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Sagetech Announces Principal Development Engineer Position
EE UAV Avionics Design and Certification

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EE UAV Avionics Design and Certification

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in civil airspace are the next big thing. Sagetech is a leader in UAV avionics and has exciting projects starting now in FAA / military UAV design and certification. We are building a kick-ass team. 
You might fit if this grabs you:  We seek highly talented, disciplined, imaginative engineers (RF design, embedded, or FPGA programmers) who love creating novel and highly efficient solutions in a requirements-based design environment. That’s not easy. We seek team members who are like us, who are energized by challenge.
Positions ($80-120K DOE, competitive benefits): Principal Engineer
       To apply send resume’ to
       On the web: by Phone: 509-493-2185.

What’s in it for you
  • Work with top talent to create avionics with titles like “world’s smallest…”, “world’s lightest…”, etc.
  • Rack up experience in UAV avionics design/certification.  (Demand for this experience will increase as UAVs face broader certification requirements, driven by civil use).
  • Challenge with a capital “C”.  To set records our designs have to be unconventional, so pushing hard is a must.  It’s how we keep our competitive advantage strong.
  • Small, dynamic company where you have strong influence over your work environment.
  • Excellent pay/benefits (At Sagetech we enjoy highly competitive compensation, but we are primarily motivated by our passion for excellence and elegance in design.)
Location Location Location
  • Hood River, Oregon/ White Salmon, Washington.  The heart of the Columbia River Gorge “One of the coolest small towns in the US” – Budget Travel.  “5th best adventure town” – National Geographic Adventure. “Best place to raise an outdoor kid” – Backpacker Magazine. Only an easy hour drive to Portland!
Maybe you qualify- You need:
  • US citizenship and willingness to work on classified programs (security clearance will be processed after hire as necessary).
  • An excellent attitude, ability to work independently, high attention to detail
  • Demonstrated expertise in your field, and effectiveness in collaborating in cross-discipline design (hardware/mechanical/software).  We need smart people.
Stronger applicants have
  • RF design, including close attention to compact layout
  • Project management / team leadership
  • Requirements based design (MIL-STD, DO-178B, DO-254, etc.)
  • Familiarity with:
    • FAA TSO process
    • UAVs in the 0-500 lb weight class
    • Efficient design that exceeds requirements - it’s not enough to merely make it work.
More Detail

The Principal Development Engineer (PDE) designs and implements hardware, software, and embedded firmware to create products that meet Sagetech market objectives. This engineer participates in initial product conception, formulation of functional and performance requirements, project scheduling and resource allocation, software/hardware design, implementation, hardware/software integration, testing, and the transition to Manufacturing. The engineer is expected to conduct system development in accordance with Sagetech and Engineering Group quality, configuration management, and development life-cycle processes. In addition, the PDE supports Manufacturing with engineering expertise, as needed.
Minimum Requirements:
  1. Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, or equivalent combination of education and additional work experience;
  2. 5+ years of experience in design, component selection, test, and debug of PCBs;
  3. Coding C/C++ combined with experience with VHDL or Verilog;
  4. Thorough familiarity with linear systems analysis and system implementation. More generally, development of signal processing algorithms and their implementation;
  5. Experience with SCRUM and/or “waterfall” development environments;
  6. Working experience with engineering design tools such as MATLAB, OrCAD, PADS, Genesys, or equivalent;
  7. Working experience with EE laboratory test equipment (spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, etc.);
  8. Experience developing avionics requiring regulatory approvals;
  9. Ability to work independently, but also as leader of an engineering team;
  10. MS Office proficiency; and
  11. Excellent oral and written English communication skills.
Additional Skills Desired
  1. RF board design and layout;
  2. Product development using RTCA/DO-178B software development process, DO-254 hardware development process, and DO-160G environmental testing standards;
  3. Working knowledge of surveillance and navigation avionics;
  4. Experience drafting safety analysis of aviation products;
  5. Private pilot license;
  6. Active SECRET clearance.

Contact Info

1280 Alameda Avenue
Hood River, OR  97031
Phone: 509-493-2185





Posted  December 2, 2013

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