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Amateur astronomy is one of those hobbies in which I participated avidly for about five years while in the U.S. Air Force and for a couple years after separating. During that time I observed as often as time and atmospheric conditions permitted. While at Robins AFB, in Warner Robins, Georgia, I belonged to the Macon Amateur Astronomy club and spent quite a few Friday evenings operating the museum's/club's 8", 10" and 14" Celestron telescopes both for private observation and for assisting the public after the planetarium show. The club took a couple trips to the Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta and got to look through their 32" reflector, which at the time (circa 1980) was the largest reflecting telescope in the southeast.   Amateur Astronomy Resources

Today, of course, private 30" Dobsonians are as affordable as motorcycles. A picture of me and my 8" Newtonian reflector is given below. I ended up selling it after getting married to help pay the mortgage (sold all the R/C stuff, too). Only naked-eye (no longer anywhere near my former 20/15 vision) and my trusty binoculars remain for observing over the past 20 years. Recently, have I begun reacquiring some of my "toys" from yesteryear. I have not purchased another telescope yet, but the good thing is that now the state of the art is orders of magnitude better than where I left off.

Advanced Telescope Systems | advancedtelescope.com
877-967-2673 | Anaheim, CA
Portable & permanent telescope piers.

Astro-Physics | astro-physics.com
815-282-1513 | Machesney Park, IL
Develops telescopes and accessories for the advanced amateur.

Celestron, LLC | celestron.com
310-328-9560 | Torrance, CA
Designer, manufacturer and importer of high-quality optical products including computerized and non-computerized telescopes and related accessories, binoculars, spotting scopes and microscopes.

Company Seven | company7.com
301-604-2500 | Montpelier, MD
A resource for the international astronomical community and a registered U.S. Department of Defense contractor.

DayStar Filters LLC | daystarfilters.com
660-747-2100 | Warrensburg, MO
Filtergrams, hydrogen alpha filters, calcium filters, energy rejection filters.

Imaginova | imaginova.com
212-703-5800 | New York, NY
An integrated multimedia content & commerce company capturing people’s fascination with space, science and technological innovation across consumer, education and professional markets.

Le Sueur Manufacturing Company | astropier.com
205-822-0720 | Birmingham, AL
Heavy-duty, permanent, telescope-mounting piers.

LOMO America | lomoamerica.com
888-446-7842 | Prospect Heights, IL
Microscopes, endoscopes, night vision devices and spotting scopes/telescopes.

Meade Instruments Corp | meade.com
Irvine, CA
Designs and manufactures telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers.

Nu-Tek | nu-tek-optics.com
410-273-7070 | Aberdeen, MD
Specializes in the design & manufacture of custom and prototype precision optical components and systemsluding on- and off-axis telescopes and laser beam expanders for the UV, Visible and Infrared spectra, massive optics to 60", and more.

Observa-Dome | observa-dome.com
601-982-3333 | Jackson, MS
Manufacturer of observatory domes, missile tracking, and laser ranging shelters.

Obsession Telescopes | obsessiontelescopes.com
920-648-2328 | Lake Mills, WI
Producer of portable deep sky telescopes.

Orion Telescopes & Binoculars | telescope.com
800-447-1001 | Santa Cruz, CA
Largest multi-channel brand of quality optics for amateur astronomers and outdoor enthusiasts in North America.

Parallax Instruments | parallaxinstruments.com
919-570-3140 | Youngsville, NC
Specializing in large aperture Ritchey-Chretien, Newtonian, and Classical Cassegrain telescopes and German equatorial mountings.

Pier Components | piercomponents.com
888-965-3762 | Middleburg, PA
Playground telescopes.

ProtoStar | fpi-protostar.com
866-227-6240 | Worthington, OH
Newtonian secondary mounts & mirrors, tubes & accessories.

Rigel Systems | rigelsys.com
310-375-4149 | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Manufacturer of innovative astronomy accessories.

RobinCasady.com | robincasady.com/Astro | Carmel, CA
Astro accessories.

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) | sbig.com
805-571-7244 | Santa Barbara, CA
CCD autoguiders, cameras, spectrographs, filters, and software - CCDOPS, Planet Master, CCDSharp, CCDSoftV5, EquinoX, CCDAutoPilot.

Sky Spot | sky-spot.com
800-363-9540 | Bountiful, UT
Publishers of the "Finder Charts" for Telrad Users.

Software Bisque | bisque.com
800-843-7599 | Golden, CO
Paramount ME robotic and Bisque TCS telescope control systems, software - TheSky6, TPoint, CCDSoft, Orchestrate, AutomaDome, Pocket Edition, PrecisionPEC, Grand Tour, and BOSS.

Space Toys | spacetoys.com
859-225-7986 | Lexington, KY
Astronomy books, telescopes, space toys, calendars, posters, prints, etc.

Starmaster™ Telescope | starmastertelescopes.com
620-638-4743 | Arcadia, KS
Manufacturer of 11" and 12.5" ELT Scopes, and 14.5" through 24" conventional Truss Scopes.

Takahashi America | takahashiamerica.com
713-529-3551 | Houston, TX
Manufactures refractors, Newtonian reflectors, Cassegrain/Newtonians, classical Cassegrains, hyperbolic astrographs, corrected Baker RC astrographs, mounts and oculars.

Teleport Telescopes | teleporttelescopes.com
972-442-5232 | TX
Telescope designer & manufacturer.

Tele Vue Optics | televue.com
845-469-4551 | Chester, NY
Telescopes, eyepieces, filters, mounts & accessories, photo accessories.

Unitron | unitronusa.com/quick_look_teles.htm | 631-589-6666 | Bohemia, NY
Refractor telescopes and ImageTrac™, an automatic celestial navigation system.

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