Communications on the Moon

Still instructive today... Radio-Craft, Popular Electronics, QST, Electronics World, etc.
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Communications on the Moon

Post by KirtB » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:38 pm

Communications on the Moon, August 1969 Electronics World

"Almost simultaneously as they are flashed before the NASA officials, the signals bearing in minute detail the progress of Apollo 11 will be broadcast internationally, allowing the entire world to share in the drama of the manned lunar landing." Such a statement meant something much different in 1969 that it does today. Back then, it meant news and government organizations with the required equipment would be able to receive the information and then disseminate it via secondary media sources like TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper. Today it means a real-time feed is available on the Internet for anyone with a network connection to access. This article was written in a forward-looking ...
Kirt Blattenberger

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