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Coatings vendors provide services for applying paint, plating, iridite, laminate, clearcoat, anodization, cementeous mixtures, plastic encasement, and many specialty processes. Proper surface preparation is vital to a long-lasting, durable finish, often requiring specialized disciplines in heat treatment, clean room environment, specific ambient atmosphere composition (nitrogen, pure oxygen, e.g.), timed thermal gradients, dipping, sandblasting, etching, etc. Most manufacturing environments are not set up for this kind of treatment and must rely on the kinds of companies represented here to get the work done.

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Advanced Finishing USA | 814-474-5200 | Fairview, PA
Specializes in applying durable plastic powder coatings to industrial equipment, fabrications, castings, stampings, extrusions and assorted metal parts.

Capitol Paint Manufacturing, Inc | 800-405-3383 | Oklahoma City, OK
Manufactures coatings for a wide variety of industrial and residential applications.

Carma Industrial Coatings | 717-624-6239 | New Oxford, PA
Services include wet paint, ceramic coatings, copper, gator, anti-microbial coating, and also offers parts assembly and provides direct shipping to your customer's door.

Corro Therm, Inc | 215-322-5255 | Feasterville, PA
High performance industrial, maintenance and protective coatings.

Creative Coatings Company, Inc | 586-755-0035 | Warren, MI
Provider of military, naval and aerospace industry coatings, meeting all OEM and QPL requirements.

Dupont Performance Coatings | Manufacturer of DuPont Refinish, DuPont Commercial Fleet Finishes, Standox®, Spies Hecker®, Nason® Finishes, and DuPont Industrial Coatings.

Electro-Coatings | 800-806-6059 | CA, IA, TX
A wide variety of coatings services, including electroless nickel, hard chrome, chromium, roll repair, hvof, plasma spray, abrasive coatings, and surface technology. We service a wide variety of industries, and continually strive to provide innovative solutions to meet today's low cost, high strength demands.

Evaporated Coatings, Inc | 215-659 3080 | Willow Grove, PA
Offers a wide variey of vacuum deposited thin films including Anti-reflection, mirror, filter, beamsplitter, transparent conductive, attenuation coatings, metal & dielectric depositions, solderable films.

Foutch Industries | 866-299-1731 | Smithville, TN
A custom coating operation with the capability to perform continuous or batch operations using either wet paint or powder media.

KECO Engineered Coatings, Inc | 800-336-5326 | Indianapolis, IN
Specializing in custom services such as research and development, prototype and distinct production categories. Our range of technologies includes a full line of signature products, with applications of nonstick liquids and powders, dry film lube, metallic ceramic, corrosion resistant, plasma, wire arc and urethane.

Krylon Products Group | 800-777-2966 | Cleveland, OH
Aerosol filling systems, aerosol paint, caulks, sealants & adhesives, commercial & industrial coatings, electrical & electronic cleaners | degreasers, industrial cleaners & degreasers, industrial facility maintenance, layout dyes & stencil marking products, lubricants, mold release agents & maintenance, paint applicators & accessories.

LORD Corporation | 877-275-5673 | Cary, NC
Adhesives, coatings, electronic materials, magneto-rheological (MR), specialty chemicals, vibration & motion control.

Metal Coatings Corp | 888-215-3869 | Houston,
Fastener and industrial coating services.

Newark Industrial Spraying | 973-344-6855 | Newark, NJ
Coating services specializing in prototype and production liquid and powder painting, protective coatings, silk screen printing & finishing services for metal, plastic & wood parts.

Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing, Inc | 717-733-8670 | Ephrata, PA
A small production job facility that applies powder coatings, liquid dip coatings and Fluorocarbon Coating coatings to metal fabrications.

Precision Coatings, Inc | 800-959-0198 | St. Paul, MN
Coatings for mining, pumps, food processing, machine manufacturing, printing, packaging, and computer industries.

Somay Products, Inc | 888-2-4-SOMAY | Miami, FL
Manufacturer, distributor and exporter of premium quality paints and waterproofing coatings for interior and exterior architectural surfaces.

Thermoclad Company (now Protech) | 814-456-1243 | Erie, PA
Custom formulated thermoplastic powder coatings for the finishing industry.

TSP, Inc | 877-387-2883 | Batavia, OH
Manufacturer of Duravue® coatings & products. Services include Acrylic, Polycarbonate fabrication, lasercutting & CNC machining.

Van Westrum Corp | 317-926-3200 | Indianapolis, IN
Applies industrial, protective, decorative, powder, maintenance, Teflon®, polymer, & other specialty thin film coatings.

Walter Wurdack, Inc | 314-351-6600 | St. Louis, MO
Specializing in industrial finishes and coatings.

Whitford Corp | 610-286-3500 | Elverson, PA
Manufacturer of fluoropolymer coatings including coatings for cookware, bakeware and appliances, chemical processing industries, the petrochemical industry, fasteners, automotive uses, and Finishes/coatings for a wide variety of textiles.

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