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Metal Finishing Resources

Metal finishing metal and surface coating is a service that includes anodizing, plating, powder coating and galvanizing, vacuum evaporation, sputter deposition, arc vaporization, ion plating, and a whole host of other processes. Most, if not all, require specialized (and expensive) equipment. The companies listed here offer expertise on the subject, and should be able to help you achieve your goal.


Metal Finishing Products and Services

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Aluminum Anodizers Council | | 847-526-2010 | Wauconda, IL
Promotes the common interest of its members -- firms engaged in aluminum anodizing, suppliers of products and services used in the anodizing of aluminum products, or purchasers of anodized finishes.

American Galvanizers Association (AGA) | |
720-554-0900 | Centennial, CO
A non-profit trade association dedicated to serving the needs of after-fabrication galvanizers, fabricators, architects, specifiers, and engineers, providing technical support on today's innovative applications and state-of-the-art technological developments in hot-dip galvanizing for corrosion control.

ASM International | | 800-336-5152 | Materials Park, OH
Society for materials engineers and scientists, a worldwide network dedicated to advancing industry, technology, and applications of metals and materials.

Electrochemical Regeneration of Chromium Containing Solution from Metal Finishing Industry |
Abstract provided by American Chemical Society. Hotline |
Extensive forum for shop problems and finishing needs.

Finishing Magazine |
UK magazine and website covering the metal finishing and surface coating industry including anodizing, plating, powder coating and galvanizing.

Institute of Metal Finishing | | 0121 622 7387 | UK
Provides a focus for Surface Engineering within the UK through the fulfillment of the technical, educational and professional needs at all levels for both the individual and companies involved in the industry.

National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) | | 202-457-8404 | Washington, DC
A 501 (c)(6) trade association whose mission is to promote the advancement of the North American surface finishing industry globally.

National Metal Finishing Resource Center (NMFRC) | | 734-995-4911
A comprehensive environmental, technical, and pollution prevention metal finishing resource that includes a searchable technical database, environmental compliance assistance tools, specifications, shop, supplier, and people directories, online calculators.

Profile of the Metal Finishing Industry |
Prepared for the Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program (CAMP) under contract to the Energy Environment and Manufacturing project of the Technology Reinvestment Program (EEM-TRP).

Removal Of Metals From Metal Finishing Wastewater Using a Granular, Magnesium-based Adsorbent |
This paper details a granular, Magnesium-based Adsorbent which has been used to remove various metals from surface finishing wastewater streams.

Society of Vacuum Coaters | | 505-856-7188 | Albuquerque, NM
SVC activities are directed at developing and improving high-volume coating using processes—such as vacuum evaporation, sputter deposition, arc vaporization, ion plating, chemical vapor deposition, and related technologies—performed in a sub-atmospheric pressure environment.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Metal Finishing |
Includes information on powder coating, evaluation of biodegradable degreaser, Non-Polluting Method for Metal Surface Finishing Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies for Air Emissions for Hexavalent Chromium Electroplating, and more.

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