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Metrology Resources

"Metrology is the science of measurement. Metrology includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement. The word comes from Greek μέτρον (metron), 'measure' + 'λόγος' (logos), amongst others meaning 'speech, oration, discourse, quote, study, calculation, reason.' In Ancient Greek the term μετρολογία (metrologia) meant 'theory of ratios.'"  - Wikipedia


My policy is to only list companies that actually manufacture product or offer services related to the page title subject. Product distributors and sales representatives are not listed (they have their own Distributors page). This helps guarantee that each listing offers a unique product or service.


Metrology Manufacturers & Services


60-Second Surface Metrology - 3 Steps to Understanding Surface Texture | digitalmetrology.com/Tutorials.htm
Information from Digital Metrology Solutions.

American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) | aspe.net | 919-839-8444 / Raleigh, NC
Focuses on many areas that are important in the research, design, development, manufacture and measurement of high accuracy components and systems such as precision controls, metrology, interferometry, materials, materials processing, nanotechnology, optical fabrication, precision optics, precision replication, scanning microscopes, semiconductor processing, standards and ultra-precision machining.

Cal Lab Magazine | callabmag.com
360-433-2522 / Vancouver, WA
The international journal of metrology.

Construction Metrology Beyond Earth | bfrl.nist.gov/861/CMAG/publications/DL4 SSI 99 v5.pdf
Abstract by DeWitt T. Latimer IV.d.hr/english"Croatian Metrology Society- HMD | Croatia
An association concerned with metrology and technical regulations related to metrology.

Defining a Truly Paperless Metrology Environment | primetechpa.com/Download/TrulyPaperlessCals.pdf
A Prime Technologies, Inc. Guidance Document.

Engineering Metrology Toolbox | emtoolbox.nist.gov/Main/Main.asp
Computational tools that solve real problems in dimensional measurement.

Israeli Metrological Society (IMS) | science.co.il/ims | Israel
A registered non-profit association whose major areas of interest include metrology, measurement, calibration, testing, chemical analysis, test and measurement equipment and calibration test laboratory accreditation.Legal Metrology Service (LMS) | nsai.ie/default.aspx | +353 1 807 3800 / Ireland
A statutory body within the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) which exercises regulation making and control functions with regard to measurements, in particular those made for the purpose of trade.

Metrology and Measurement Education in the Internet Era | ethz.ch/dok01/d0000556.pdf
Internet tutorial for young scientists, by Karl H. Ruhm and Alois A. Kaufmann.

Metrology Forum | metrologyforum.tm.agilent.com
Articles, news, information and events from Agilent Technologies.

Metrology Society of Australia | metrology.asn.au
Promotes the importance of metrology within government, business and the general community.

Metrology Society of India | metrologyindia.org
Main objective is to provide a platform on which metrologists could meet and exchange their views and experiences and also interacts with industries requiring application of metrology, science and sophisticated instrumentation.

Surface Finish Metrology Tutorial | ts.nist.gov/MeasurementServices/Calibrations/upload/89-4088.pdf
From NIST, by T.V. Vorburger and J. Raja.

The Center For Precision Metrology | cpm.uncc.edu
704-687-8220 / Charlotte, NC
A synergistic association of interdisciplinary UNC Charlotte researchers allied with industry; dedicated to research, application, integration, and education in areas of design, manufacturing, processes, and controls relating to precision metrology.

Ultra-Precision Spindle Metrology | mdrl.mne.psu.edu/spindle.htm
From the Machine Dynamics Research Lab, Penn State.

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