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Clean Room Equipment, Services, & Supplies
Manufacturers & Services

Clean rooms provide a work area in which the air quality, temperature and humidity are highly regulated in order to protect sensitive equipment from contamination. Clean rooms are important features in the production of integrated circuits, hard disk drives, satellites, sensitive scientific detector assemblies, etc. The air in a clean room is repeatedly filtered to remove dust particles and other impurities that can damage the production of highly sensitive technologies. The measure of the air quality of a clean room is described in Federal Standard 209. Class 10,000 must have no more than 10,000 particles larger than 0.5 microns in any given cubic foot of air, Class 1000 no more than 1000 particles, and so on.

Abtech | abtech.net
800-394-7699 | Santa Ana, CA
Manufacturer, designer, builder and installer of prefabricated and custom turnkey modular environmentally controlled cleanrooms & equipment including modular hardwall, panelized and softwall cleanrooms with temperature and humidity control.

American Cleanroom Systems | americancleanrooms.com
949-589-5656 | Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Modular cleanrooms, HEPA filters, modular offices.

Aramark Cleanroom Services | aramark-cleanroom.com
630-271-2056 | Downers Grove, IL
Offers a complete line of state-of-the-art static dissipative garments, barrier apparel, sterile garments and cleanroom application accessories designed and manufactured to exacting specifications.

Cleanroom.net | cleanroom.net
+353 (0) 56 7771771 | Kilkenny, Ireland
Cleanroom industry news site.

CleanRooms International | cleanroomsint.com
616-452-8700 | Grand Rapids, MI
Designer and builder of a wide variety of cleanroom components, workstations and air handling equipment.

CleanZones, LLC | cleanzones.com
888-399-2464 | Manalapan, NJ
Design and manufacture of high quality air filtration equipment for the cleanroom industry.
FutureFab | futurefab.com/cleanroom1.html | 888-383-2923 | Plano, TX
Cleanroom furniture, laboratory hoods, desiccator cabinets, quartz storage, garment storage, carts, prototype design & fabrication.

Halco Products Company | halco-products.com
847-956-1600 | Elk Grove Village, IL
Manufactures a complete line of prefabricated clean rooms, air showers, tunnels, pass-thrus, HEPA filters, blowers, work stations, & electronic communication equipment for clean rooms.

IAC Industries | iacindustries.com
Workstations, workbenches, LAN stations, cleanroom products, material handling products.
Luwa Americas (now Bahnson)
Engineering air systems.

National Partitions™ | n-p.com
800-586-9041 | Knoxville, TN
Industry leader in the application of economical modular design techniques as used in the construction of prefabricated interior offices (in-plant offices) , manufacturing rooms, environmental rooms, clean rooms and industrial wall systems.

Neslo | neslo.com
203-879-4636 | Wolcott, CT
Clean room products, office systems, industrial systems.

Pacific Panels | pacificpanels.com
510-568-7288 | Oakland, CA
Offers a wide range of lightweight strong and stiff honeycomb panels for cleanroom wall and ceiling panels.

PortaFab Cleanroom Systems | portafab-cleanrooms.com
636-537-5555 | Chesterfield, MO
Modular cleanroom systems. Flexible design allows fast, easy installation in a system that can be expanded or relocated as needs change.

R. Kraft. (RKI) | cleanroomservices.com
800-447-4754 | Rochester NY
Cleanroom support servicesluding cleanroom test/certification & periodic monitoring programs, laminar flow bench test/certification, airflow visualizations studies, contamination control investigations of existing facilities & manufacturing processes, precision cleaning of clean rooms.

Scientific Materials Corp | scientificmc.com
908-218-0010 | Branchburg, NJ
Designs and manufactures Anti-static and conductive polymer materials for floor covering and floor mats customizable to your clean room and access areas.

Servicor | servicor.com
800-232-0103 | San Carlos, CA
Expandable, portable, durable cleanrooms available in Softwall, Stretchwall, Hardwall designs.

Technovation Systems
804-744-0604 | Midlothian, VA
Expertise in Cleanroom and contamination control products and services.

Terra Universal | terrauniversal.com
714-578-6000 | Fullerton, CA
Manufacturing expert in critical environment applications, with over 20 years of design and fabrication experience in cleanroom-related industries.

Transforming Technologies | transforming-technologies.com
419-841-9552 | Sylvania, OH
Heel grounders, straps & sets, coil cords, mats, ionizers, grounding accessories, bags, test equipment, tapes, surface coatings, garments signs, labels & documents.

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