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Component & Equipment Resellers & Distributors

A major philosophy for the Vendor listing pages on RF Cafe is to avoid mixing distributors of products with manufacturers of products. This is done to prevent duplication of listings, and also to provide a resource for designers and system maintenance personnel to go in search of manufacturer's data and contact points. Redundancy of effort is thereby minimized.

Sometimes, manufacturers make some of their own products and also sell components made by other vendors. It happens a lot with cable companies who manufacture cable but not the connectors that go on the cable. They often offer their cable, as well as cable assemblies with connectors, and might also offer to sell the connector by themselves (if for no other reason as replacement parts).

Distributors also play an important role in the the sales process by providing an independent venue for shopping for best value and variety that no one vendor can supply.

Please contact my advertisers first. Thank-you.

NOTICE: Most search engines do a really good job of locating useful data if your search terms are well thought out, so rather than me supposing I know what you are looking for, I have provided a Search box  in the upper-left page border for you to use. If you are interested in advertising, please visit my Advertising information page. Thank you.

Blythewood, SC

Excel-Wireless is a solution provider with many years of experience in the cellular amplification and wireless communications industry, serving private companies, universities, military and government agencies. We stand behind our products offering full service warranty, return and replacement, and installation support.

We can produce up to 10,000 pieces of different cable assemblies every day. Not many factories can do that!

Our Product Line:
 • Cell Phone Signal Boosters - 2G/3G, 3G/4G,
       Large Building, Home/Office, Mobile
 • Cable Assemblies - LMR400, LMR600, RG58,
       LMR195, LMR240, RG174, RG213, RG316, RG188
 • Wireless Antennas - 400 MHz UHF, 700 MHz,
       800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 2.6 GHz,
       3.5 & 3.65 GHz, 5.8 GHz, Cellular, WiFi, MiMO
 • RF Connectors - BNC, SMA, ,N, TNC, MCX, MMCX,
       Mini UHF, FME Connector, F, SMB, QMA, DIN, UHF
 • WiFi/WLAN Network Equipment - Wireless Bridges,
       WiFi Cards & Access Points, Booster Amplifiers,
       Routers & Ethernet Switches,
 • Components - AC/DC Power Supplies, Cables,
       Lightning Protectors, Splitters, Attenuators

Manufacturers Include: ZDA Communications,
       Wilson, and Cellphone-Mate


4 Star Electronics | 949-240-8500 | San Clemente, CA
Independent electronics distributor of obsolete semiconductors, electronic components, military components, obsolete integrated circuits, transistors & capacitors. We also sell connectors, switches, relays, CPU's & hard drives.

12Volt-Travel | 1-888-412-8058 | Linesville, PA
CB radios, cellular accessories, Bluetooth kits, appliances, electronics.

ACX Component Exchange | 866-815-4836 | Pompano Beach, FL
Diodes & transistors, FPLDs & CPLDs, EPROM/FLASH, connectors, sockets, DRAM/SRAM/VRAM (memory modules), capacitors, resistors, ICs, logic, microprocessors.

Admiral Microwaves | 02088699050 | London, England
A wide range of active and passive RF & Microwaves components and subsystems including both coaxial and waveguide units. Antennas, amplifiers, attenuators, circulators, couplers, detectors, diodes, filters, limiters, isolators, loads, mixers, MMIC (GaAs), power dividers, resistors, switches, terminations, transistors.

All Parts, Inc (now M&S Services) | 888-294-7278 | Clearwater, FL
Obsolete electronic component distributor specializing in delivering allocated, hard to find and obsolete electronic parts, ICs, semiconductors, CPUs, memory chips etc.

Amateur Electronic Supply | Amateur Radio supplies, radio control, rockets, scanners, marine & CB, telescopes.

American Electronic Resource | 888-ic's-9111 | Costa Mesa, CA
ICs, semiconductors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, connectors, crystals, resistors, switches.

Arrow Electronics | 877-237-8621 | Melville, NY
Power supplies, magnetics, capacitors, alternatives to Tantalums, circuit protection, fans, blowers, resistors, integrated passive devices, Mil Spec technologies. | 318-390-9368 | Haughton LA
High quality and hard to find power supply replacements for all manufacturers including Astec, Bestec, Compaq, Dell, Delta, Emachine, FSP, Gateway, Hipro, HP, Liteon, Newton, Power Man, Shuttle, and Sparkle.

Boldt Machinery, Inc | 814-833-9836 | Erie, PA
Full-service machine tool distributor and solution provider. Our line-up includes, DMG/Mori Seiki, Milltronics, and more.
Dealer for ADI, ARRL, Westmountain Radio, Heil, Larsen and more.

CHIPS Technology Circuits | 800-526-1383 | Bloomfield, NJ
We stock the highest quality electronics components from major manufacturers and maintain an extensive inventory of obsolete and hard-to-find devices. We stand behind the promise of supplying you with the most competitive pricing available on RF Hybrids and repair parts and are committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Circuit Specialists, Inc | 800-528-1417 | Mesa, AZ
Huge variety of digital & analog test equipment, PC-based control and data acquisition bus cards, PCB fab equipment, adhesives, tools, enclosures, displays, fans, discrete components.

Dan's Small Parts & Kits
Virtual online internet catalog - transistors, MOSFETs, voltage regulators, linear & other IC's, diodes, crystals, transformers, sockets, heat sinks, potentiometers, dials, switches, ferrites, capacitors, connectors, & hardware.

Digi-Key | 800-344-4539 | Thief River Falls, MN
Everything under the Minnesota sun - at great prices and Next-Day delivery, over 400,000 components from more than 300 manufacturers.

Electronic Expediters | Camarillo, CA
World's largest variety supplier of electronic component parts. Our 41,000 sq foot warehouse contains over 316,902 line items at a value of more than $60 million.

Enigma Component Shop | +44 (0) 208 208 3150 | London, UK
An online shop specialising in electronics components for the hobbyist, with a bias towards RF technology.

FLW Southeast, Inc | 770-424-1731 | Kennesaw, GA
Supplier of measurement instruments & control solutions including commercial sensors, test and measurement instruments, process measurement instruments and process automation systems.

Fuses Unlimited | 800-255-1919 | Chatsworth, CA
Automotive, electronic, European, industrial, military, surface mount, semiconductor fuses, metal oxide varistors (MOV's), ESD suppressors, TVS diodes, gas plasma protectors, PTC resettable devices, cable ties, wiring accessories, circuit breakers, fans & blowers, power cords, cordsets, power entry modules, terminal, distribution blocks.

Future Electronics | 800-388-8731 | Canada
Capacitors, discrete, semiconductor, frequency control devices, inductors ICs, optoelectronic device, passive filters, RF/Microwave components/modules, resistors, transformers, connectors, device sockets, interconnects, terminal blocks, enclosures, and more.

Ham Radio Outlet
Supplier of Ham Radio equipment.

Hosfelt Electronics, Inc | 888-264-6464 | Steubenville, OH
3M products, adapters, audio/video cables, ballasts, banana plugs, batteries, battery chargers, binding posts, BNC connectors, bridge rectifiers, capacitors.

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everything RF

Search for RF components at everything RF
everything RF is a search engine for RF & Microwave Components. everything RF lists complete catalogs from various RF & Microwave component manufacturers and enables engineers to search through them by specification. There are over 135,470 Components listed from more than 386 Manufacturers. Download datasheets, Request Quotes or Contact the Suppliers for more information via everything RF. Its Fast & Easy!
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Please click here to visit the PCB Material World websitePCB Material World
Schaumburg, IL
Tel: 847-809-2757
Fax: 847-963-8045
   We buy surplus, obsolete, and offcut
   RF Copper Clad Laminates.
 PCB Material World is an independent
 distributor and market maker of PCB raw
 materials. We buy and sell PCB raw materials
 such as Copper Clad Laminates, Copper Foil,
 Drill Backer and Entry, among other items.
 We specialize in exotic and hard to find copper
 clad laminates and other materials including:
 • Duroid® • GETEK® • Kapton® Flex
 • CEM-1 • GIL Technologies • Copper Foils
 • CEM-3 • Arlon • Thin Core FR-4
 • FR-4 • RF Laminates • BT Epoxy
 • Taconic • Heavy Coppers • Metal Backed
 • Aramid • Polyimide • Other Materials
 Visit our website to search our online inventory
 database or download a PDF copy of our
 inventory. We serve hobbyists, universities,
 R&D Labs, and quick turn and volume industrial


IC Electronic Components | 954-344-2794 | Coral Springs, FL
Independent distributor of production quantities; hard-to-find electronic components; we buy and sell obsolete, discontinued electronic components domestically and abroad.

Inductors, Inc | 800-533-8295 | Irvine, CA
Independent distributor of inductive components including inductors, transformers, DC/DC converters, toroids, beads, resistors. Stocking over 137 million parts and providing a 100% guarantee for product reliability & authenticity. ISO9001:2000 Certified.

Industrial Equipment Recovery | 281-441-9321 | Humble, TX
Circuit breakers, motor starters, motor control centers, switchgear and custom built control panels, IER offers a large selection of equipment from all the major manufacturers as well as repair and rental services.

International Radio | Supplier of custom designed, high performance quartz crystal filters for communications receivers and transceivers... and MORE!

Liberty International | 909-606-8417 | Chino Hills, CA
RF, microwave and millimeter wave components (active & passive), optics and lasers for space, ground and medical applications, motion control systems for satellite and ground applications, composite consumables for aircraft & satellites, fiber optics, chemicals and many other products.

March Electronics | 800-444-6056 | Bohemia, NY
Connectors, cable assemblies, relays, terminals & terminal blocks, capacitors, cameras & lenses, DC-DC converters, power supplies, heat sinks & dissipaters, fuses/holders, switches.

Microwave Distributors Company | 800-637-4353 | Bohemia, NY
Adapters, attenuators, cable assemblies, circulators, coaxial cable, connectors, couplers, DC blocks, detectors, diodes, hybrids, isolators, lightning protectors, limiters, power dividers, phase adjusters, shorts, terminations.

Milestone Technologies
Telegraph keys, bugs, paddles, and related telegraphic equipment, electronic keyers, keyboards, and keyer-paddles, electronic kits, AMECO keys, oscillators, filters, pre-amps, code training, hand tools, soldering equipment, test equipment, Morse code training, and logging software, electronic parts and components.

Mouser Electronics | 800-346-6873 | Mansfield, TX
Optoelectronics, semiconductors, passives, interconnects, wire & cable, electromechanical, sensors, enclosures, thermal management, power, test, tools, & supplies.

M-Tron Components | 800-437-7766 | Ronkonkoma, NY
Specializing in Military, Aerospace, Medical and Commercial industries, our Franchised Lines can meet or exceed your daily requirements. Offering 3M, Amphenol Connectors, Cornell CDE, Mallory, Ohmite Mfg, Precision Electronics and more, will provide you the quality products with full Mil-Certification and/or traceability. Full lines of circuit components like capacitors, resistors, fuses, connectors, semiconductors. Obsolete, allocated, and hard-to-find parts. Certified Small Business and Vietnam-era Veteran-owned.

Powell Electronics | 800-235-7880 | Philadelphia, PA
Connectors, switches, sensors, heat shrinkable products.

Procure International, Inc | 321-773-9991 | Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Wholesale distributor of obsolete and hard-to-find military and commercial semiconductors, passive components, connectors and power supplies, including flash memory, MCUs, logic, A-D/D-A converters, analog amplifiers, switches & multiplexers, SRAM/DRAM & DC-DC converters.

RFMW | 877-367-7369 | San Jose, CA
Distributor of RF & microwave semiconductors, connectors, and components.

RF Parts
Large inventory for servicing and manufacturing amateur, commercial & broadcast communications equipment including cable, connectors & adapters Heliax coax cable, ARRL & technical books, service & owners manuals, RF modules, transistors, heatsinks, high voltage rectifiers, wattmeters & elements, electronic & coaxial dynamics, coax relays, transmitting tubes, high voltage rectifiers, electron tubes, tube sockets, receiving tubes, and much more.

RF Power Exchange | 954-344-7379 | Weston, FL
Power tubes, RF & microwave transistors, vacuum capacitors, RF amplifiers/modules, military radio spare parts.

Tactron Elektronik | +49 89 895 5690 | Germany
Manufacturer's representative and agent of leading manufacturers of microwave and RF semiconductors, components and systems.

Techni-Tool | 800-832-4866 | Worcester, PA
Adhesives, cabinets/carts, cases/boxes, cleaning supplies, clean room, crimp tools, electrical, fiber/datatcom/telco, gauges, gloves, heat guns, lights/magnifiers, material handling, power supplies, safety products, soldering equipment, static control, surge protection, test equipment, tools, ultrasonics, wire wrap.

TestParts Sales Company | | Evans, GA
Coax adapters, coax cable assemblies, oscilloscope probes, RF switches & relays, RF vacuum relays & switches, RF microwave parts, test equipment, test leads, tools, Wattmeters elements & loads.
Online Ham Radio store - aluminum tubing, amplifiers, books, coax & cable, filters, keys, paddles, remote switches, towers, more.

TransiTiva | 888-317-8112 | Mountain View, CA
A high-end GPS distributor, supplying products from well recognized manufacturers. TransiTiva is dedicated to providing its customers the best products with a special focus on customer support.

Universal Radio
Amateur and shortwave radio equipment, antennas and accessories, scanners, CB, FRS, GPS and weather instruments, also offers an excellent selection of radio related books. | 888-992-2270 | Copper Hill, VA
Weather Stations for amateur weather enthusiasts, pilots, and ham radio operators. Featuring Davis Instruments, La Crosse Technology, and Nielsen-Kellerman, we carry a wide variety of cabled and wireless weather stations, wireless rain gauges, weather alert radios, and radio controlled clocks.

Western Test Systems, Inc | 800-538-1493 | Cheyenne, WY
Tefurbished and guaranteed coaxial and waveguide test hardware DC-110+ GHz. All items tested and warranted for ninety days. Fast delivery from stock.

The Wireman, Inc
Products for amateur and professional radio.

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