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Capacitors (Fixed & Variable)
Surface Mount, Leaded, Arrays

Manufacturers & Services
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Compared to resistors, capacitors are the second-most often used discrete electronic component. Inductors would be the third most used. Sure, every physical component has a combination of of all three components in the form of parasitics. These companies are the major suppliers of all forms of capacitors, from the smallest surface mount chip format to the monster metal can electrolytic capacitors used in power factor correction banks. They make axial lead, radial lead, electrolytic, tantalum, ceramic, fixed, variable, low voltage, high voltage, low ESR, and any other variation capacitors. As always, I ask you to please check with RF Cafe advertisers as your first choice.

AFM Microelectronics |
858-755-7688 | San Diego, CA
High Q, low ESR/ESL RF/microwave multilayer ceramic capacitors, high dielectric GBBL substrates.

American Technical Ceramics (ATC) |
631-622-4700 | Huntington Station, NY
Multilayer and single layer ceramic capacitors and wire-wound chip inductors for RF/Microwave, resistors, attenuators.

843-946-0414 | Myrtle Beach, SC
Capacitors,  thin film directional couplers, Z-chip combo R&C impedance matching surface mount chip, ESD/surge protection, EMI/RFI feedthrough filters, AVX SPIMIC capacitor calculation, connectors - PCB, rack-and-panel, DIN, coaxial/RF, filters, resistors.

Cera-Mite (now Vishay)
402-563-6866 | Shelton, CT
Single-layer ceramic capacitors, ceramic positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors, ceramic disc capacitors.

Compex |
856-335-2277 | West Berlin, NJ
Capacitors, submounts & mounting shorts, substrates.

Dielectric Laboratories |
315-655-8710 | Cazenovia, NY
Surface mount, high frequency, DC blocking, CapCAD capacitor calculation, thin film products.

800-689-3717 | Iselin, NJ
Capacitors, SAW, inductors/EMC components, nonlinear resistors, ferrite components, surge arresters.

Ion Beam Milling, Inc |
603-644-2326 | Manchester, NH
Since 1982 has manufactured thin film circuits for use in the microwave and photonics industries. Dry etch ion beam milling process to ensure a high level of repeatability. An array of standard products are ready to ship and we can create custom circuits to match your drawing. Ion Beam Milling also specializes in services. We can offer photolithography, milling, and/or dicing services to meet your needs. ISO 9001:2000 qualified.

Kemet |
864-963-6300 | Greenville, SC
Surface-mount capacitors in aluminum, ceramic and tantalum; and leaded capacitors in ceramic and tantalum. EMI/RFI feedthrough filters.

KOA Speer Electronics |
814-362-5536 | Bradford, PA
Resistors, capacitors, 3-terminal EMI/RFI filters, circuit protection, inductors, integrated components.

Maxwell Technologies |
858-503-3300 | San Diego, CA
BOOSTCAP energy storage UHm capacitors for battery replacement, high voltage capacitors, amplifiers

MicroMetrics (now Aeroflex | Metelics) | 888-641-7364 | Londonderry, NH
Tuning varactors, Schottky mixer and detector, PIN, point contact, step recovery diodes, thin film resistors, chip capacitors, thin film circuits.

Nanowave Technologies |
416-252-5602 | Canada
Thin film substrates, RF and electro-optic components (capacitors, resistors, attenuator pads) and subsystems (amplifiers, transceivers, transmitters).

NIC Components |
631-396-7500 | Melville, NY
Capacitors, attenuators, resistors, thermistors, inductors, ferrite beads, diodes, varistors.

Presidio Components |
858-578-9390 | San Diego, CA
Buried Single Layer, microwave & fiber optic capacitors, multilayer chip, SMPS/stacked, radial leaded, high voltage capacitors. Free Kent Simulator for single-layer capacitor modeling.

RF Power Exchange |
954-344-7379 | Weston, FL
Power tubes, RF & microwave transistors, vacuum capacitors, RF amplifiers/modules, military radio spare parts.

Susumu | | +81-25-552-3988 | Niigata-Pref., Japan
Resistors, capacitors, inductors, coils, filters, sensors.

Syfer Technology |
+44 1603 723300 | Norfolk, Suffolk, England
Syfer has 25+ years experience in manufacturing ceramic capacitors, both SMD and thru-hole EMI filters and EMI Power Filters.

Tusonix |
520-744-0400 | Tucson, AZ
EMI/RFI filters, surface mount EMI filters, variable trimmer capacitors, filtered terminal blocks, custom EMI filter plate assemblies, ceramic disc capacitors.

TXTLinX | | 973-758-0808 | Livingston, NJ
Provides a complete, searchable list of companies and their products, or articles, featured in Microwave Product Digest. Use the Forum to participate in a dynamic discussion about our represented companies and their products.

US Microwaves |
408-970-9680 | Santa Clara, CA
Products include attenuators, diodes, inductors, substrates, capacitors, dividers, resistors, terminations, couplers, filters, MMICs, LDOs.

Voltronics |
973-586-8585 | Denville, NJ
Multi-turn trimmer, ceramic chip trimmer, non-magnetic yrimmer, non-magnetic high Q multi-layer porcelain chip capacitors.

Yageo |
425-492-2818 | Woodinville WA
Capacitors, resistors, inductors, MLCC's, X2Y products.

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