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Up until fairly recently ZigBee and WLAN together were believed by pundits to be a low data rate and high data rate, respectively, replacement for Bluetooth. Now, it appears ZigBee will be carving out a niche below and overlapping with Bluetooth integration opportunities. As a cheaper to manufacture and simpler to integrate platform, ZigBee is making rapid advancements. User groups are still hashing out details, and like with Bluetooth, ZigBee will certainly undergo a second round of specification tweaking once enough models are deployed in consumer products to gain significant feedback. Pricing appears to be in the $1 target range, which does make ZigBee more attractive then Bluetooth where application do not require more than a few 10s of kbps data. One big advantage ZigBee has over Bluetooth is a sleep mode that keeps battery drain to a minimum and allows some applications to go for years between battery changes. The links listed here will get you started in your quest for ZigBee technology information.

According to the ZigBee Alliance, it derives its name from the zigzag path of bees that serves to signal a new food source to other members of the colony. The bee's survival depends on the continuous communication of information between every member of the colony. |
ZigBee Alliance Opens Membership to Adopter Class -article by John K. Waters.

The Basics of ZigBee Transmitter Testing |
From National Instruments.

Designing a ZigBee-ready IEEE 802.15.4-compliant Radio Transceiver |
Article from RF Design, by Khanh Tuan Le.

EiED Online>> ZigBee Kit |
Article by William Wong, from Electronic Design.

Home Networking with ZigBee |
Article by Mikhail Galeev, from

Integrating ZigBee |
Brief overview of designing a ZigBee interface for your product, from Wireless Net DesignLine, by Khanh Tuan Le.

Move Over, Bluetooth; ZigBee is Here |
781-734-8178 | Waltham, MA
New wireless standard could be lower-cost alternative for wireless sensing and control. From Design News, by Randy Frank.

PaloWireless |
ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 Resource Center. |
+44 (0) 1784 455511 | UK
An overview of of the ZigBee standard for remote sensor, data collecting applications and its relationship to IEEE 802.15.4.

Reliable Wireless Networks for Industrial Systems |
Abstract from Ember Corp.

Routing in ZigBee: Benefits from Exploiting the IEEE 802.15.4 Association Tree |
From IEEE, by Cuomo, F., Della Luna, S., Monaco, U., and Melodia, F.

Terminals Link ZigBee With GPRS, CDMA |
By Jeff Berman, from EDN.
Wireless Network Deployment Guidelines |
This document provides basic guidelines for the deployment of a wireless network based on the ZigBee and/or IEEE 802.15.4 protocols. Application note from Jennic.

World's First ZigBee Phone Uunveiled |
Article by Graeme Wearden - Special to CNET

Zigbee Alliance |
The ZigBee Alliance is an association of companies working together to enable reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control products based on an open global standard.

ZigBee Alliance Shows off Latest Devices |
Article by Marc Perton, from Engadget.

ZigBee (Almost) Arrives |
Article from Wi-Fi Planet, by Eric Griffith.

ZigBee-based Utility Meters Introduced |
Article from Mobile Radio Technology Magazine.

ZigBee Homes in on Short Range Wireless |
From, by Tom Sanders.

Zigbee Meshes With Sensor Nets |
By Jon Adams, from EE Times.

Zigbee Mesh routing - Interactive Tutorial |
From Freaklabs Open Source ZigBee blog.
ZigBee Stack for a Chip Maker
Project involving porting the ZigBee stack from Luxoft Labs into the Jennic MCU.

ZigBee Starts its Rise to Power |
Article from TechWorld, by Peter Judge.

ZigBee Tutorial |
From National Instruments.

ZigBee Wireless Transceiver Engineering Options |
White paper from Cirronet, Inc.
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