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Electronic Warfare Resources

Military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine, exploit, reduce, or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum, and action which retains friendly use of electromagnetic spectrum. -

Electronic Warfare Manufacturers & Services


53d Electronic Warfare Group | | 850-882-3435 | Eglin AFB, FL
Acts as the Combat Air Forces' (CAF) primary provider of electronic warfare technical, operational, and maintenance expertise, and serves as Air Combat Command's test agency for electronic warfare systems.

Army Building Electronic Warfare Soldiers |
Article from

Association of Old Crows (AOC) |
A not-for-profit international professional association with over 13,500 members and 100+ organizations engaged in the science and practice of Electronic Warfare (EW), Information Operations (IO), and related disciplines.

Electronic Combat Systems |
From the Federation of American Scientists.

Electronic Warfare |
Definition & information from Wikipedia.

Electronic Warfare: A Critical Military and Technological Asset for the Improvement of the Common European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP) |
Abstract by Ilias Panagopoulos, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA.

Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Engineering Handbook | handbook/EW_Radar_Handbook.pdf | 805-989-3447 / Point Mugu, CA
Designed to aid EW and Radar systems engineers in making general estimations regarding capabilities of systems, from the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division.

Electronic Warfare Test and Evaluation University |
Meets the unique training requirements of EW test engineers. The comprehensive training program consists of a series of courses that fall into four categories: Fundamental Concepts, Threat Systems and Air Defense Principles, Electronic Warfare Systems and Survivability Test Methodologies and Data Analysis.

Electronic Warfare Systems |
Abstract by Spezio, A.E. Tactical Electron. Warfare Div., Naval Res. Lab., Washington, DC.

Electronic Warfare (EW) Working Group | | 202-225-2411
Our mission is to educate the defense community at-large about the importance of EW and work together to strengthen EW capabilities and assets to maintain the highest level of military readiness today and into the future.

Jane's Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems | | 800-824 0768 | Alexandria, VA
This comprehensive guide covers the whole spectrum of surveillance, identification, targeting, control, intelligence gathering and self-protection systems for land, sea, air and space applications.

Modular Covert Remote Electronic Warfare Simulator |
Abstract by Mark W. Hynes, Robert L. Weeks, James L. Cole, Robert E. Reiner, Timothy T. Taylor

NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command | | 760-939-9011
Information from the United States Naval Air Warfare Weapons Division.

NAWCWD Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division |
An organization within the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), dedicated to maintaining a center of excellence in weapons development for the Department of the Navy (DoN).

New Army Field Manual Deals With Electronic Warfare |,2933,500404,00.html
AP article.

Radar Warning Receivers |
Information from Brooke Clarke.

Space & Electronic Warfare Lexicon |
Contains acronyms, abbreviations and terms relating to the military, space & electronic combat, electronic warfare, command & control, weaponry, general warfare, information warfare, special operations, non-lethal weapons, computers, homeland security, the Internet, emerging technology, and kindred topics.

Spectrum Signal Unveils Prototyping System for Electronic Warfare |
Article from Military & Aerospace Electronics.

The OPSEC Professional's Association | | 206-426-1379 / Hesperia, CA
The Operations Security Professional's Association (OSPA) is a tax exempt Non-profit organization dedicated to improving awareness of Operations Security procedures, as well as building cohesion amongst its members. OSPA members work together behind the scenes to further the discipline, as well as creating and sharing information on a wide range of subjects, such as information security, OPSEC briefings, Security Briefings, OPSEC program management and more.

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