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The term electronic warfare (EW) refers to any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) or directed energy (DE) to control the EMS or to attack the enemy. EW includes three major subdivisions: electronic attack (EA), Electronic Protect (EP), and electronic warfare support (ES). The purpose of EW is to deny the opponent an advantage in the EMS and ensure friendly unimpeded access to the EM spectrum portion of the information environment. EW can be applied from air, sea, land, and space by manned and unmanned systems. - Wikipedia

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Empower RF Systems
Please click here to visit the Empower RF Systems website. Inglewood, CA
310-412-8100 (V)
310-412-9232 (F)

Founded in 1999, Empower RF Systems is a US based company and global leader in power amplifier solutions that are critical to defense, commercial, and industrial market applications. Investments in both hardware and software engineering are yielding next generation products with significant size, weight, and interface functionality advantages over legacy products in the market.
RF Power Amplifiers

  • Next gen PA systems: 1 kW in 5U chassis
  • Next gen PA systems: 500 W in 3U chassis
  • Next generation amplifier software
  • Power Amplifiers up to 6000 MHz
  • Download power amplifier guides
  • Amplifiers available for immediate purchase

Company Information
  • About Empower       • Amplifier Options
  • Sales Reps              • New Products
  • Job Opportunities     • Engineering Notes

Advanced RF Electronic Warfare Principles
Course from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Altera Corp
altera.com | 408-544-7000 | San Jose, CA
Provides applications such as aircraft self-protection systems and tactical surveillance and intelligence systems for all branches of the armed forces. Other major business areas include missile and space electronics, infrared imaging, and automated mission planning systems.

ATI's Electronic Warfare Overview Course
aticourses.com | 888-501-2100 | Riva, MD
This two-day course presents the depth and breadth of modern Electronic Warfare, covering Ground, Sea, Air and Space applications, with simple, easy-to-grasp intuitive principles.

Avalon Systems
avalon.com.au | +61 8 8260 8112 | Australia
Design and manufacture of signal processing sub-systems for use by the Australian Defence Forces and EW systems houses; Australian Industry Involvement on major EW acquisition programs; Provision of engineering consultancy services to the Australian Defence Forces, Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO) and industry.

BAE Systems
baesystems.com | Nashua, NH
Designs, develops, produces, and supports electronic systems & subsystems for military and commercial applications including electronic warfare and self-protection systems, surveillance and intelligence, aircraft controls and avionics, sensors and precision targeting, communication, navigation, identification, and reconnaissance systems, enterprise solutions and information management for the defense and intelligence communities, mission-specific software and geospatial exploitation products, and rapid C4ISR prototyping.

caci.com | Arlington, VA
Designs, builds, operates and supports multi-mission and multi-spectral EW systems.

Please click here to visit the Ophir RF websiteOphir RF
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 310-306-5556

  Since 1992, Ophir RF has been designing and manufacturing RF/Microwave Amplifiers for Military, T&M, EMC and Scientific Research Applications.

  Products range 10 kHz to 40 GHz. Power levels 1 W to 25 kW. Ophir RF's specializes in replacing RADAR tube technology with solid state. Whether RF Amplifier Systems or Modules, Ophir RF is your RF Power Source.

Amplifier Systems
  Systems are complete. They plug into an outlet and are ready to go. Standard systems are 2U-5U chassis, w/or w/o remote connectivity.

Amplifier Modules
  Modules are usually smaller and part of systems. You supply your own DC voltage and make the I/O connections. Modules are available with or w/o heatsinks and fans.

Amplifier Subsystems
  Subsystems are integrated solutions for requirements that fall outside of the normal 19" rack chassis and standard module configurations. Driver module provides the PA with higher gain and output power.

Custom Systems
  If you have identified an amplifier system or an amplifier module from our standard product line that requires modification, submit details on the RFQ form.

DRS Technologies
drs.com | Parsippany, NJ
Design and development of complex electronic warfare radar systems.

ESL Defence (a subsidiary of AAI)
esldefence.co.uk | +44 (0)23 8045 5110 | UK
RF and Electro-Optic Stimulators and Flight Line Test Sets for military airborne applications, EW related research, study and in-service support activity on behalf of UK Government agencies and to Prime Contractors both in the UK & overseas.

Northrop Grumman
northropgrumman.com | 847-259-9600 | Rolling Meadows, IL
Design, development and manufacture of defense electronics and systems.

Raytheon Company
raytheon.com | 310-647-4519 | Waltham, MA
Development and production of EW system solutions for strategic and tactical aircraft, helicopters, and surface ships for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and their international counterparts.

Spectrum Signal Processing, Inc
spectrumsignal.com | 800-663-8986 | Canada
Supplies integrated software reconfigurable signal processing platforms which support mission critical applications such as electronic support (detection, direction finding), electronic attack (interception, deception, jamming, neutralization).

Syracuse Research Corp
syrres.com | 800-724-0451 | Syracuse, NY
ECM receivers, adaptive signal processing and adaptive nulling antennas to counter radar jamming and clutter problems.

terma.com | +45 8743 6000 | Denmark
Develops and markets high-tech solutions, systems, and products for civilian and military applications.

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