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Newark Electric Company Ad
January 1946 Radio News Article

January 1946 Radio News
January 1946 Radio News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

These articles are scanned and OCRed from old editions of the Radio & Television News magazine. Here is a list of the Radio & Television News articles I have already posted. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Newark Electronics logo - RF CafeWho among us has not ordered electronic components or hardware from Newark Electronics? Now known officially as "Newark element 14" (silicon?), and before that Newark Electronics, the company began life as Newark Electric Company, as shown in this 1946 advertisement that appeared in Radio-News. In the days before Digi-Key and the Internet, Newark and Allied were the standards for me when ordering stuff in the lab. Weekly long distance phone calls (remember when they were called that?) to Newark were the routine. Unless a project was really hot, standard U.S. Post Office delivery was used since at the time UPS and FedEx were deemed by the bean counters to be too exotic and expensive to justify the additional cost.

Newark Electric Company Advertisement

Newark Electric Company Ad, January 1946 Radio News - RF CafeTwo big Newark stores well stocked to serve your needs and staffed by people who know and can help solve your problems.


SX-28A Super Skyrider with crystal, less speaker .. $223.00

S-20R   Sky Champion with built-in speaker .. $60.00

S-22R   Skyrider Marine with built-in speaker .. $74.50

SX-25   Super Defiant with crystal, less speaker .. $94.50

S-39     Sky Ranger portable, AC/DC and battery .. $110.00

SX-36   FM/AM receiver .. $415.00

S-37     V.H.F. FM/AM receiver .. $591.75

PM-23  10" PM speaker in cabinet for use with SX-25, SX-28A .. $15.00

Thordaron Transformer

(Power Transformers and Chokes)

T-45556 or T-92R21 leads out 01 side, 778 V. C.T. at 200 MA. 115 V. 60 Cycles 6.3 V. C.T. at 5A. 5 V. at 30 amp. 91 Ibs .. $5.29

T-13C30 8H. 150 MA. 200 ohm 1600 V. Insulation 2 1/4 Ibs .. $1.41

T-4557 or T-74C29 leods out of side. 15H. 150 MA. 200 ohm 2000 V. Insulation 5 1/4 Ibs.... $2.82


HQ-129X (with tubes) .. $129.00

ASPC-210X .. $318.00

ASP-210SX .. $318.00

Available for rock mounting at same prices


NC-2-40C and speaker .. $240.00


RME-45 and speaker .. $166.00

Western Electric Micro Ammeters

Bakelite case fits 3 3/4" hole. Radium dial 150-0-150. Can be used with 0-200 micro and amp scale listed below. Excellent as a 5,000 ohm-per-volt meter or null, sound level and galvanometer indicator. Instructions included.

No priority required. .. $7.50

0-200 paper scale for above .. $15

The Famous Newark Bargain

Oil-Filled, Oil-Impregnated

Filter Condensers

Fully Guaranteed at Rated Voltages

McElroy Key

The DeLuxe - Model

CP 810 .. $9.75

General Electric Meters

0-500 D.C. MA. " round

Bakelite case .. $3.50

0-8 RF ammeter, 2" round

Bakelite case .. $4.00

Abott TR-4

Compact, efficient 2 1/2 meter transmitter-receiver .. $39.00

Get Your Name on Our Mailing List

Be first to get announcements of merchandise available, special bargains, etc., etc. Send name and address on post card. State whether amateur, engineer school, industrial or service man. Address orders and inquiries to Dept. Q, at Newark store nearest you.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Newark Electric Company

Chicago New York

115-117 W. 45th St. New York 19 BRyant 9-4735 (Adolph Gross)

323 W. Madison St. Chicago 6 DEArborn 0083 (Sam Poncher)

"Dependable Service is the Foundation of our Business"





Posted March 27, 2015