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Supreme Publications Service Manuals
April 1948 Radio News

April 1948 Radio News

April 1948 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Supreme Publications was another of the more prominent publishers of electronic equipment service manuals back in the middle of the last century. Howard W. Sams Photofact was of course the most well-known, but there were others including this one and Rider Service Manuals. Supreme Publications claims their content is provided by the manufacturers; to wit, " factory instructions for troubleshooting, repairing, and alignment." For a mere $2.00, a service shop could have the required data to service every AM and FM radio and television receiver produced for model year 1948, when this issue of Radio News magazine was published. According to the BLS Inflation Calculator, that's the equivalent of $24.56 in 2022 - a pretty good deal. A version of the manual with extra diagrams could be had for an additional 50¢.

Supreme Publication Service Manuals Ad

Supreme Publication Service Manuals, April 1948 Radio News - RF CafeF.M. and Television

Use this new grant manual of factory instructions for troubleshooting, repairing, and alignment of any 1947-1948 F.M. and Television set. Covers every popular make, including F.M. tuners, AM-FM combinations, and all types of television receivers. Detailed circuit diagrams, theory of operation, test hints, alignment data, including both meter and oscilloscope methods. This is the material you need to fix any modern F.M. or Television set. Don't turn this profitable work away for lack of knowledge and information. Use this newest Supreme manual to save time and money on your very next F.M. job. Data presented on 192 large-size pages, 8 1/2, x 11 in. Sturdy, manual-style binding. Special price, postpaid ... $2.00

New 1948 Manual

Be prepared to repair quickly all new 1948 receivers. In this big single volume you have clearly-printed, large schematics, needed alignment data, replacement parts lists, voltage values and information on stage gain, location of trimmers and dial stringing, for almost all recently released sets. A worthy companion to the 7 previous volumes used by over 120,000 shrewd radio servicemen. New manual covers models of 42 different manufacturers. Giant size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 192 pages + index. Manual-style binding. Bargain price, only $2.00

You Can Service All Older Radios With

Supreme Diagram Manuals

Most-Often-Needed Radio Diagrams 

Each manual has between 192 and 208 pages of diagrams and service hints; large size, 8 1/2 x 11". Price, each $2.00

Diagrams 240 Pages Price $2.50

Record Changer Manuals

Post-War Models                    

Service expertly all modern (1945-1948) record changers. Just follow simplified factory instructions to make needed adjustments and repairs. Hundreds of photographs and exploded views; thousands of test hints; service instructions for all popular makes. Large size: 8 1/2 x 11". 144 fact-filled pages. Available at your jobber or sent postpaid, special price, only ... $1.50

Pre-War Models

Just what you need to repair quickly thousands of pre-war (before 1942) automatic record changers, manual units, pick-ups, wireless oscillators, recorders, and combinations. Hundreds of mechanical and electrical diagrams. Instructions for adjustments and repairs.

See Your Radio Jobber or Send Coupon

Supreme Publications

Publishers of Radio Books, Manual, and Diagrams

9 S. Kedzie Ave • Chicago 12, Illinois

Biggest Bargain in Radio Diagrams

Make these two new mammoth volumes your money-saving source for data on all recently released receivers. Learn about modern circuit developments, be ready to repair any new radio no matter how complex. You pay only $2.00 for each of these large manuals. With these two volumes on your workbench there is nothing else to buy, nothing else to pay - a whole year of service data and radio diagrams yours for a couple of dollars total. Again Supreme Publications beats all competition and gives radio servicemen greatest bargains in service information. Read about other volumes for previous years described below at left. No-risk examination granted to servicemen.

Find All Radio Faults Double-Quick

You can speed-up and simplify radio repairs with Supreme Publications Manuals. Service radios faster, better, easier, save time and money, use these most-of ten-needed diagram manuals to get ahead, earn more per hour. For the remarkable bargain price (only $2 for most volumes) you are assured of having in your shop and on the job, needed diagrams and other essential repair data on 4 out of 5 sets you will ever service. Every popular radio of all makes from old-timers to new 1948 sets, including F.M. and Television, is covered. Clearly printed circuits, parts lists, alignment data, and helpful service hints are the facts you need to improve your servicing ability. Save hours each day, every day. begin to earn more by making repairs in minutes instead of hours. Let these manuals furnish you with diagrams for 80% of all sets. There is no need to spend large sums for bulky, space-wasting manuals, or to buy additional drawings every few weeks; be wise, use Supreme Manuals to get the most in diagrams and service data for the smallest cost.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Select Supreme Diagram Manuals and Record Changer Books you want to examine.

These manuals pay for themselves with time saved on a few jobs - after that you use them free. See listing in left-hand column. Send trial coupon. Use these manuals in your own home or shop for 10 days at our risk. Decide for yourself that Supreme Publications are the greatest values in service data. You must be completely satisfied, or return manuals and receive your money back. Write today-24-hour shipping service.

Models Made by:

R.C.A., Zenith, Philco, Sears, Fada, Emerson, Belmont, Detrola, Crosley, United Motors, G.E., Westinghouse, Arvin, Majestic, Midwest, Meek, Olympic, Pilot, Stewart-Warner. Admiral, Delco. Stromberg-Carlson, Western Auto, Sparton, Motorola, Wards, Gamble, and many others.

Compiled by M.N. Beitman radio engineer, teacher, author, and serviceman.

No Risk Trial Order Coupon

Supreme Publications, 9 S. Kedzie Ave., Chicago 12, Ill.

Ship the following manuals on trial under your guarantee of satisfaction or money-back. 

_ New F.M. and Television Manual $2.00

_ Post-War Record Changers 1.50

_ Pre-War Record Players & Recorders 1.50

_ 1948 $2

_ 1947 $2

_ 1946 $2

_ 1942 $2

_ 1941 $2

_ 1940 $2

_ 1939 $2

_ 1926-1938 $2.50

_ I am enclosing $________, send postpaid.

_ Send C.O.D. I am enclosing $________ deposit.

Name: _______________________________________




Posted June 24, 2022

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