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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) & Electrical Overstress (EOS)

Manufacturers & Services

Electrostatic discharge is a primary concern for electronic assemblies from the integrated circuit level right up to the end product. Much science and engineering has gone into developing protection circuitry and handling techniques to reduce the likelihood of damage by ESD. A vital aspect of electrostatic discharge susceptibility is related to  shielding of the microcircuits that have increasingly small gate widths and dielectric thicknesses. Huge amounts of resources have been invested in mitigating the effects of ESD. One part of the solution is to adequately shied the circuitry that does not have direct exposure to the outside world. Part of the qualification for ESD ruggedness of a final product is to zap (that's actually a technical term) the chassis in multiple locations to be sure there are no breaches in shielding that will permit a discharge path inside.

Battling a BattleBot ESD Issue

Please see the EMC | EMI | RFI Manufacturers & Services page for more related links.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) & Electrical Overstress (EOS) Resources

Adamson Consulting |
720-496-4002 | Boulder, CO
Specialists in intellectual properties strategies, product development, safety marks, and onsite electromagnetic measurements.

Automated Learning Corp |
613-271-4414 | Canada
ESD training and certification courses targeted to service personnel, operators, assemblers, technicians, engineers, supervisors, and managers.

Barth Electronics |
702-293-1576 | Boulder City, NV
Specializes in designing and manufacturing “state of the art” sub-nanosecond high energy, pulse power instrumentation for accurate measurement and true ESD simulation.

Boedeker Plastics |
800-444-3485 | Shiner, TX
Anti-Static and Conductive Plastics.

Botron Inc |
888-257-3680 | Phoenix, AZ
ESD products manufacturer.

Clean ESD Products |
510-780 0303 | Hayward, CA
Supplier of high quality, clean room, consumables, and static control products.

Desco Industries. |
Manufacturer of ESD static control products including Lead-free area products, personnel grounding, work surface mats, floor mats and grounding hardware, floor care and maintenance, packaging, testing and measurement equipment, ionization products.

Electrostatic Discharge Control Laboratory | | 937-255-4689
Researches materials, processes and procedures for electrostatic discharge control by the United States Air Force.

Electrostatic Solutions Ltd |
+44 (0)23 8090 5600 | UK
On-line static electricity R&D and consultancy center.

ESD Manufacturing & Supply |
(65) 6284 3133 | Singapore
ESD tubing for air, sleeving for wire, cable for bundle and neat cable layout, pouch (for personnel badge & card), document holders, wrist straps. |
ESD wrist straps, heel grounders, mats, test meters, cleaners, bags, ESD bins and boxes, garments, gloves, anti static tape, grounding devices, and more.

ESD Systems |
508-485-7390 | Marlboro, MA
ESD protective products including wrist straps, foot grounders, smocks, & field service grounding, rubber, vinyl, laminate & limited use mats for bench, carts & shelves, grounding hardware & accessories, wrist strap/footwear testers, continuous monitors, data loggers, field meters, megohmeters, charged plate analyzers, and more.

Gordon Brush |
800-950-7950 | Commerce, CA
Conductive, static dissipative, anti-static and insulative brushes.

Ground Zero Electrostatics |
877-463-9376 | Bradenton, FL
Static safe solutions for high tech industries including grounding, shielding, and neutralization.

Impulse Semiconductor |
408-355-5018 | San Jose, CA
TSMC ESD diodes; transmission line pulse networks and integrated transmission line pulse test systems with the best price, range and accuracy specifications; ESD device and ESD application engineering services.

Leader Tech. |
813-855-6921 | Tampa, FL
Manufactures electronic shielding products including gasketing that help prevent electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) on circuit board applications.

L. Gordon Packaging |
410-308-2202 | Timonium, MD
ESD protective packaging for shipping components and modules. Custom and standard shippers.

Monroe Electronics. |
585-765-2254 | Lyndonville, NY
Electrostatic and ESD measurement products including electrostatic Voltmeters, electrostatic fieldmeters, charge plate monitors, and resistance/resistivity meters.

Omni Training |
909-945-9495 | Rancho Cucamonga, CA
ESD courses and hands-on solder training services.

RFTek |
919-622-4088 | Raleigh, NC
Consulting and contracting services for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): design, test and compliance.

SRF Technologies |
602-421-2003 | Queen Creek, AZ
Contractor/consultant for the semiconductor industry specializing in CMOS process and circuit design services for RF, analog, IO & ESD design.

Static Clean International |
877-782-8423 | Burlington, MA
A full service provider of static control products including ionization products and contamination control equipment.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. |
ESD, EMC and TLP test systems, analytical instruments, reagents & consumables, laboratory equipment, software & services.

TopLine | | 800-776-9888 | Garden Grove, CA
Full range of static control products providing total protection for your ESD sensitive components.

Transforming Technologies |
419-841-9552 | Sylvania, OH
Heel grounders, straps & sets, coil cords, mats, ionizers, grounding accessories, bags, test equipment, tapes, surface coatings, garments signs, labels & documents.

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