RCA Advertisement A Bit of TV History

Still instructive today... Radio-Craft, Popular Electronics, QST, Electronics World, etc.
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RCA Advertisement A Bit of TV History

Post by KirtB » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:52 pm

RCA Advertisement on History of Television, June 1945 Radio-Craft

It is the opinion of historians that in order to understand the present, you need to know the past. Searching for one's roots in this world is big business. Online family tree type websites are used by thousands of people to research their family histories, and some services don't come cheap. You can even pay someone to dig into your past to assimilate all available information and put it in a bound, printed volume. Here on RF Cafe, I research and post a lot of our profession's past. While the individual topics themselves might no bear significantly on the present, having an insight into the people's mindsets and progression of technology is … http://www.rfcafe.com/references/radio-craft/rca-ad-june-1945-radio-craft.htm
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