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Displays, Lamps, LCDs & LEDs
Manufacturers & Services

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There are many varieties of electronic display types available, but generally they can be reduced to the following basic types: gas-discharge, gas-filled, light emitting diodes (LED), and liquid crystal displays (LCD). Gas-discharge include fluorescent, plasma, quartz, and mercury vapor. Gas-filled includes incandescent and cathode ray tubes (CRT). LEDs can be made of various semiconductor elements and compounds like silicon (Si), gallium arsenide (GaAs), and silicon carbide (SiC). LCDs can be twisted nematic (TN), in-plane switching (IPS), and advanced fringe field switching (AFFS). There are other display types, of course, but they are not widely used in mass production.

American Bright Optoelectronics |
888-533-0800 | Chino, CA
Surface mount LEDs, lamps, displays.

Aydin Displays, Inc |
866-367-2934 | Birdsboro, PA
Provider of industrial & military ruggedized flat panel display solutions - rackmount, panel mount, OEM consoles, desktop, & benchtop monitors. Most monitors offered with the following options: touchscreens, full range dimming, sunlight readable, ECDIS compliant, & various NEMA & MIL-STD ratings.

AZ Displays |
949-360-5830 | Aliso Viejo, CA
Character, graphic modules, glass panel LCDs, contract manufacturing services, backlight and polarizer options for LCDs, relays, LEDs, transformers.

Bivar |
949-951-8808 | Irvine, CA
Co-extruded, self-retaining LED and discrete component mounts, ultra-wide (180) viewing angle Mako-Wide™ LED module for high intensity displays, second-generation light pipe materials featuring 60% contrast ratio improvement.

Bright Company |
+44 (0) 208 670 5042 | UK
LED lighting for displays, channel letter illumination, LED module designs, electronics engineering, creative & colourful LED lighting, LED electronics, drivers & circuits, project manufacturing.

Clairex Technologies |
972-422-4676 | Plano, TX
Photoconductors, infrared and visible LEDs, optocouplers, phototransistors, arrays, hi-rel processing, semiconductor die, photo-ICs, photodiodes, emitter-detector assemblies, hybrids, custom assemblies.

Computer Dynamics |
864-627-8800 | Greenville, SC
Flat panel computers, monitors, Thinclient & embedded systems, industrial rack mount, factory mutual, explosion proof computers & monitors, computers & monitors with NEMA 4, sunlight readable LCDs, military, marine & custom systems.

Data Display Products |
800-421-6815 | El Segundo, CA
LED lamps, panel-mount LED's, PCB mount LED's.

Data Image |
407-243-9970 | Orlando, FL
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) modules, COB (chip-on-board), chip-on-flex, chip-on-film, COG (chip-on-glass) and TAB (tape automated bonding).

DAV Electronics |
609-561-7418 | Hammonton, NJ
Bulk, 12 volt LEDs in 11 colors choices, LED controllers, LED tubes, switches & wire, plugs & adapters.

Densitron Technologies |
562-941-5000 | Santa Fe Springs, CA
Sells and manufactures standard and custom alphanumeric or graphic LCDs, STN, FSTN, CSTN, TFT technologies, single board computer assemblies, targeting the gaming industry. Special requests available.

Emerging Display Technologies |
781-721-0048 | Winchester, MA
LCD design - chip on board (COB), chip on flex (COF), chip on glass (COG), tape automated bonding (TAB), flexible print circuit board (FPC), touch screen.

Fairchild Semiconductor |
800-341-0392 | South Portland, ME
Analog and mixed signal processing, conversion and management, MOSFETs, IGBTs, diodes and rectifiers, high-drive, high-speed, low noise I/Os, microcontrollers, LEDs, optocouplers, displays, solid state relays and infrared, RF components, analog, audio, bus, LAN and video switches.

FDK | | 858-558-8368 | San Diego, CA | Japan
Piezoelectric buzzers, capacitors, inductors, resistors, transformers, anechoic chambers, ferrites, VCO's, power supplies, circulators, combiners/dividers, motors, optics, synthesizers, batteries, RF absorbers, switches.

Gunze Electronics USA Corp |
512-990-3400 | Austin, TX
Transparent touch panels, and electroluminescent backlighting, specializing in analog resistive, matrix and flat capacitive touch panels.

IEE Innovative Display Tech |
800-422-0867 | Van Nuys, CA
Text line, low-cost, LCD graphic and line, full color graphic, AMLCD, PEP touch screen interface, VIP mini terminals front panel interface displays, vacuum fluorescent and LCD display modules, mounting bezels, parts & accessories.

JKL Components |
800-421-7244 | Pacoima, CA
Miniature, laptop, fluorescent, ultraviolet lamps, CCFL inverters.

Lamp Technology |
800-533-7548 | Bohemia, NY
Multi & single chip based LED's (replacement for incandescents),  energy saving, projection, European, graphic arts, miniature/automotive, miniature, neon, sealed beam lamps, specialty general lighting, energy efficient exit sign bulbs, medical/scientific/microscope, batteries, consumer products/flashlights.

LCD Systems |
510-353-1913 | Fremont, CA
Custom LCD displays, TN, STN, 7-segment, dot matrix, LEDs.

LEDtronics |
800-579-4875 | Torrance, CA
Miniature, automotive, PCB, SMT, RGB, IR & UV LEDs, custom modules.

Liquid Crystal Technologies |
440-232-8590 | Cleveland, OH
Standard & custom liquid crystal displays (LCD's), graphic & alphanumeric LCD modules, color STN modules, COG modules, OLED's, custom front panel assemblies.

Mark Products, LLC |
630-787-9089 | Wood Dale, IL
Distributor and engineering support of passive STN LCD products from Nan Ya Plastics Corp. Standard and custom color and monochrome graphic modules up to 640x480 and character modules. Providing innovative technical solutions to customer design requirements.

Marktech Optoelectronics |
800-984-5337 | Long Beach, CA
Ultra bright LEDs, standard LEDs, surface mount LEDs, dot matrix Displays, segment displays, and photo sensors.

Microtips Technology |
888-499-8477 | Orlando, FL
LCD FSTN, TN, STN, ECB, COG, TAB, COF with EL, LED, CCFL backlighting.

Nichia America Corp |
248-352-6575 | Mountville, PA
Phosphor, lamp, SMD LEDs, laser diode, compound semiconductors, LED infrared epitaxial wafers, fine chemicals, transistion metal catalysts, battery materials, magnetic materials, evaporation & coating materials, high purity metals.

Ocular |
877-523-3678 | Richardson, TX
COG modules, graphic LCD, alphanumeric LCD modules, custom LCD cell (glass only), custom module and display systems, low-power, standard LCD products.

Opto Diode |
805-499-0335 | Newbury Park, CA
GaAlAs detectors, high power 880nm IRLEDs, high output visible LEDs.

Optrex America (now KYOCERA Display America, Inc)
313-416-8500 | Plymouth, MI
LCD, monochrome & color, TFT Digital/Analog products.

Padtech Industries |
604-946-4799 | British Columbia, Canada
Membrane, switches, overlays, cable assemblies, LCD displays, touch screens, lenses, precision metal, precision plastic.

Patlite |
888-214-2580 | Torrance, CA
Machine status colored light tower indicators, rotating beacons, mounting poles & brackets, rubber gaskets, replacement bulbs & LEDs, audible alarms & horns.

Planar Systems |
866-475-2627 | Beaverton, OR
High-bright AMLCD displays, open-frame LCD monitors, EL displays, LCD monitors, plasma & LCD TVs, medical display solutions.

SloanLED |
888-747-4533 | Ventura, CA
Signage and architectural lighting, spa and backyard lighting, discrete LEDs, LED lamps, PCB mount LEDs, retail lighting.

Sorenson Lighted Controls, Inc |
800-275-7089 | Hartford, CT
Round, rectangular indicator lights, LED products, rear mount indicators, pushbutton, variable height, right angle, toggle switches, Vario Support System, Aqua Mec.

Toyoda Gosei |
+81-567-46-2768 | Japan
LED lamps & chip LEDs, Hi-series LED lamps.

Visual Communications Company, Inc |
800-522-5546 | San Diego, CA
Lenses, panel connectors, cable harnesses, LED mounting hardware.