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Sports Engineering is, in an academic sense, a new and emerging discipline often viewed with some skepticism by the 'authorities' but one only has to look through the ISEA conference proceedings, The Engineering of Sport, and ISEA Journal of Sports Engineering to realize that it is rapidly becoming a mature sub-discipline of engineering embodying much academic rigor and new technology. However, to create an environment of research funding opportunities we need to do all we can to ensure that the quality of research is kept high and that it has perceived benefits to our industrial economies as well as sports participants whether it be in the short or long term. - Professor Alan Bramley, University of Bath, UK


Amateur athlete : Curve kick-Part 1 (of 2) |
Article from Amateur Athlete.

Amateur athlete : Curve kick-Part 2 (of 2) |
Article from Amateur Athlete.

Biomechanics and Sports Engineering |
From the Motion Research Group, University of Waterloo.

Curious Cat Science & Engineering Blog |
Sports engineering information.

Department of Engineering - Sports Engineering | | +44(0)20 7882 5190 / UK
From Queen Mary, University of London.

Department of Mechanical Engineering - Sports Engineering | | 01225 388388 / UK
From the University of Bath.

Engineering in Sports: LZR Racer Swimsuit |
By Rich Smith.

International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA) | | +44 (0)114 225 2255 | UK
Acts as a forum to discuss technical issues relating to sport and also aims to act as the interface between those carrying out research in sports engineering related topics and the sport and leisure industry.

Institute of Medical Engineering and Medical Physics: Orthopaedic, Rehabilitation and Sports Engineering Group | | +44 (0)29 2087 4000 | Wales, UK
From Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University.

Pro Sports: Technology Changes Rules of the Game |
Player stats, Webcasts and more spark litigation, by Tresa Baldas, The National Law Journal.

Sport and Biomedical Engineering Degree |
Griffith University,
Bachelor's Degree
Queensland, Australia

Sport and Technology |
Monthly e-newsletter covering the impact of technology on the business of sport.

Sports Bio Engineering | | +61(0)7 3735 5036 | Brisbane, Australia
Wearable technology for sports. Electronic sports engineering research, design and production.

Sports Engineering |
An international journal publishing original papers on the application of engineering and science to sport.

Sports Engineering in Education: A Methodology for Educating Engineers and Promoting Engineering Careers |
Article from IEEE, by Cooke, A. Taylor, A.M.B.

Sports Engineering Requires Speed, Skill, Endurance |
Article from Design Intelligence, Greenway Communications International.

Sports Engineering Research Group | | 0114 222 7839 | UK
Based in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield and  conducts research projects that range from those asking fundamental questions about sports balls aerodynamics to collaborations with the sports industry seeking improved product performance.

Sports Technology |
Information, links, video clips from SCOPE.

Sports Technology Research Group | | UK
From the Wolfson School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University.