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Bayliss Transformers Advertisement
March 9th, 1932: The Wireless World

RF Cafe - March 9th 1932 Wireless World CoverThese articles are scanned and OCRed from old editions of The Wireless World magazine.

This advertisement for transformers, coils, chokes, and rotary converters from William Bayliss Ltd., on Sheepcoat Street in Birmingham, England, appeared in the March 9, 1932 edition of The Wireless World magazine. I only have this one edition, but will work on getting more soon. William Bayliss London Ltd. was a British manufacturer of scientific instruments, founded in London in 1919 by Sir William Maddock Bayliss, a well-known physiologist and Fellow of the Royal Society. The company specialized in the production of laboratory equipment, including microscopes, balances, and other precision instruments used in scientific research and education. One of the company's most significant contributions to science was the development of the Bayliss-Tate apparatus, a device used to measure the concentration of oxygen in blood. This instrument was based on the discovery made by Bayliss and his colleague, Ernest Starling, that the oxygen-carrying protein hemoglobin in blood changes color depending on the amount of oxygen it is carrying. The Bayliss-Tate apparatus was widely used in medical research and diagnosis for many years. William Bayliss London Ltd. was also known for its high-quality optics and precision engineering, and many of its instruments were exported to universities and research institutions around the world. The company continued to operate until the 1970s, when it was acquired by another British scientific instrument manufacturer, S. Gurney & Son.

Bayliss Transformers Advertisement

Bayliss Transformers Advertisement in Marth 9, 1932 The Wireless World - RF CafeThe illustrations show a few of our various types of Electrical equipment. We manufacture transformers up to 130,000 Volts, oil insulated, for Testing purposes, pressure testing outfits, self-contained apparatus for testing overhead porcelain insulators, etc., general Test Transformers for Electrical Trade, Converters, Generators, etc., to 10 kVA, all types of smoothing chokes, reactances, etc. Oil and air insulated. Converting equipment for operating Radio receiving sets as distinct from audio amplifiers only, and Rotary Converters for operating from low voltage storage batteries. Test sheets, etc., are issued with each component where required, indicating its performance under final test, which are guaranteed.




Posted February 22, 2023
(updated from original post on 7/1/2012)

People old and young enjoy waxing nostalgic about and learning some of the history of early electronics. The Wireless World was published in Great Britain from April 1913 through March 1922. Thereafter it ran under the name The Radio Review, and then finally Electronics and Wireless World. For all of the articles posted a page is created with a cover image and the table of contents.

As time permits, I will be glad to scan articles for you. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Vintage "The Wireless World" Magazine Articles

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