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Modern day control engineering (also called control systems engineering) is a relatively new field of study that gained a significant attention during twentieth century with the advancement in technology. It can be broadly defined as practical application of control theory. Control engineering has an essential role in a wide range of control systems from a simple household washing machine to a complex high performance F-16 fighter aircraft. It allows one to understand a physical system in terms of its inputs, outputs and various components with different behaviors using mathematical modeling, control it in a desired manner with the controllers designed using control systems design tools, and implement the controller on the physical system employing available technology. A system can be mechanical, electrical, fluid, chemical, financial and even biological, and the mathematical modeling, analysis and controller design shall be done using control theory in one or many of the time, frequency and complex-s domains depending on the nature of the control system design problem.  - Wikipedia

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A Brief History of Feedback Control |
From the Advanced Controls & Sensors Group, the Automation & Robotics Research Institute (ARRI), a part of the College of Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

Asymptotic Behaviour of the Spectrum of a Direct Strain Feedback Control System |
Abstract by Bao Zhu Guo.

Control System Toolbox | | San Diego, CA
From the MATLAB Toolbox, Center for Coastal Studies, University of California.

Control Theory |
Definition and information from Wikipedia.

Design and Evaluation of a Feedback Control EDF Scheduling Algorithm* |
Abstract by Chenyang Lu, John A. Stankovic, Gang Tao, and Sang H. Son, Department of Computer Science, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia.

Design of State-feedback Control Systems |
Module by Christian Schmid.

Elements of Feedback Control |
From Fundamentals of Naval Weapons Systems, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department, United States Naval Academy.

Feedback and Temperature Control | | +44 1392 264149 | UK
By Charles D.H. Williams, School of Physics, University of Exeter.

Feedback Control Methods for Distributed Manipulation Systems that Involve Mechanical Contacts |
By T. D. Murphey and J. W. Burdick, Division of Engineering and Applied Science, California Institute of Technology.

Feedback Control of a Distributed Parabolic System with Boundary Condition Involving a Time-Varying Lag |
From Oxford Journals, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, by Adam Kowalewski.

Feedback Control Theory |
By John Doyle, Bruce Francis, and Allen.

Feedback Control Theory, a Computer System's Perspective |,1,Feedback Control Theory a Computer System’s Perspective
By Chenyang Lu, Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia.

Feedback Loop Control Systems |
Information by Barry Hansen.

Introduction to Feedback Control Systems |
Lecture by D Robinson on Feedback Control Systems for Biomedical Engineering.

On Relative Stability of Linear Stationary Feedback Control Systems With Time Delay |
Abstract from Oxford Journals, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

Optimal Output Feedback Control for Linear System with Unknown Input Unit Parameter and Disturbances |"feedback control system abstract"
Abstract by Tatyana I. Pesetskaya, Department of Optimal Control Process, Institute of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Robust Output Feedback Control of Discrete Time-delay Uncertain Systems |
Abstract by P. Shi, Z. Lin,and Y. Shi.

The Case for Feedback Control Real-Time Scheduling |
Abstract by John A. Stankovic, Chenyang Lu, and Sang H. Son.

Theory and Practice of Feedback Control Real-Time Scheduling |
Project from Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia.

Types of Feedback Control | | +44 1392 264149 | UK
By C.D.H. Williams, School of Physics, University of Exeter.