wire-wound technologies, a broad range of leaded, SMD, and leaded choke coils, as well as filters for EMI, noise | ESD, & AC leaded lines, voltage step-up coils are also available.

Pico Electronics | picoelectronics.com
800-431-1064 | Pelham, NY
Transformers, inductors, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies, power factor corrected modules.

Practical Components | practicalcomponents.com
714-252-0010 | Los Alamitos, CA
Dummy Components are exact, non-electrical mechanical packages used for pick-and-place machine setup, calibration, process testing, and solder training, education and rework practice. Dummies have the exact size, shape and soldering characteristics as fully functional components, but you save up to 80% of the price.

Renco Electronics | rencousa.com
321-637-1000 | Rockledge, FL
Bobbins, transformers, toroids, power chokes, inductors, surface mount.

Rhombus Industries | rhombus-ind.com
714-898-0960 | Huntington Beach, CA
Switch mode magnetics, inductors, data communication transformers, DSL transformers, power magnetics, delay lines, audio transformers.

Standex Electronics | standexelectronics.com
513-871-3777 | Cincinnati, OH
Cable, PCB, terminal blocks connectors, transformers, coils, antennas, current sense coils, hermetic & magnetic reed switches.

Tamura Corp | tamuracorp.com
800-472-6624 | Temecula, CA
DC-AC backlight inverters, DC-DC converters, EMI/RFI filters and coils, inductors, power supplies, wall plug-ins, telecom/datacom transformers.

US Microwaves | usmicrowaves.com
408-970-9680 | Santa Clara, CA
Products include attenuators, diodes, inductors, substrates, capacitors, dividers, resistors, terminations, couplers, filters, MMICs, LDOs.

Venkel | venkel.com
800-950-8365 | Austin, TX
Chip capacitors, resistors, inductors, thermistors, choke coils, ferrite beads.

Ventronics USA | ventronicsinc.com
908-272-9262 | Kenilworth, NJ
Resistors, varistors, thermistors, diodes, rectifiers, quartz crystals, oscillators, filters, switches, microcircuits, capacitors, battery packs, inductors, batteries, coils, EMI filters, transformers, LED/LCD, piezoelectric devices, line cords, cable assemblies, relays, blowers, fans, power supplies, thermal cutoffs, PCBs, potentiometers, delay lines, transducers, chokes.

XFMRS | xfmrs.com
317-834-1066 | Camby, IN
Transformers, inductors, inverters, EMI suppressors, wideband RF transformers up to 1 GHz.

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