June/July 1958 National Radio News
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Jun/Jul 1958 National Radio News

June/July 1958 National Radio News Cover - RF CafeTable of Contents
These articles are scanned and OCRed from old editions of the National Radio News magazine. Here is a list of the National Radio News articles I have already posted. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

June/July 1958

Vol. 18, No. 3

Our Cover Photo

Cover photo for this issue shows Graduate Arthur Stopes of Auburndale, Florida, at work in his home laboratory. Mr. Stopes, a representative of the Wicks Organ Company, honorary charter member of the American Academy of Organ and member of our own Alumni Association makes his living and hobby servicing, installing, and selling electronic as well as pipe organs.

He is now working experimentally toward creation of a new electronic organ and is shown blowing into an organ pipe and checking the wave pattern on his scope. Mr. Stopes uses this precise method to produce "carbon copies" of an original tone.

How Ohms Law is Used in Service Work, by Dale Stafford 3
Electronics-Themed Comic 23



Article Page
Editorial 2
How Ohms Law is Used in Service Work 3
Our Cover Photo 7
A Look at the Washington Hi-Fi Show 7
Trouble-Shooting a Color Resistor 8
Two Useful Tools for Service Work 16
Hi-Fi Corner 24
NRI Alumni News, Chapter Chatter 25
Graduate Page 31



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