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Radio propagation explains the behavior of electromagnetic waves when transmitted, or propagated from one point on to another through a non-conductive medium like air or space.

Radio propagation in the Earth's atmosphere is affected by the daily changes of ionization in upper atmosphere layers due to the Sun. Understanding the effects of varying conditions on radio propagation has many practical applications, from choosing frequencies for international shortwave broadcasters, to designing reliable mobile telephone systems, to operation of radar systems. Radio propagation is also affected by several other factors determined by its path from point to point. This path can be a direct line of sight path or an over-the-horizon path aided by refraction in the ionosphere. Factors influencing ionospheric radio signal propagation can include sporadic-E, spread-F, solar flares, geomagnetic storms, ionospheric layer tilts, and solar proton events. - Wikipedia


Amateur Radio Propagation Studies |
This site primarily addresses phenomena in the radio world above 50 MHz including long-distance forward scattering by sporadic E layers in the ionosphere, backscatter of radiowaves aligned to the Earth magnetic field (radio Aurora and its mid-latitude companion, i.e. FAI), tropospheric beyond-the-horizon radio propagation, meteor scatter communication, intercontinental VHF/UHF/SHF communication by using the scattering properties of the lunar surface, transequatorial VHF propagation and many other fascinating aspects of radiowave propagation on very high frequencies, by Volker Grassmann.

Antennas & Propagation |
Online beacons, hourly MUF graphs, antenna plots, real time prop-maps, photos, by ON5AU.

A Seven Year Study of 50 mHz Sporadic-E Propagation |
This report summarizes the results of a seven year study made in the 50 mHz amateur band, by Pat Dyer.

Basic Propagation Tutorial |
From K1KAA.

Centre for RF Propagation and Atmospheric Research (CPAR) | | +44 (0)8700 100 942
Provides a technical centre of excellence for the investigation of radio frequency propagation and the impact of the propagation environment on communication, radar, navigation & surveillance systems operating at frequencies from 10 kHz to 100 GHz.

Estimated Range of Distances for Sporadic E Propagation Modes |
By Todd Emslie.

FAQ Related to Propagation of Radio Waves |
Study materials for the amateur radio station operator's certificate examination.

FREE Propagation Software Programs | | 865-717-9339
Downloadable programs including Radio Propagation & Diffraction Calculator, Wireless RF Performance Evaluation Tool RCalc 3.13, and HF 32-bit Propagation Models from NTIA/ITS.

HF Radio Propagation Primer |
Use this Flash movie to learn how HF or "Short-wave" radio works, by AE4RV.

Indoor Radio Propagation |
Article by Theodore S. Rappaport, information, and resources from Spread Spectrum Scene.

Ionospheric Physics of Radio Wave Propagation | | Knoxville, TN
By Edwin C. Jones, MD, PhD (AE4TM) Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee.

Multi-Hop Paths |
This article helps to clear up some misconceptions about multi-hop paths, from K1KAA.

Long Path HF Radio Propagation |
Article and with screen print images from an HFx High Frequency Wave Modeling Program, by Norm Styer - AI2C.

Propagation Tutorial |
Tutorial on basic propagation of a radiowave in free space, by Mike Willis.

QST Propagation Charts |
Charts calculated to cover calendar months and includes separate charts for each US region.

Radio Mobile Freeware |
This software is a tool used to predict the performance of a radio system.

Radio Propagation Conditions |
Information & links from Ham Radio Online.

Radio Propagation Theory Notes |
Layman Level Explanations Of "Seemingly" Mysterious 160 Meter Propagation Occurrences.

Radio Signal Propagation |
Basic principles, types of propagation.

Radio-Wave Propagation |
Information from Ham Shack.

Radio Wave Propagation | | 303–497–5127 | Boulder, CO
Article from the Space Environment Laboratory

Radiowave Propagation in the Medium and High Frequency Spectrum | 1.doc
From the G3CWI Web site.

Radio Wave Propagation Through the Ionosphere |
By Richard Fitzpatrick, Professor of Physics, The University of Texas at Austin.

SEC's Radio User's Page |
Boulder CO
Provides radio operators with current data on the state of the ionosphere.

Simpleton's Guide to: Transmitter Range | | 818-843-4080 | Burbank, CA
Information on how to properly estimate a signal's range, and includes a transmitter range estimator table, by Artsci Inc.

Tesla's Contribution to Radio Wave Propagation |
Abstract which describes a review of Tesla’s contribution to radio wave propagation and wireless power transmission.

The 160-Meter Band: An Enigma Shrouded in Mystery |
This article by Cary Oler and Ted Cohen, sheds some light on why 160 meters is so unpredictable and what’s being done to reveal its secrets.

The Basics of Radio Wave Propagation | | Knoxville, TN
By Edwin C. Jones, MD, PhD (AE4TM) Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee.

The Radio Propagation Page |
Provides a comprehensive listing of Internet sources relating to radio propagation at all levels from introductory to professional, and presents information on the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee, from the Propagation Studies Committee of the Radio Society of Great Britain.

Topband Radio Propagation |
A variety of tools to help you improve your chances of succeeding at DX, from Solar Terrestrial Dispatch.

Transequatorial Radio Propagation | Topics/Radio Communication/Transequatorial.pdf
Article from the IPS Radio & Space Services, Sydney, Australia.

Wikipedia |
Radio wave propagation definition, information, and links.