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Electronic Waste (e-waste) Recycling & Dispositioning Services

Regardless of your attitude toward the extremist eco-warriors (who, incidentally, are often huge hypocrites), it is still good policy to minimize waste and pollution by being a good steward of the Earth and of resources thereon. These companies have formed to help provide the means for accomplishing that goal. They all perform some service related to electronic waste (e-waste) recycling and dispositioning.

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Comprehensive services include recycling solutions for troublesome, dangerous waste such as lamps, ballast, batteries, electronic scrap and mercury containing material.

Ageus Solutions (now Intertek)
ageussolutions.com | 613-566-7059 | Ontario, Canada
Compliance services for the US and Canadian RoHS, WEEE, EPEAT, packaging, battery, and emerging environmental requirements.

Air Cycle Corp
aircycle.com | 800-909-9709 | Broadview, IL
Offers recycling services and transportation throughout all of North America to assist facilities in properly disposing lamps, ballasts, batteries, and computer hardware.

ecycle.info | 925-371-1050 | Livermore, CA
Provides electronic waste (e-waste) recycling services.

Electronic Waste Management (EWM)
noewaste.com | 866-335-3373 | Hayward, CA
Commits to provide local community education and awareness on Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

eRevival LLC
erevival.net | 732-429-4392 | Garfield, NJ
Provides the private and public sector with computer and electronic recycling solutions that represent a viable, economical alternative to environmental contamination.

E-Tech Recycling (now EG Metals Inc.)
A computer and electronics recycling company.

eWaste Center, Inc (EWC)
ewastecenter.com | 206-767-9950 | Seattle WA
Dedicated to diverting electronic waste from landfills through recycling electronics in a safe, socially ethical and environmentally friendly process. EWC offers a wide range of services that can facilitate all electronic recycling needs to individuals, companies, and local governments.

eWaste, Inc
4ewaste.com | 800-828-2113 | Irvine, CA
Recycles computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners, paper shredders, copy machines, televisions, radios, microwave ovens, stereo system components e.g. turntables, amplifiers, VCRs, CD/DVD players, speakers, camcorders, cameras, telephones, cell phones, electric typewriters, PCBs, batteries, cables, UPS systems, calculators, servers, routers and electronic components.

Fox Electronics
foxelectronics.com | 510-259-1804 | Hayward, CA
End-of-life management, excess inventory, remarketing, & electronic scrap recycling services.

Green Lights Recycling, Inc
greenlightsrecycling.com | 763-785-0456 | Blaine, MN
Provides recycling services for fluorescent lamps, ballast, computers, electronics, batteries and mercury containing devices.

GreenMouse Recycling
ewasteservices.org | 408-464-9999 | Santa Clara, CA
Collects and recycles electronic products for businesses of all types, including government, non-profit and educational institutions.

Intechra, Inc
intechra.com | 800-258-9112
Offers comprehensive, proven, end-to-end IT asset disposition services including legislative compliance, data security and destruction, risk management, redeployment, remarketing, lease return, logistics management, and environmentally responsible recycling of all types of information technology.

Intercon Solutions
interconrecycling.com | 888-452-5642 | Chicago Heights, IL
An international ISO 14001 electronics recycling company specializing in end-of-life electronics, telecommunications equipment, and computers.

Materials Processing Corp (MPC)
materialsprocessing.com | Eagan, MN
An electronic recycling company specializing in component remarketing, precious metal recovery, and equipment recycling.

M & K Recovery Group
mkrecoverygroup.com | 978-688-0606 | Andover, MA
A precious metal refining and computer recycling specialist.

NextPhase (now Converge)
nextphaseglobal.com | 978-538-8100 | Peabody, MA
A leading provider of end-of-life IT asset management services including asset disposal, recycling and remarketing.

Recycled Goods
recycledgoods.com | 805-644-3100 | Ventura, CA
Provides complete asset recovery e-waste disposal, computer monitor CRT recycling and disposal services and solutions to corporations, leasing companies, educational facilities, and organizations.

RecycledPCParts.com, Inc (now Sir International Corp.)
recycledpcparts.com | 305-688-7727 | Miami, FL
Offers comprehensive electronic equipment recycling services to companies nation-wide. We process all types of computer, television, networking, telecommunications, cellular and document creation and management equipment.

shred-tech.com/home | 800-465-3214 | Ontario Canada
Provider of environmental & reduction technologies.

supremerecycling.com | 866-509-7267 / Lakewood, NJ
Provides computer recycling and monitor/CRT recycling services.

The Greenhouse
The Green House provides businesses with tailored waste management programs.

truecycle.com | Pasadena, CA
Provides remarketing and redistribution, volume reduction processing, environmental certification, asset tracking, data security, and logistics services.

United Datatech Distributors (UDT) (now ECS Refining)
uniteddatatech.com | 408-998-0700 | Santa Clara, CA
A full service reclamation company and independent distributor of new and refurbished electronics, peripherals and components.

Universal Waste Management, Inc
unwaste.com | 888-832-9839 | Oakland, CA
A premiere innovator in the collection/recycling of electronic and universal waste materials, providing residents and businesses alike with low-cost, user-friendly services.

Veolia Environmental Services
veoliaes.com | 630-218-1763 | Lombard, IL
Provides a complete range of compliant and cost-effective services to customers needing to manage end-of-life electronics, or e-waste.

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