Communications Satellites - Key to World-Wide TV

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Communications Satellites - Key to World-Wide TV

Post by KirtB » Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:39 pm

Communications Satellites - Key to World-Wide TV, March 1960 Popular Electronics

In 1960, futurists were predicting that within 10 years it would be possible to beam television signals between continents and directly into homes. It was the eve of Project Echo, which boosted a 100-foot-diameter inflatable metallized plastic ball into low Earth orbit to reflect signals efficiently back through the atmosphere. Engineers and scientists were already planning the next best thing - a satellite that not only reflected, but also amplified, possibly frequency converted, and would even steer signals that impinge upon it. Envisioned in this article is hundreds of satellites being available for relaying signals between all regions of the Earth on then-standard VHF channels. We now have successful satellite television systems, but they operate at Ku-band due to bandwidth requirements and need special converters to interface with a television...
Kirt Blattenberger

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