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RCA Victor Advertisement
November 6, 1948 - The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post
November 6, 1948November 6, 1948 The Saturday Evening Post Cover - RF Cafe

[Table of Contents]  These articles are scanned and OCRed from old editions of the The Saturday Evening Post magazine. Here is a list of the The Saturday Evening Post articles I have already posted. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Here is an advertisement by RCA Victor (Radio Corporation of America) from the November 6, 1948, edition of the The Saturday Evening Post. As was common in the day, the company specifically addresses Americans in an American magazine. Rarely anymore does a major American company use the word "America" or "American" in promotional material because of globalism and the fear of being too committed to the well-being of its native country. The same is true of most western countries' corporations, where their country names can be substituted for "America" in this piece. Up through about the 1980s it was commonplace to specifically address countrymen. Once manufacturers ramped up offshoring efforts the practice began disappearing. Offshoring is distinctly different from importing another country's products where the companies are indigenous to that country, and the companies are not transmogrifications of the American. Buying an imported Sony product that was made in Japan is different from buying a GE product that was made in China. A lot of the radio, television, and phonograph models seen in these vintage magazines can still be bought on eBay which either are in need of work or in some cases are in fully restored condition. If you see something you would really like but it is not on eBay yet, do a Saved Search and they will send you an e-mail when one appears. One last note for those old enough to remember is Jane Wyman's endorsement - she was Ronald Reagan's first wife.

RCA Victor Advertisement

RCA Victor Advertisement from the November 6, 1948, Saturday Evening Post - RF Cafe

RCA Victor Advertisement

November 6, 1948 - Saturday Evening Post

Finest tone in RCA Victor history.

It's love at first Listen when you when you hear the "Golden Throat."

Only RCA Victor makes this perfectly balanced 3-Way Acoustical System. It gives you radio tone so rich, so true than in actual public tests even trained musicians could not tell the "Golden Throat" from an "in person" performance.

The minute you hear the tone of this new Victrola radio-phonograph you recognize quality! It's the "Golden Throat" . . . rich. mellow, true, whether your musical mood calls for AM radio, static-free RCA Victor FM or for records.

The automatic record changer glides out with satin smoothness as you open the door, glides gently in as you close it, plays either way. Not a chance of jolting your precious records! The "Silent Sapphire" permanent-point pickup prolongs record life and you have no needles to change.

The beautiful contemporary cabinet is finished in lustrous walnut or mahogany, has a convenient permanent top, two record compartments. It's look, listen, and love at first sight - even to the price tag - with Victrola 8V91. AC.

Jane Wyman stars in Warner Bros. "Johnny Belinda"

Here she shows you another 4-star entertainer, Victrola 8V91 ready to play the new RCA Victor album of Koussevitzky conducting the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Prokobeff's Classica Symphony. See how the record changer rolls way out - so easy to stack on as many as 12 records. Tyr it, yourself, at your RCA Victor dealer's.

Tune in Robert Merrill, singing "The Music America Loves Best" --- Sunday afternoon on your NBC station.



Posted October 21, 2020
(updated from original post on 1/7/2013)

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